Why Did Nike Stop Making Golf Clubs? [And When]

Thanks to Tiger Woods, Nike Golf was once one of the biggest brands in the golf equipment market.

A leader in sports apparel for many years, Nike Golf entered the market with one of the best golfers to ever play the game.

But these days, the only place you’ll find Nike golf clubs is in the bargain bucket at a second-hand golf store. So why did Nike stop making golf clubs and when did Nike stop making golf clubs? Let’s take a look.

Why Did Nike Stop Making Golf Clubs?

Why Did Nike Stop Making Golf Clubs?

Why Did Nike Stop Making Golf Clubs?

Nike stopped making golf clubs because they just weren’t profitable compared to their sports apparel and shoe range which was still a leader in world sports.

The golf equipment industry is a hugely competitive one with many established brands such as Titleist and Callaway Golf already spending huge amounts on research and development, as well as having a massive marketing budget.

Nike Golf were relying heavily on the influence of their number one player and best golfer in the world Tiger Woods to help drive sales of their equipment.

However, following a tough few years for Woods in golf after injuries and a breakdown in his marriage, Nike Golf began a period of declining sales and was losing money each year with their clubs balls and bags.

Despite signing Rory McIlroy in 2013, not many other players were using Nike golf clubs as they were never seen as good as the other golf-specific brands.

Nike Golf was unable to really make an impact in the golf equipment market and without Tiger Woods, who during this period was barely playing golf, helping to push sales, they were rapidly losing market share.

With this in mind and the fact that they already had a successful apparel and footwear range, Nike Golf made the decision to remove itself from the golf equipment business and focus solely on golf apparel and golf shoes.

golf clubs Nike putter

Personally, I never added any Nike clubs to my golf bag. Despite idolising Tiger Woods when I was growing up, it was still not enough for me to use their clubs or golf balls.

They certainly had designed and built some good quality clubs over the years. But they just never felt as good as the more established brands.

And who could possibly forget the iconic Nike Sasquatch Driver

When Did Nike Stop Making Golf Clubs?

Nike Golf stopped making and selling golf clubs in 2016, following a continued decline in equipment sales partly because of a fall in participation in the sport, but also from a drop in form from their number one player, Tiger Woods.

The decision was made in 2016 to stop making Nike golf clubs balls and bags and only produce golf apparel and shoes, which has since been a good decision with huge growth in this area of their business.

The change in business model in 2016 came as a shock to many, especially with the success of their player, Rory McIlroy, leading up to that time.

Following the decision, Nike’s top players were now available for other top club manufacturers to sign them. Both Tiger Woods and McIlroy signed with Taylormade shortly after the announcement, whilst other players went to Srixon and Mizuno to name a few.

Does Nike Still Make Golf Clubs?

No, Nike golf clubs are no longer made after they were stopped being made in 2016 when Nike decided to cut this area of their business.

Once the club manufacturer for two of the best players to ever play the game, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, Nike no longer produces any golf clubs.

If you’re looking to pick up a Nike golf club, the only place you’ll find them these days is at a used golf club site or shop. Many of the Nike golf club range is still a good choice. fora a lot of golfers, just don’t expect to find any new models.

Will Nike Make Golf Clubs Again?

It’s very unlikely that Nike will ever get back into the golf club market because it’s such a challenging and demanding golf business to be in.

Creating and building new golf clubs is very costly and the market is already very saturated. Just to be able to compete, huge money needs to be invested in R&D, but even if they had the best quality clubs on the market, it still wouldn’t guarantee sales.

Nike Golf apparel has been a big player in the golf clothing industry for a long time and it looks to continue that way.

Golf apparel is far easier and cheaper to produce and the company plans to continue growing this area of the golf division.

Final Thoughts

When Nike Golf pulled out of the golf club market in 2016, many golfers were sad to see them go.

The years of Tiger Woods winning his multiple major championships and the iconic chip shot at the 2005 Masters whilst using a Nike golf ball will always be remembered, but their equipment will fade into the memory of what was once good golfing equipment.


Does Nike make golf clubs?

Nike doesn’t make golf clubs since stopping in 2016 after many years of losing money and unprofitability in this area of their business.

When did Nike start making golf clubs?

Nike began making golf clubs in 2002, having signed a new golf superstar, Tiger Woods in 1996. They first began with golf balls in 1998 and then in 2002, they launched their first golf clubs.

Does Rory McIlroy still use Nike clubs?

Rory McIlroy no longer uses Nike golf clubs, since he signed with Taylormade in 2017.

Why did Tiger Woods stop using Nike clubs?

Tiger Woods stopped using Nike clubs when the company decided to no longer produce new clubs and equipment in 2016. In 2017 he signed a deal with Taylormade to use their equipment.

Is there still Nike golf?

Nike Golf is still in business producing golf apparel and golf shoes. They no longer, make golf balls, golf clubs or golf bags.

Will Nike go back to golf?

It’s not likely that Nike Golf will ever get back into the golf equipment business simply because it’s too costly and they have such a profitable apparel business.

Do Nike still make golf clubs?

No, following a decline in sales, Nike stopped making golf clubs in 2016 and now only focuses on their apparel and shoes in the golf market.

When did Nike stop making golf balls?

Nike decided to no longer produce golf balls in 201, along with clubs and bags. This was mainly because this area of their business was losing money, compared to their growing apparel and shoe market.

Will Nike ever make golf clubs again?

No, it’s unlikely that Nike golf clubs will ever be made again because it was such a big cost to the brand

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