Who Runs The Ryder Cup? [Not The PGA Tour]

If you’re a fan of sports, you’ve probably heard of and watched the Ryder Cup. It’s one of the largest sporting events in the world where Team Europe goes head to head with Team USA in a match play competition, hoping to claim the Ryder Cup trophy.

It’s a major event in world sport, but who is actually responsible for organising the event? Let’s take a quick look.

Who Runs The Ryder Cup?

Who Organises The Ryder Cup?

Who Runs The Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is run by both the PGA of America (Professional Golfers Association) and Ryder Cup Europe, each of which owns the rights to the Ryder Cup when it’s being staged in the United States and Europe respectively.

The PGA of America is the organisation responsible for all professional golfers in the US and is responsible for the American team and hosting the event when played in the United States. They’re also responsible for paying expenses and charitable fees to the players.

Ryder Cup Europe is an organisation which consists of the European Tour Group (60%), the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland (20%) and the Confederation of Professional Golf (20%).

As the Managing Partner, the European Tour Group is responsible for everything regarding the European team. The PGA of Great Britain and Ireland is known as the Founding Partner and host of the first Ryder Cup in 1927 at Worcester Country Club. The Confederation of Professional Golf manages the Ryder Cup European Development Trust, a charity which helps fund projects aimed at growing golf.

Who Organises The Ryder Cup Team?

The Ryder Cup team is organised by the PGA of America and the European Tour Group. The PGA of America will cover all matters which relate to the US team and the European Tour Group is in charge of the European team.

The PGA of America will be responsible for the American points system which allows players to gain automatic spots in the team. They’ll also be in charge of picking a team Captain for the match, who’ll be responsible for the remaining captain’s picks.

The European Tour Group operate the European and World Points Lists which determine which European players have automatic places in the team. They also pick the European team captain, who like the USA team, gets to choose six other picks.

Final Thoughts

With the 2023 Ryder Cup match at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club approaching, some of the best players in golf will be competing at one of the world’s greatest sporting events, with the aim of creating a piece of Ryder Cup history.

The vision which was first set out by the PGA of America and PGA of Great Britain, alongside Samuel Ryder, at the inaugural Ryder Cup, will captivate the sporting world and bring with it some of the best drama in professional sports.

If you’re heading to the event, check out our guide on what to wear for the Ryder Cup.


Is Ryder Cup governed by PGA?

The Ryder Cup is partly governed by the PGA of America, alongside Ryder Cup Europe. Each organisation owns the rights when the event is hosted in its region.

Is the Ryder Cup a PGA event?

The Ryder Cup isn’t a PGA Tour event and runs outside of the normal PGA Tour season. The Ryder Cup takes place after the end of the Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club.

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