Who Owns Rife Golf? [Answered]

Rife Golf is a golf manufacturer that has been producing great equipment for many a year. Its range of putters has been used on the PGA Tour for years and has seen many professional tournament wins. More recently, Rife Golf’s line of golf shoes amongst other accessories has been hugely popular in the world of golf. So who is Rife Golf and who actually owns Rife Golf?

Let’s get into it and find out a little more about Rife Golf.

Who Owns Rife Golf?

Who Owns Rife Golf?

Who Are Rife Golf?

Rife Golf is a golf equipment manufacturer based in the US. Currently, the Rife Golf lineup includes putters, shoes, bags, and other golf accessories. Not only are they known for a great quality putter, but also a good value option for golfers of all levels.

Having started out back in 1997, Rife Golf was the first company to pioneer a grooved putter face technology in their putter range. Their first-ever putter was the 2Bar featured RollGroove Technology which had never been used in golf putters before. It also had adjustable weights in the head so that you could vary the weight of the putter.

Their range of putters which includes this grooved technology is amongst the truest and purest rolling putters on the market. The simple patented technology is designed to create a more consistent roll with topspin on every stroke.

More recently, the range of Rife Golf shoes has taken the golf market by storm, offering stylish comfort but at an incredibly affordable price tag.

Who Owns Rife Golf?

Rife Golf is currently owned by International Leisure Group Limited, which also owns brands including Benross and American Golf. They bought Rife Golf after it had been struggling for a couple of years. Rife Golf having previously been one of the top putter brands in the game and the number 1 putter on the PGA Tour Champions.

The company was started in 1997 by the original founder Guerin Rife who is no longer at the company. His vision was to completely transform how a golf putter is designed and invented something that was totally new to the golf industry.

Following the sale of the company, Guerin Rife is now CEO and chief designer at Evnroll Putters which also creates golf equipment, specifically golf putters.

Final Thoughts

Rife Golf has been making innovative golf equipment for over 25 years. They’re currently owned by International Leisure Group Limited and make a great range of golf putters and other golf equipment. Their focus on building golf equipment that is ground-breaking but also affordable means that they’re a great brand for a lot of golfers out there.

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Rife Golf FAQ’s

Are Rife a good golf brand?

Rife Golf is a very affordable and good quality golf brand that makes a great range of golf equipment. The Rife Golf putters feature technology unlike any other brand, as well as stylish shoes that fit well and are super comfortable to wear.

Do any pros use Rife putters?

The Rife Golf putters used to be the number 1 putter on the PGA Tour Champions and have seen many winners use their equipment. However, in recent years, there is very few players on tour using their clubs.

Who are Rife golf clubs?

Rife Golf is a US golf brand that manufacturers golf equipment including putters and wedges. They were founded in 1997 and are currently owned by International Leisure Group Limited.

Who bought Rife putters?

Rife Golf was bought by International Leisure Group Limited. Having once been one of the top putter choices for many top players, Rife Golf currently makes a great selection of putters and other golf equipment.

Is rife golf still in business?

Yes Rife golf is still in business and has been creating golf clubs and equipment since 1997. The range of putters from Rife Golf was the first to feature a grooved face to promote a better, more consistent roll on every putt.

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