Who Owns Benross Golf? [Explained]

Benross is one of the best golf equipment brands on the market for the mid to high handicapper. The UK company is a great place to go for golfers looking to improve their games, with clubs that are built for game improvement. If that’s you, you might be wondering who owns Benross golf. Like with anything, it’s good to know who you’re buying from, so who is it that makes the Benross Golf clubs and equipment?

Let’s get into it and learn a little more about Benross Golf.

Who Owns Benross Golf?

Who Owns Benross Golf?

Who Are Benross Golf?

Benross Golf is a British golf manufacturer that makes golf clubs, bags, clothing and accessories. They’re known for their excellent quality game improvement clubs that are affordable and accessible to all levels of golfers.

Based out of Surrey, England, Benross Golf has been building golf clubs since 1997 and was built with the mindset to build top golf equipment but without the hefty price tag which you see on most new clubs.

Their current club lineup offers a wide choice of options and includes the highly regarded Aero X Driver and Rev Wedge. Whether you’re looking for an individual club or a full package set, Benross Golf has something for your needs. The HTX Package Set is an ideal place to go if you’re looking for a set all ready to go.

Who Owns Benross Golf?

Benross Golf is currently owned by International Leisure Group Limited. The company was acquired in 2019, following years of steady growth in the golf industry.

Originally founded in 1997, the company was built in Surrey by the founder, Jon Everitt. His vision was to make something that had the best possible equipment using the best components.

The company also intends to further expand across Europe, with a £2 million refinancing deal secured with an investment firm, Independent Growth Finance. This funding will give the company extra working capital, allowing them the best opportunity to dominate the European market for mid-price golf equipment.

Final Thoughts

Benross Golf is a leader in the golf market, currently owned by International Leisure Group Limited. Over recent years they have seen a huge growth in sales, partly due to the growing golf industry, but also because of their great selection of affordable golf clubs.

Similar to Benross Golf is MD Golf and Hippo Golf.

Benross Golf FAQs

Is Benross British?

Benross is a British golf brand that provides golfers with affordable clubs for playing golf. Based in Surrey, England, they have a whole host of clubs and equipment which perfectly fits the needs of many beginner and intermediate players.

Is Benross a good golf brand?

Benross is one of the leaders in mid-price golf equipment. The range of golf clubs, bags, clothing and accessories is a great place to start for many new golfers, as well as better golfers looking for a more affordable option.

Who makes Benross Golf bags?

Benross golf bags are made by Benross Golf Limited. The brand was acquired in 2019 by International Leisure Group Limited, but it still operates under the name Benross Golf. Their golf bags are a great, affordable option for many golfers.

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