Which Golf Club Hits The Farthest? [Try This]

When it comes to golf, one of the best feelings is when you hit the ball past one of your buddies.

Whether you’re at the driving range or out on the golf course, hitting it as far as possible is part of the fun.

But with a bag full of golf clubs, which one is the best for hitting the ball the furthest?

In this article, we’ll have a look at which is the best golf club for hitting it far when you next play golf.

Which Golf Club Hits The Farthest?

Which Golf Club Hits The Farthest?

In golf, a driver is the club which is most likely to be hit the furthest on the driving range or on golf courses.

A standard driver has the lowest loft and is the longest in length, compared to the other golf clubs in a set such as a pitching wedge or sand wedge, which means that you can hit the ball furthest with it.

Most drivers tend to have a loft of between 8.5 and 12.5 degrees, which gives the optimum launch angle for hitting the ball as far as possible.

The longer golf shaft in a driver also means there’s a better chance of hitting the ball further than other clubs.

It might feel like the same swing, but the extra length shaft means that the golf swing has a greater arc, thus allowing more room and speed to be generated during the swing.

Therefore with greater speed and a lower loft, more power can be unleashed on the golf ball which allows the driver to hit the ball the furthest.

A driver also has the largest head size of all the golf clubs. This means that it has the largest sweet spot and can produce the greatest amount of power off the face.

What Factors Affect Hitting It Far?

The driver won’t always go the furthest out of the golf clubs available.

There are plenty of variables that can come into play which affect the distance a golf ball will fly when hit by a driver or other clubs.

Here’s a few of the elements that will affect whether the driver goes the furthest.

Swing Speed

The golfer’s driver swing speed is a key factor in how far a golf ball can be hit.

Usually, the driver is the club that will allow for the highest club head speed to be produced during the swing because of its longer length.

However, the driver can also be heavier than other clubs because it’s longer and bigger.

If the driver is too heavy or too long, it can affect the overall swing speed and thus reduce the golf club distance.

Therefore it’s crucial to find the right club to suit a golfer’s capabilities.

Ball Strike

The longer a golf club is, the harder it becomes to strike it consistently out the middle of the club face.

Golf club distances, especially the driver, can heavily be impacted by where on the face the ball is hit.

Drives hit off the heel or toe of the driver and are likely to travel a shorter distance than a golf shot which makes a perfect impact with the centre of the club.

For the average golfer, unlike professional golfers, the chances of them hitting a driver out the middle of the club consistently is pretty slim.

Amateur golfers are obsessed with hitting the ball as hard as they can to gain more distance off the tee.

However, this is often at the cost of a consistent strike, which actually loses them driver distance despite the higher driver swing speed.

A shorter, more compact, half swing or three-quarter swing which produces a centre strike is far more likely to hit the ball far compared to a long swing struck poorly.

Golf Ball

The type of golf ball a golfer uses can majorly impact the distance they can hit a golf shot.

Depending on how the balls are designed and what materials are used to make them, can affect whether they help golfers hit the ball further.

Golf balls such as a Srixon Distance or a Callaway CXR Power are specifically designed for getting the most distance possible for a golfer.

For most golfers, these balls are the ideal choice for gaining up to 20 yards without having to change their golf swing.

However, with the extra distance you can gain from these types of balls, it’s likely that it will affect a player’s distance control as they sacrifice feel for extra length.

Final Thoughts

Hitting longer shots is the dream for most golfers.

If you’re after the club that is most capable of hitting it as far as possible, the driver is the golf club for you.

Due to its loft, length and head design, the driver can produce and apply the most amount of force to a golf ball, launching it at the best angle for maximum distance.

It’s important to remember, however, that golf isn’t just about hitting the ball as far as possible.

Finding more fairways and having a solid short game will prove far more beneficial to a golfer’s game than a few extra yards off the tee.


How far can Rory McIlroy drive?

Rory McIlroy is one of the longest drivers on the PGA Tour. In the 2021-2022 season on the PGA Tour, McIlroy finished 2nd in total driving distance with an average of 321.3 yards.

How far does DeChambeau drive?

During his final season on the PGA Tour in 2020-2021, Bryson DeChambeau finished top of the driving distance stats with an average of 323.7 yards across the season.

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