Where To Sell Golf Clubs? [Best Options]

Have you ever wondered what the latest model of golf driver actually does for your game, other than costing you £500? In a golf industry full of expensive golf equipment, where can you go to buy and what’s the best way to sell used golf clubs?

Here we’ll take a look at how to sell golf clubs and where to buy used golf clubs, so you don’t have to spend big money on fancy new equipment.

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Where To Sell Used Golf Clubs?

Where To Sell Clubs Online?

Selling golf clubs may seem like a bit of a nuisance, however, it really is very easy to do and will mean that you’ve got some extra cash to perhaps buy a new piece of equipment or upgrade.

Let’s take a look at some of the best places you can go to sell used golf clubs online and learn how to sell used golf clubs.


First off and by far the best place to sell golf clubs (we’re a little biased) is the eeegolf marketplace for used golf clubs. We’ve built a community of golf fans that love the game of golf and understand the value of golf equipment.

That’s why having a buyers and sellers marketplace is an ideal place to go to get rid of an old driver or old set of irons as you know the buyers will be keen golfers like yourself. Our marketplace is curated with only the best equipment that buyers want to buy, so you know you’re dealing with actual potential buyers and will get the best prices.

The process is super simple too. Simply sign up and register for an account. Once you’re signed in, choose ‘Sell Your Golf Club’ and go about filling in the relevant details. The more detailed description the better.

Add pictures and specs, and then choose the price you want to sell it for. Then you’re ready to go. Buyers will be there ready to have a look at your club(s) and make a purchase.


eBay is probably the oldest and still one of the best places to sell unwanted golf clubs or buy golf equipment. It’s the biggest buyer/seller marketplace and makes selling your clubs a super easy process.

eBay is good because it allows you the chance to sell your clubs via auction. If you don’t know which price to sell it at, you can start a little lower and wait and see what the bids are.

The process is very simple to do and will get your clubs in front of lots and lots of potential buyers. This is great when selling most unwanted goods, however, with a golf club it’s a little more specialist and the buyers you may get might not be the sorts of buyers you actually want.

Nevertheless, eBay is still a great place to sell second-hand golf clubs.

For me, I’ve always found eBay to be a great place to sell my golf clubs. The pool of potential buyers is vast and so you’re sure to find someone who will take your old clubs.

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is a really easy and free method of selling your old golf equipment. Uploading your clubs onto the marketplace only takes a few minutes and can have potential buyers’ eyes on it almost instantly.

Although you can reach buyers from all over the country, Facebook marketplace is ideal for local listings and selling to buyers nearby you. If you wish you can choose to offer a delivery included in the price for a little more, where the buyer sends you a bank transfer.

Or you can make it pick up only, where you meet the buyer (ideally in a neutral place) and exchange the clubs for cash.

There is a lot to like about using Facebook marketplace for selling your clubs. However, like eBay, you’re getting all sorts of potential buyers which can lead to lots of spam messages flooding into your account.

Second-hand Club Purchasers

Websites such as Golf Bidder or GolfClubs4Cash are good places to get rid of used clubs, especially if you want quick cash. If you don’t fancy going through the process of selling your clubs, then a club buyer is a perfect choice.

All you have to do is tell them the details of your clubs and they’ll give you a quote to buy them from you. If you’re happy with the quote, you’ll then send them the clubs in the post. Once they receive your clubs and they’re happy it’s what they expected, they’ll pay you.

A simple and easy way to get rid of old gear. You won’t, however, get the same price as you would if you choose to sell the club on a marketplace.

The websites themselves have to turn a profit and so that they can sell them for the actual market value, they inevitably will have to pay you less so that they make a margin.

Where To Sell Used Golf Clubs?

Part-exchange/ Trade-In Items

If you’re looking at getting a replacement for your existing clubs, a part-exchange deal could be the best option. There’s plenty of great places that will allow you to trade in golf clubs for cash.

A trade-in system works where you choose your new club or clubs from a retailer such as American Golf. When you get your new clubs, you trade in your old items for a reduction in the price of the new items.

When you trade in golf clubs it’s very simple to do and it means the cost of your new clubs doesn’t feel quite as painful as it would’ve been.

However, as with a second-hand club website, it’s very unlikely that you will actually get the market value for your clubs compared to if you had sold them.

Where Can I Sell Used Golf Clubs For Cash?

Selling used golf clubs online really is very easy and the best way to offload unwanted golf gear. However, if you’d prefer to keep it offline, there’s also some good places you could choose to sell.

Car Boot Sale

The classic car boot is good for selling a few of your old clubs. The ones that have been sitting in the back of the garage for 20 years and could do with finding a new home.

Now, I wouldn’t suggest selling last year’s Taylormade driver at a car boot. But for a few of the unwanted golf clubs that aren’t worth too much, a car boot is a great way to sell used golf clubs for cash.

The Golf Club

If you’re a member of a golf club or a country club, speak to people up there and see if they’re looking for a new club.

To you, your fairway wood might be a thing of the past. But to the new beginner at your club, it might be just what they needed.

Ask around and see if anyone is looking for some new equipment, it’s a great place to sell golf clubs for cash and the place where I always try and sell my clubs.

Final Thoughts

So that rounds off our look at where to sell old golf clubs. There’s plenty of great places online and offline where you can find for selling golf clubs to potential buyers to make some cash.

The best place to sell used golf clubs is either eBay or eeegolf. With a range of tailored golf buyers who will be keen to get your old equipment.

If you’re looking to trade in golf clubs, you’ll find a whole range of places that will happily take your old clubs and give you a nice reduction off your new set.

Selling Clubs FAQs

Where is the best place to sell used clubs?

The best way to sell golf clubs is using a marketplace such as eeegolf or eBay. To get the best price for your items, make sure the pictures and descriptions are good quality.

How do I sell my set of clubs?

If you’re looking to sell golf clubs online, it’s super easy. Simply sign up for an account, then upload your club with a description and specs. You’ll then be able to receive offers from potential buyers.

How much would I get for my clubs?

How much you’ll make for your clubs can vary greatly depending on what type of club it is, how old it is and how good the condition is.

What should I do with my old golf clubs?

There’s plenty of great places to sell your old clubs. If you want to sell then you can try eeegolf or eBay to find a buyer. Alternatively, you could give them to charity or turn them into a piece of wall art.

Are used clubs worth it?

A used set of clubs is a very good choice for a lot of golfers. There’s plenty of really good clubs out there for a fraction of the original price, that will do just as good a job as when they were new. However, before you buy anything, always make sure you understand what it is you’re buying and that it’s from a safe source.

Who buys used golf clubs?

Places such as Golf Bidder or GolfClubs4Cash are really good places to find guaranteed buyers for your old golf equipment. You’re not likely to get as much money as if you were to sell to somebody, but it will take the hassle out of the whole process.

Where is the best place to sell used golf clubs?

The best place to sell your used golf clubs is at the local golf club or via an online marketplace. You can also choose to sell your clubs to places that buy used golf clubs such as Golf Bidder.

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