Where Is Augusta National Golf Course? [And How To Play?]

Home to the most iconic golf tournament in the world, Augusta National Golf Course plays host to The Masters every spring – but where is Augusta National Golf Course?

Every year we sit there and admire the beauty, precision and pink azaleas of Augusta National as the top professionals in the game of golf make their way around one of the most well-known golf courses on the planet.

I for one, dream of the day when I get a chance to walk round the hallowed grounds and soak up the joys of The Masters tournament. Perhaps even more of a dream (despite how unrealistic it is) is the chance to actually play Augusta National – one of the most exclusive golf courses in the world.

So where is Augusta National and how do the lucky few get the chance to play there? Let’s find out.

Where Is Augusta National Golf Course?

Where Is Augusta National Golf Course?

Where Is Augusta National Golf Course?

Augusta National Golf Club referred to as Augusta by many, is a golf course in USA which plays host to The Masters tournament.

Down in the southern state of Georgia, it sits about 150 miles to the east of Georgia’s state capital Atlanta and is one of the most famous golf courses in the world. The logo of The Masters tournament uses the state’s location to form the shape.

Augusta National Golf Club has been home to The Masters golf tournament since 1934 which is usually played in Spring – showcasing the pristine conditions and beautiful foliage on display. Unlike other majors like the US Open, The Masters remains at Augusta National each year.

Renowned for its incredible condition, the club is known for offering a golf course that doesn’t have a blade of grass out of place. Each year the best golfers in the world arrive to try and conquer Augusta to win one of the sport’s most coveted prizes.

It’s been home to some of the most remarkable shots and most memorable moments in the history of the sport, including the Tiger Woods chip-in at the 2005 Masters and Jordan Spieth’s 2016 final-round meltdown.

What Are The Most Famous Holes At Augusta?

Having been built on a plant nursery all the way back in 1934, each of the 18 holes has been given a name based on a tree or a plant.

Perhaps the most famous of the holes is a collection of three. 11, 12, and 13 make up ‘Amen Corner’ which was first given its name in 1958 by Herbert Warren Wind after playing The Masters with Arnold Palmer, whose magnificent play was something to behold.

The trio of holes are named ‘White Dogwood’, ‘Golden Bell’ and ‘Azalea’ respectively, and have been the subject of many memorable moments in tournaments gone by.

Number 11 tends to play one of the most difficult holes on the course, with a narrow tee shot that requires a slight fade off the tee, contrary to most of the course which favours a slight draw. A long approach to the green is guarded by water left and a bunker right. Many times we’ve seen a player land it short of the green on line to the pin, only to then see it kick off into the water.

Next up is perhaps the most famous par 3 in golf. The 12th at Augusta National has caught out just about every player that has ever played it. At just 155 yards, it’s not a long hole, especially for the likes of the top 50 golfers in the world.

Rae’s Creek runs across the front of the green, with a front slope that can be the demise of many over the years. Three bunkers sit strategically around the green and players must walk over Ben Hogan’s Bridge to get there. Picking the right club is imperative here, which isn’t always an easy task with the wind swirling and your heart rate pulsing.

The 12th at Augusta has seen many a title contention end in the space of about 5 minutes, with Rae’s Creek the main suspect.

Then we’ve got number 13, also known as Azalea. The dog-leg left par 5 has yielded more than its fair share of birdies and eagles throughout the years, however, it’s far from an easy golf hole.

Getting a good tee shot away is crucial if a player wants to attempt to hit the green in two. Once on the fairway, finding a flat lie is almost impossible which adds to the challenge of landing the ball on the green. A tributary to Rae’s Creek winds down the left of the fairway and across the front of the green, with four bunkers strewn across the back.

Given its name due to the amount of vibrant pink Azaleas which encompass the 13th – it’s safe to say there aren’t many better sights on the planet than the 13th hole at Augusta National in full bloom.

How To Play Augusta National?

So it’s something we’ve all dreamed of. Watching the pros make their way around Augusta National each Spring makes us all think – how an earth does someone like me get to play the most exclusive golf course in the world?

Well, as it turns out it is actually possible for average golfers to get onto Augusta National and have a tee time.

But if you thought it was easy, think again… it is arguably the most famous golf course on the planet after all.

Here’s a few ways that you’re going to get the chance to play:

Befriend a member

Probably the most common method of playing Augusta is through a friend that’s a member. A membership of about 300 golfers is allowed to bring guests on a few allocated days of the year to experience the delights of The Masters host. However, finding a member to befriend is far from easy, unless of course, you’re not a normal member of society.

Membership is full of high flyers including top company execs, politicians and professional sportsmen. Some big names include Bill Gates and Peyton Manning to name a few. And in the pro golf world; Jack Nicklaus and the late-great Arnold Palmer.

So it’s safe to say, unless you’ve got some friends in high places, this option could be a tricky one, despite it actually being the most common method of playing.

Can’t find a member to befriend? Why not try a past Masters champ? If you’ve won The Masters you basically get an entry for life, so find one of them and ask very, very nicely!

Become a member

Most likely this will be an invite-only situation. Don’t even think about asking to join, that’s a surefire way to never get a membership.

If you’re at a stage in life where a) you can afford a membership and b) you’re someone of high stature, then it might be worth befriending a current member, so as to increase your chances of a membership invite.

The cost to become a member? You’re looking at about $40,000 upfront and then $4000 in annual fees. Not too bad when you compare this with many other courses of this nature. However, that’s a price you won’t need to worry about unless you’re carrying a huge amount of status.

Volunteer at The Masters

Ok so we can’t all be friends with the big names from the Augusta Nationals membership list, but there are other ways of playing. Become a volunteer for The Masters tournament, working the full week and you’ll be invited for an ‘Appreciation Day’ where you’ll get the chance to tee it up.

Sounds amazing right?! Just join the huge waiting list to become a volunteer…

Media member

If you’re part of the golf media whilst The Masters is on, you’ve got a chance to play Augusta. Friday afternoon of the tournament is when 28 names are drawn and you’ll find out whether or not you’ll be playing Augusta National on the Monday after the event.

This sounds like a good chance, however, 28 isn’t a lot when you think about the number of media people that will be there throughout the week. Nevertheless, it is still a chance. If you’re one of the lucky few to get a place, that’s you done for at least 7 years as you can’t enter again during that time.

Get a job at the club

Get a job in the club or as a caddie and you’ll get the chance to play at the end of the season. A pretty good chance to play it more regularly than other methods.

Become really, really good at golf

Or you could of course go down the easiest route of all and just get really, really good at golf so that you get an invite to the tournament itself… Pretty simple right?!

Win a PGA Tour event or make the world’s top 50 and you’ll get many, many chances to play Augusta National. Other invites are given out to top amateur players such as the British Amateur champion, so you don’t have to turn pro to get a spot.

Oh and if you’re a female golfer you’ve got the chance to play through the Augusta National Women’s Am. However, again you’ll need to be one of the top amateur players in the world to get this opportunity.

Good luck!

Final Thoughts

That rounds up our look at Augusta National Golf Club. Where is it located and how do you get the chance to play?

It’s one of the most iconic golf courses in the world and one that we all dream of playing. If you’re lucky enough to get a tee time, you’ll remember it for the rest of your life and cherish that moment for as long as you live.

It’s also pretty safe to say, most of us unfortunately will never get the opportunity to play, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still watch in awe every spring at the magnificent beauty of the great Augusta National on display for The Masters.

Best of luck on your quest to play Augusta. And if you ever manage to join, be sure to give me a ring for a quick round!

Augusta National Golf Club FAQ’s

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Member Of Augusta National?

Membership for Augusta National is about $4000 a year for the annual subscription, plus a membership fee of $40,000 when you join. Compare this price to other golf courses of similar exclusive nature and it does in fact seem pretty cheap. However, membership is very limited and difficult to achieve.

Can Anyone Play At Augusta?

Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most exclusive golf courses in the world. Only members and members’ guests are allowed to play the course, plus a select few staff members, tournament volunteers, Masters media personnel, or top golf professionals.

Is Tiger Woods An Augusta Member?

Tiger Woods is not in fact a member of Augusta National. However, the 5-time winner of The Masters can basically play the course whenever he wants as long as it’s in the open period. As a past champion, he also gets to play for as long as he wishes.

Is Bill Gates A Member of Augusta National?

Bill Gates is known to be one of the lucky members of Augusta National. A leaked list which was published by USA Today in 2002 showed the name of Gates as one of the youngest members at the time, as well as many other individuals lucky enough to be a member.

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