Where Do Golfers Stay At The Masters? [Best Places]

The Masters Tournament is one of the most prestigious and iconic events in golf and the whole of sport.

Each Spring, the best professional golfers in the game embark on Augusta National golf club, Georgia, with the hope of collecting their very own winner’s green jacket and a piece of Masters history.

But with so many great golfers and golf fans taking over the normally quiet town of Augusta, where do the players stay when they’re playing The Masters tournament?

In this article, we’ll take a look at where do masters players stay in Augusta for the event and where the top players such as Tiger Woods stay during the week.

Where Do Golfers Stay For The Masters?

Where Do Golfers Stay During The Masters?

Where Do Golfers Stay During The Masters Tournament?

Masters week is one of the best weeks in professional golf. The best professionals in the game, along with leading amateurs such as the US Amateur champion, as well as a whole host of past Masters champions.

For the quiet little town of Augusta, Georgia, it’s a week where hundreds of thousands of golf fans flock to watch the first major championship of the season. This, of course, means that accommodation for the week is not always that easy to come by.

Having said that, there’s a few places where golfers choose to stay for the week, which we’ll explore here.

Crow’s Nest

The Crow’s Nest is perhaps one of the most famous and special pieces of accommodation at Augusta National golf club.

The accommodation, which sits above the Augusta National clubhouse is a special place just for the amateurs playing that week.

Just up from the champions locker room (where every past Masters winner gets a locker), the Crow’s Nest is a dream night stay for any amateur players looking to begin their careers.

The Masters tournament has always had an incredible tradition of inviting some of the game’s top amateur golfers to compete during the week. The invites include winners of The Amateur Championship, Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship, Latin America Amateur Championship and the US Mid-Amateur Championship, as well as the winner and runner-up of the US Amateur Championship.

This of course included Tiger Woods who won the US Amateur Championship in 1994, 1995, and 1996 and then went on to win the 1997 Masters tournament on the first attempt. And don’t forget Bobby Jones, who has five US Amateur wins to his name.

It’s a truly unique place to stay for Masters week and is only allowed for amateurs playing that week. This is because there’s usually only 5 or 6 amateurs playing in the tournament, so it would be unfair to offer it to only a few of the professionals playing.

It’s also only used by amateurs playing that week because of the tradition. The Crow’s Nest is a piece of Masters history and the walls of the cottage are full of memorabilia from the event through the years.

For a young, up-and-coming amateur, this is a week like no other and it’s made that little more special by staying in the Crow’s Nest.

The Crow’s Nest was actually named after the 11-square-foot cupola which offered an amazing, all-angle view of the golf course.

House Rental

For professional golfers playing at Augusta National golf club that week, the most popular choice of accommodation is a house rental in the local area.

The areas that surround Augusta National are full of great houses which can home large numbers of people for the week.

Sometimes players will book a house out for the week, to stay with their families, coaches, caddies, and the whole team.

It’s one of the most important weeks in the season for these players, so having their whole team there is hugely important for getting them ready and in a good space for the event.

Some players may choose to couple up and share a house with some of their buddies from the tour. It’s a great way to save on costs for the week as they can split it across a few people.

It also means they can have a laugh with their friends and will help take some of the week’s stresses off them.

This is a great time of year for the Augusta locals, who will usually move out for the week and let their home be rented by a top professional golfer. The prices that can be charged for the week are very high because the demand is so high. So it’s an opportunity for locals to earn a nice sum for the week.


A lot of the hotels in the local Augusta area will be heavily booked up by the patrons for the week, however, there will still be a few allocated hotels for the professional golfers to stay at.

Tour operators from around the world will usually book up a fair few hotel rooms in advance for the customers they send to The Masters. This means that there really isn’t a great selection of hotels to pick from for the players.

If they do choose to stay in a hotel for the week, it’s most likely the most affordable option. Although if you’ve managed to qualify for The Masters tournament as a professional, you’ve most likely already made a pretty decent amount of cash that season or prior seasons, so cost isn’t much of an issue.


For a lot of players, an RV is their room of choice for the week. Some players actually treat an RV as their home for the weeks on tour, traveling around each week in their home on wheels.

PGA Tour players such as Jason Day have long been a fan of going from event to event in an RV with his family. It’s a great way to take the stress out of sorting accommodation as you know each week where you’ll be staying.

If a player has a young family, an RV can help make maintain a more stable surrounding.

There won’t be too many, but there will be a couple of players staying in an RV at Augusta, dreaming of holing that winning putt on Sunday afternoon.

Final Thoughts

The Masters tournament at Augusta National is truly a special week. For the local town as much as it is the whole of golf. So when it comes to accommodation for the players, there’s a few different options they can choose from.

For almost all the professional golfers, they’ll be booking a nice house in the local area to stay at for the week. Some might choose an RV or a hotel.

But perhaps the most special of the lot is the Crow’s Nest, available to the amateurs playing that week. The Crow’s Nest is almost as special as Augusta National itself and creates the most amazing experience for the lucky few that get the chance to stay there during the week.

Masters Accommodation FAQs

Where do players stay during the Masters?

Where do the players stay at the Masters?

Where do the golfers stay in Augusta?

Who stays in the Crow’s Nest at Augusta?

The Crow’s Nest at Augusta is specifically for amateurs playing in The Masters tournament. The Crow’s Nest, which sits in the attic of the Augusta National clubhouse, can accommodate up to five amateurs during the week.

Why do they call a Butler Cabin on the Masters?

The Butler Cabin is synonymous with Augusta National and The Masters tournament, and was originally named after a former club member, Thomas B. Butler.

Who stays in Butler Cabin during the Masters?

The Butler Cabin is at Augusta National golf club and is used to present the Masters champion of The Masters with their winning green jacket after the tournament has finished. This is usually done with the Chairman of the club and the leading amateur of the week.

Who goes to the Masters dinner?

The Masters champions dinner is a tradition for the tournament where previous champions and the Augusta National chairman attend a dinner on the Tuesday before the competition starts.

Who stays in the cottages at Augusta National?

During Masters week, the 10 cabins are available to members of Augusta National and their families, as well as any other guests they wish to bring to the event.

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