What To Wear To US Open Golf? [Use This Guide]

There’s nothing quite like watching live golf, and when it comes to major golf tournaments it doesn’t get much bigger and better than the US Open.

In the game of golf, dress code is still a very important element, even if you’re just a tournament spectator, following the golf tournament etiquette is important.

So what should you be wearing to watch golf at the US Open this year? Let’s have a look.

What To Wear To US Open Golf?

What To Wear To Golf US Open?

What Should You Wear To US Open Golf Tournament?

When it comes to a golf outfit for watching the US Open, it’s best to keep it comfortable but also respectful to the game of golf.

If you’re a golfer, probably the best thing you can wear is what you’d normally wear for a round of golf.

Although it’s not a requirement for watching the US Open, it’s one of the most comfortable outfits you can wear for walking around a golf course all day.

For those that don’t play golf or prefer to just hit a few balls down the driving range, wear an outfit which you’d be happy wearing on a dress-down day in the office.

This doesn’t mean you need a golf shirt, just something that will be comfy enough to spend the day walking in and smart enough for a golf environment.

For your feet, a comfy pair of trainers with a decent grip will work best.

If you’ve got them, golf shoes can be a decent option, however, it’s kind of an unwritten rule to not wear them when watching golf. You wouldn’t wear your boots to watch the football, after all.

If you do choose golf shoes, make sure they’re soft spikes, not metal spikes to avoid any noise while you’re walking on paths or concrete.

Remember, you’ll spend a lot of time walking at the US Open, following your favourite golfers, so you’ll want a pair of shoes that can handle it.

At the end of the day, it’s an outfit for one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world, and not a trip to the beach, so wear something that reflects that.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to check the weather forecast for the US Open to see what the sort of conditions will be like when you visit.

If there’s a chance of rain, be sure to pack something waterproof to avoid getting wet.

If it’s looking like glorious sunshine, make sure to add your sunglasses, sunscreen, hat and water bottle.

What Should Men Wear To Watch The US Open Golf?

For men attending the US Open, it’s best to stick with a smart casual outfit. Nothing too athletic, but comfortable for plenty of walking.

There’s no requirement to wear golf shirts, so feel free to wear t-shirts if you don’t feel like a polo shirt.

Avoid any sleeveless shirts or tank tops. No golf pro wants to see your armpits whilst they’re putting out for birdie.

Golf pants are comfortable for walking in so make a good option. Alternatively, go with a pair of chino or khaki shorts.

Most golf courses will allow jeans, however, it’s best to stay away from them at the US Open and opt for something a little more comfortable.

On your feet, stick with either trainers or tennis shoes.

If you wish, wear golf shoes. Just make sure they fit well and will still be comfortable after a whole day on your feet.

Stay away from anything like flip-flops or sandals. Keep those toes out of sight.

What Should Women Wear To Watch The US Open Golf?

For women attending the US Open, the best outfit is one that’s comfy and classy.

Although the golf dress code doesn’t need to be followed to a tee, it’s a good idea to check up on it before attending.

Sleeveless tops, sun dresses, skirts or pants are all good choices for the tournament.

A collared shirt isn’t required and low-cleavage tops are probably best avoided.

For shoes, again it needs to be something that is comfortable for a day of walking around a golf course.

High heels are better left for a night out on the town and no shoes which you’d be sad if they got a little dirty.

Final Thoughts

The US Open is a hugely anticipated and attended golf event.

Golf spectators will flock to watch the best golfers in the world competing at one of the best golf courses on the west coast of America.

If you’re making the trip to Los Angeles Country Club, make sure to prepare well and wear clothes which are smart and will keep you comfy for the whole day.


Is there a dress code at US Open golf?

No there’s not a specific dress code for the US Open golf tournament, however, it’s best to wear clothes which are smart and have some comfortable shoes.

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