What To Wear To A Driving Range? [Follow These Guidelines]

For new golfers, the thought of going to the driving range for the first time may fill them with fear.

Which club should they be using? Do I need a golf lesson first? And the subject of this article, what on earth is driving range attire?

Let’s have a quick look at what do you wear to a driving range.

what to wear driving range

What To Wear To Driving Range?

What To Wear To A Driving Range?

At most driving ranges, you’ll be allowed to wear most items of clothing, from casual clothes to more formal clothes.

It’s always best to wear clothes which aren’t too tight or restrictive, as this can affect how you swing the golf club.

If you own a pair of golf shoes, it’s definitely a good idea to wear golf shoes to the driving range. Modern golf shoes offer the best level of support and grip, which are very helpful for hitting golf shots.

But if not, a comfy pair of shoes, such as trainers or running shoes will be better than sandals.

If it’s a public driving range, there won’t be a formal driving range dress code to follow, so there’s no real restriction on what you have to wear.

If it’s a driving range at a private course, it’s likely that they’ll have a dress code which requires golfers to follow when out on the golf course or in the clubhouse, and this often translates onto the driving range as well.

Factors Affecting What To Wear At The Driving Range

When you’re deciding what to wear to the driving range, there’s a couple of different things to consider before you dive into the wardrobe.

Type Of Driving Range

The first and key point is whether or not the driving range is at a private members golf club.

Usually, these types of golf clubs will have a certain dress code for golf course, clubhouse and driving range which visitors will have to adhere to.

This will often mean you have to wear golf range attire, such as a collared shirt and golf shoes.

Some clubs won’t have a dress code to follow, so this gives golfers a greater choice of what they can wear, but it’s always best to check the dress code before you visit a private club driving range.

If the driving range is at a public golf course or it’s just a driving range venue such as Topgolf, you can usually wear whatever driving range outfit you wish.

Most casual clothing will be perfectly fine and there won’t be a requirement to wear golf clothes.

Type Of Driving Range Session

If you’re going to the golf driving range for a concentrated practice session or a golf lesson, it makes more sense to wear clothing that helps facilitate this.

As the saying goes, you should practice as you play. And if you’re looking to improve your golf game, a proper, well-structured practice session is the best way to get better.

Therefore, wearing golf clothes which you’d likely wear whilst playing golf is a good idea.

what to wear to golf range

If you wear a golf shirt and spikeless golf shoes when you play on the golf course, it’s better to wear them for a solid practice session rather than a pair of sweatpants or basketball shorts.

Having said that, wearing something comfortable is hugely important if you’re going to the range to hit a bucket of range balls and you want to hit a few decent shots.

I’ll often wear a tee shirt and gym shorts if I’m going down to the driving range to work on my game. Hitting a bucket of 100 balls is a bit of a workout, so I like to keep things fairly athletic.

Conversely, if you’re going to the driving range for a fun time with your mates or perhaps a date night, you don’t need to wear golfing clothes.

Of course, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in and if that’s wearing golf shoes and golf pants, then that’s absolutely fine. However, nothing says “golf nerd” than turning up to Topgolf with a golf polo shirt, golf shoes and golf glove in your back pocket.

Basically, if you’re not too concerned about the quality of the practice, what you wear to the driving range won’t really matter.

Examples Of What To Wear To Driving Range

If you’re going to a driving range attached to a private or public golf course, it’s always a good idea to have a look at dress codes before visiting.

Here’s a few clothing examples you’ll most likely need to wear for a private driving range:

  • polo shirts or collared shirts
  • golf trousers or smart trousers
  • most spikeless golf shoes or spiked golf shoes

If you’re going to a standalone driving range or a driving range venue with a bar etc, there’s no real need (and it’s generally best avoided) to wear golf clothing.

Most casual clothes will be fine, but it’s always a good choice to pick something loose-fitting and comfortable (but not too loose).

Workout clothes, yoga pants, tracksuit bottoms or cropped pants are all comfortable choices for bottoms and allow full movement during the swing.

Final Thoughts

If you’re heading down to the driving range, it’s a good idea to check the rules on what you have to wear.

Most places won’t require you to wear golf shoes or driving range clothes, so pick something that’s comfortable and allows you full movement whilst swinging.


What clothes do I wear to the driving range?

Most driving ranges won’t have a restriction on what you have to wear. It’s always a good idea to wear comfy shoes and loose-fitting clothes to allow you to swing the golf club properly.

Should you wear nice clothes to the driving range?

If you’re at a private members golf course, you will need to follow the dress code rules, which usually won’t let you wear jeans or a T-shirt.

For public golf courses and standalone driving ranges, there’s far fewer restrictions and you’ll be able to wear more casual clothes.

What to wear to a driving range girl?

It’s always a good idea to wear clothing that isn’t too restrictive. So whether you want to wear leggings, tennis shoes or sweatpants, make sure they’re comfortable and won’t hinder movement in the golf swing.

Do people wear jeans to the driving range?

For most driving ranges, wearing jeans is totally acceptable. As long as they’re comfortable and don’t restrict movement, jeans are an OK choice for the driving range.

Some private courses won’t allow jeans to be worn on the actual course or driving range, so it’s always a good idea to check before you visit.

Can I wear leggings to a driving range?

Most golf driving ranges will allow golfers to wear leggings to hit balls in. If they’re comfy to wear and allow good movement, they’re a good choice for the driving range.

Do driving ranges have dress codes?

In most cases, there won’t be a dress code for driving range, although some driving ranges at private golf clubs may have a dress code which matches their golf course and clubhouse dress code that golfers will need to follow.

Is there a dress code for driving range?

Most driving ranges won’t have a dress code unless it’s at a private golf course where it may have dress code rules which match that of the clubhouse and course.

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