What Is FootGolf? [And Where To Play]

Golf’s a great sport. We all know that. But sometimes it’s nice to try something new and a little bit different from what you’re used to. And that’s where FootGolf comes in. FootGolf is a relatively new sport to play that’s super fun to play and great for the whole family. So what is FootGolf?

In this article, we’ll take a look at what actually is FootGolf and how can you go about winning.

Let’s get into it and find out a little more about FootGolf.

What Is Foot Golf?

What Is FootGolf?

What Is FootGolf?

FootGolf is a game that combines football and golf. It’s basically like a round of golf played on a golf course, but instead of using a golf ball and clubs, a football is used and you kick it instead of hitting it.

Like actual golf, the aim of the game is to get the football into each hole in the fewest amount of kicks and to finish with the lowest score possible at the end of the round.

A game of FootGolf is played on a golf course or golf course equivalent and features all the same sorts of elements and hazards that you would expect to see on a normal golf course. Tee markers, fairways, greens, and holes are all included in FootGolf. The only real differences are that the holes tend to be a little shorter than normal and the cup sizes on the greens are far bigger (big enough to fit a size 5 football).

The basic rules are also the same as what you would expect in golf. You start from the tee box markers and then take turns to play shots toward the flag, eventually trying to get the ball into the cup. Like with actual golf, you can’t play the ball if it’s still moving and you can’t use your hands to touch the ball.

FootGolf is a really fun format that combines two great sports – golf and football. Even if you’ve never hit a golf ball before, FootGolf is a simple way of getting some exercise in and having a laugh with your mates.

How To Play FootGolf?

Playing FootGolf is very simple to do. A lot of golf courses nowadays will have a designated area for FootGolf to be played in, either with separate greens or on the main greens with separate hole positions.

To get started, all you need is some sensible footwear and a football. The course should also have all the features of a normal golf course such as tee boxes, fairways, rough, bunkers, greens and potentially water hazards.

Games can be played in many different formats as with traditional golf. If you prefer to play in singles or pairs it’s totally up to you. If you play singles, you will kick every shot throughout the round. If you choose to play in a pair, the best approach would be to alternate shots between the two players.

The object of the game is to get around the course taking the fewest kicks as possible. Starting from the tee markers, place the ball down on the ground and kick it towards where the green is positioned.

The harder you can kick the ball down the middle, the better chance you will have to score a low score. Of course, if there’s any trouble such as bunkers or water hazards, it’s best to try and avoid them as they will be challenging to get out of.

Once you get to the ball onto the green, the aim is to try and kick the ball into the large hole. After getting the ball into the hole, add up the number of kicks you took on that hole and put that down on the scorecard.

The par system also works in the same way as a classic round of golf. If a hole is a par 3, this means that you should be taking 3 kicks to get the ball into the hole. Anything more than three on this particular hole would be a bogey or higher. If you get it into the hole in less than the par, this will be a birdie or even a hole-in-one.

Some places will be an 18-hole course, but most will likely be just a 9-hole setup. After you’ve played your 9 or 18-holes, add up the total of kicks/shots taken over the round and work out your final score.

How To Win At FootGolf?

So the answer is fairly obvious. To win at FootGolf you need to get the ball into the hole in the least shots possible compared to your opponents.

However, that’s actually not as easy as it sounds and if you want to win at FootGolf, it requires some well-thought-out shots.

Let’s have a look at how to win at FootGolf.

Accuracy Over Power

Kicking the ball a long way from the tee box is great, as long as you’re kicking it to the right positions on the hole. Finding the right positions for your next shot is far better than having to play out from behind a tree or over a bunker.

So before you try and kick it as hard as you can on a hole, think about where you want it to finish to ensure you’ve got an easier next shot.

Avoid Hazards

Like in a normal round of golf, hazards such as bunkers and water are best avoided whilst you’re playing FootGolf.

Obviously, a water hazard is never a good place for your football to end up, especially as they’re not quite as easy to replace as a golf ball. Having said that, they don’t sink like a golf ball so you’ve got more of a chance of finding it.

Then you’ve got bunkers. These are basically holes in the ground that are filled with sand. Getting out of a bunker in FootGolf can be quite challenging, so they’re best avoided if you can.

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Final Thoughts

FootGolf is a great way to get some exercise and have a good time with your friends. Whether that’s a family day out or a daytime stag-do activity, it’s a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. A combination of two great sports – football and golf.

FootGolf FAQs

How does FootGolf work?

FootGolf requires a football and a golf course. The aim is then to kick the ball into the hole in the least amount of shots. The holes on the greens are much larger than a normal size golf hole so that the football can go into them.

Is FootGolf a real thing?

FootGolf is a real sport and it has its own governing body; the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG). It’s a hugely popular sport for lots of people to enjoy as it’s a combination of two greatly popular sports.

What should I wear to FootGolf UK?

If you’re playing FootGolf it’s a good idea to wear some appropriate footwear such as trainers or astro turf shoes. Don’t wear football boots as the studs will damage the golf course including the greens, which the golf club won’t allow you to do.

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