What Happened To Hippo Golf? [Are They Still Around?]

They were once one of the hottest golfing brand in the game, yet since the turn of the millennium and in recent years, they’ve been on a steady decline. So what happened to Hippo Golf?

In this article, we’ll take a look at what was once a major player in the golf equipment market, with a lineup of tour players including Open champion John Daly.

Let’s get into it and find out more about Hippo Golf.

Hippo Golf Club

What Happened With Hippo Golf?

Who Are Hippo Golf?

Hippo Golf is a golf business that started out back in 1991 and was originally just an add-on to the larger company Howson Sports. Based in West Sussex, England, they produce a range of golf clubs and equipment for players of all abilities.

Hippo Golf has also worked with some of the biggest names in the game of golf. These include PGA Tour players John Daly and Ian Woosnam, both of whom have had major success in the sport with Woosnam reaching the pinnacle of the game’s elite when he became world number one in 1991.

Currently, the company is family-owned by one of the original founders and still builds its clubs in-house in their UK factory.

What Happened To Hippo Golf?

As mentioned, Hippo Golf was one of the biggest names in the industry back in the early nineties, but nowadays they’re far from the heights of their glory days. So what actually happened for them to fall so far from grace?

Hippo Golf started in the early nineties and within an impressive 5 year period, grew to one of the largest brands in the game. The key to their success was the quality of the equipment being produced.

At one point they had a sizeable 24 tour players on their books which was giving them a mega presence in the game and were one of the largest sponsors on the PGA Tour circuit. These big names included Ian Woosnam and John Daly, who were both at the tops of their games during the period.

Not only were the clubs good enough for the game’s elite, but they were also producing a golf club that could accommodate every level of golfer. With such a range of clubs to choose from and a commitment to quality, it was no surprise they were turning over huge numbers with sales in excess of 20 million during that 5-year span, with lots of golfers playing golf with their clubs.

Now it’s difficult to really say why Hippo Golf clubs began a decline from the top. However as with lots of golf businesses, if you want to keep growing and staying on top of the competition you have to keep spending money on R&D. The clubs were great during the nineties, but as golf club technology advanced, Hippo rather fell behind other brands such as Taylormade and Callaway.

Then you’ve got the marketing spend. The likes of Taylormade today are spending an absurd amount of money on marketing their products to get them into consumers’ hands, which not every company can afford to do. Similar to Nike golf clubs, costs were rising and revenue was falling.

Changing consumer demands meant that Hippo Golf clubs fell out of favour with the average golfer. This coupled with their ever-growing lack of presence on professional tours would lead to the downfall of Hippo.

Then you also throw a court case into the mix and it’s a real recipe for destruction for poor old Hippo. In the early 00s, Hippo Golf was taken to court by John Daly for using his trademarked signature without his permission. When you’re paying for a court case against one of your biggest signings it’s never an ideal situation.

And just like that, an iconic British golf brand is almost obliterated from the face of the earth (or at least the golf industry).

Is Hippo Golf Still Going?

So now we know what happened to the golf brand Hippo Golf, are they still around and do they still make golf gear?

The answer is yes, Hippo is still manufacturing golf clubs and good-quality golf clubs at that, although nowadays the focus is more on recreational golfers rather than PGA Tour stars.

Hippo Golf is and has always been focused on creating the best quality golf equipment in the game. Producing golf clubs that are great value for money, and rather than spending fortunes on marketing their products they can spend on developing the best equipment possible.

However, that does mean they’re not as easy to find as they once were. Currently, it means going directly to their own website to purchase their clubs as you won’t find them in pro shops or online retailers.

But if you’re looking for a great value set of clubs, from game improvement to high level then they can meet your requirements. All clubs are custom-built to your requirements, with grip, shaft, and length options available. The bladed irons are stunning and my favourite Hippo irons, the Radar Tour Blade, look amazing in the black oxide finish. A set of really high-quality irons.

Final Thoughts

Hippo Golf was once one of the top brands in the game of golf. But as time goes on, things change and adapting to the change is crucial for any brand to remain relevant in a fast-paced industry.

With that said, it’s great to see the brand still producing high-quality golf clubs, just as they were doing at the height of their success, with great value still at the heart. If you’re looking for some new clubs which are excellent value, a good option would be giving the new Hippo Golf clubs a try.

Hippo Clubs FAQs

Is Hippo a good golf make?

Yes, Hippo is a good golf brand that makes high-quality golf gear at very affordable prices. Whether you’re a beginner or a top player, Hippo has a selection of golf clubs that can fit your game.

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