What Golf Tees Do Pros Use? [Try These]

Golf tees are an essential piece of golf equipment used by professional golfers and amateur golfers all over the world.

But which tees do the pros use and can you get the same as them for your next round of golf? Let’s find out.

What Golf Tees Do Pros Use?

What Golf Tees Do Pros Use?

What Golf Tees Do Pros Use?

Most professional golfers use standard, straight, wooden or bamboo golf tees. These will usually be a 2.1-inch tee or the longer 3.3-inch golf tees.

These golf tees will often be what the tournament is giving out at the start of each day on the driving range or starter’s tent. Or it may be a specific branded tee from the player’s sponsors.

Some players may opt for a branded tee such as the Pride Professional Tee System, which allows them to choose which height they need for a round.

However, the tee that a professional golfer uses will ultimately be down to personal preference. This could be because they prefer the traditional feel of a wooden golf tee or because they just aren’t a fan of plastic golf tees.

Could you really imagine Rory McIlroy teeing it up on the first at Augusta National with a pink castle tee?!

Not only would it look a little strange, but it would also require some explaining from either the player or the PGA Tour, as plastic tees are not the most environmentally friendly.

Therefore, most of the time, professional golfers will be using the same, white, wooden tees or bamboo tees.

Now, just because the pros use a standard wooden tee, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best golf tees for your game. Castle tees, for example, are a good choice for the amateur golfer because it allows a consistent tee height for each tee shot.

What Length Golf Tees Do Pros Use?

Most professional golfers will either use a 2.1-inch tee or a 3.3-inch golf tee.

The tee length is obviously an important factor for a golfer to consider when playing, but the 2.1-inch tee or 3.3-inch standard wooden golf tees allow a player to set the tee height they require for each shot.

When using a driver, pros will tend to have about half of the golf ball above the top of the clubface. This allows them to hit up and create the launch angle and spin they desire.

Often, if they’re looking to hit the ball lower, perhaps if the wind is into, they will tee it down, so that the ball sits roughly in the middle of the clubface.

Sometimes, if they’re looking to gain some extra distance off the tee, pros will tee it slightly higher, so that they can hit up on it and produce a longer carry.

For just about all other golf shots off a tee, pros will have it sitting just above the ground. I like to think of it as if you had a really nice lie on the fairway.

Do Pros Use Plastic Golf Tees?

It’s very uncommon for professional golfers to use plastic golf tees. This is because a plastic tee offers no advantage in terms of performance and they’re not very traditional to the game of golf.

If brush tees, anti-slice tees, zero friction tees or any other type of gimmick golf tee, actually improved a golfer’s play, surely professionals would be all over them?!

Professional golfers aren’t exactly fussy over which tee they use because if they can’t improve performance, they might as well use the standard tees that are given out by the tournament or by their sponsors.

Most plastic tees also come in a range of bright colours, which a lot of professional golfers won’t be a huge fan of using whilst out on the golf course.

Do Pros Use Tees On A Par 3?

Almost all professional golfers will use a tee for their golf ball when playing a par 3 hole. This is because it gives them the best opportunity to hit tee shots.

I’m no pro golfer, but I certainly understand the benefit of giving myself the best lie possible on every tee shot, even if it’s just a 9-iron in my hand.

As the legend of the game, Jack Nicklaus once said, “You get 18 chances at a perfect lie, why not take them?”, and he certainly knew a thing or two about playing good golf.

Using a tee to tee the ball is almost always the best thing to do when on a par 3, and if it’s good enough for the top players, it’s good enough for us mere mortals.

Final Thoughts

Golf tees are an important part of a round of golf. Without them, teeing off would be far more difficult.

The most used golf tees on the PGA Tour are just standard hardwood tees or bamboo tees because they’ll be given out to the players before the start of their rounds.

If the perfect golf tee existed, all the top players would be using it. However, the perfect golf tee doesn’t exist, so a classic wooden tee does a great job instead.


What tees do Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods uses wooden tees, with tee lengths of 2.1 inches and 3.3 inches. This allows him to set up the ball height perfectly every time.

What kind of tee do the pros use?

Professional golfers use a standard wooden tee when they’re hitting tee shots. This is because they usually get given tees before a round from the tournament or their sponsors.

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