What Does WD Mean In Golf? [And Why]

If you’re a fan of watching golf on the TV, you might have seen ‘WD’ next to a player’s name on the leaderboard.

So what does WD mean in golf? Let’s find out.

What Does WD Mean In Golf?

What Is WD In Golf?

What Does WD Mean In Golf?

WD in golf means that a player has withdrawn from the golf tournament and will no longer be taking part in the event.

WD stands for withdrawal and is usually because a player is ill or injured, and can’t play the golf tournament.

When golfers withdraw, it will have WD next to their name on the leaderboard to show that they have withdrawn from the tournament.

A golfer may decide before a tournament starts to withdraw or during any of the rounds of play for a number of different reasons.

Most of the time this will be a legitimate excuse, such as a family emergency or injury-related withdrawals.

Sometimes a player might withdraw from a tournament because they’ve had a bad first round and are really struggling with their golf game. They might choose to withdraw as they feel like there’s no chance of them making the cut.

I’m not quite a PGA Tour golfer, but I was always told to never give up on a round of golf. It’s very easy to think about walking in or withdrawing if you’re having a bad round or tournament.

However, there’s a lot to be said for sticking at it and still trying to achieve the best score possible even when it feels like nothing is working.

Having said that, sometimes, even if you’ve got the best intentions of playing on, your body is just not able to cooperate.

Unlike 2008 when Tiger Woods played through a knee injury to win the US Open, the 2023 Masters was a different story and led to a WD.

Although it might not appear it, golf is actually quite a physically demanding sport which can take its toll on a player’s body, and as such, withdrawals are always going to be a part of the game.

Reasons For Withdrawing From Golf Tournaments

There’s a number of different reasons why a pro golfer might withdraw from a tournament.

Here’s a few of the main reasons why:


Just like Tiger Woods did at the 2023 Masters, injury is the most common reason why a golfer would withdraw from an event.

If their body isn’t in good shape, there’s no way they can play good golf and playing might make the injury even worse.

When this is the case, a withdrawal is the only sensible option.


Although their golf skill might seem a little out of this world, pro golfers are actually humans and can become ill before or during a tournament.

John Rahm fell ill during the Friday of the 2023 Players Championship and as a result had to withdraw.

There’s nothing worse than feeling a little under the weather, especially when you’re playing on TV and in front of 1000s of golf fans.

Personal or Family Emergencies

This can mean a few different things, but often, for obvious reasons, we might never really know what the issues were.

It could be that a player’s partner has gone into labour or a family member is ill. Either way, something of a serious nature relating to a family member is a perfectly valid reason to withdraw from a golf event.

Equipment Issues

It’s rare, however, a player’s equipment can be the reason for a WD and usually happens because of a flight delay or lost luggage at the airport.

Golfers are always travelling around the world and sometimes their clubs do go missing. It’s very difficult to play a golf tournament without your golf clubs.

Having said that, these days, most club makers will have a tour truck on site for tournaments so they can quickly make up a new set for the golfer.

Does A Golfer Get Paid If They Withdraw?

A golfer doesn’t get paid when they withdraw from a tournament unless the tournament offers prize money for simply taking part in the event.

Similar to missing the cut in a tournament, when a golfer decides to withdraw from the event, they’re also forgoing their chance of earning any prize money.

Professional golfers earn their money from playing golf well, so when a golfer withdraws it means they can’t compete and ultimately can’t make any money.

Final Thoughts

Seeing a WD on a PGA Tour leaderboard is fairly common in professional golf, with players withdrawing for a number of different reasons.

Whether it’s family emergencies or a medical injury, a withdrawal from a tournament is never an ideal situation for a player but is sometimes necessary.


What does WD mean on a golf scorecard?

A WD on a golf scorecard means that a player has withdrawn from a golf tournament and will no longer compete in the event.

What does WD stand for in the Masters?

A WD in The Masters means that a golfer withdraws from playing in the event usually because of injury or illness. They can no longer play once they have withdrawn.

What is withdrawal in golf?

A withdrawal in golf means that a player has pulled out of a tournament and will no longer be playing. This can be for a number of different reasons, however, the most common reasons are because of an injury.

Does a WD count as a missed cut?

No, a WD is different to a missed cut because a withdrawal is voluntary and a missed cut is where a golfer hasn’t played well enough to make the cut.

What does WD mean on golf leaderboard?

WD on a golf leaderboard means that a golfer has voluntarily withdrawn from the tournament and won’t be playing any more golf in that event.

Are PGA Tour golfers allowed to withdraw from a tournament?

Yes, golfers are allowed to withdraw from a PGA Tour event for various reasons, however, they won’t earn any prize money for that week.

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