What Does DP World Tour Stand For? [Explained]

The DP World is the second largest professional golf tour in the world, behind the PGA Tour.

It’s home to some of the best golfers from across the globe, but what does the name stand for? Let’s find out.

What Does DP World Tour Stand For?

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Exploring the Meaning Behind “DP” in the DP World Tour

DP World, formally known as Dubai Ports, is the title sponsor for the European Tour and host of the season-ending DP World Tour Championship.

The DP World Tour, formally known as the European Tour, is sponsored by DP World. Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the company works in logistics solutions and specialises in port and maritime services across the world.

The DP World brand was established in 2005 when Dubai Ports International officially merged with the Dubai Ports Authority to create the DP World we see today.

The company has had a long association with the European Tour group, having begun working with them in 2009 with the Dubai World Championship presented by: DP World, later renamed in 2012 as the DP World Tour Championship.

They then became an Official Partner of the tour in 2015 and in 2022 became the Official Title Partner, which came with the change of name from the European Tour to the DP World Tour.

Despite initially being known as the European Tour, it is now a truly global golf tour with events across Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, as well as co-sanctioned events with the PGA Tour such as the Genesis Scottish Open.

The new deal with DP World as the title sponsorship in 2022 came with a record prize fund for the season, including the Rolex Series Events such as the BMW PGA Championship.

The Impact of the DP World Sponsorship For The Tour

The DP World Tour is a massive tour in the world of professional golf.

Many players see it as a feeder for the PGA Tour, but it also offers the opportunity for players to gain experience playing around the world and against some of the best players in the game.

Since DP World became the title sponsor, it has elevated the tour with greater prize funds and attracted better talent to come play in the events.

With bigger prize money on the table, it’s increased opportunity for players to earn a great living whilst also giving them the chance to earn a PGA Tour card.

Final Thoughts

The DP World Tour is one of the best golf tours in the world, with great players playing across the globe.

It often gets overshadowed by the PGA Tour, but it offers many golfers a great schedule of tournaments all over the globe, at some of the best courses the game has to offer.

The partnership with DP World brings a new era for the tour, with huge prize money and great new opportunities.


Why Can PGA Players Play On DP World Tour?

PGA Tour players can play on the DP World Tour in co-sanctioned events between the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour. PGA players also play in World Golf Championship events and major championships which run on both tours.

What is the difference between PGA and DP World Tour?

The PGA Tour and DP World Tour are the two best golf tours in professional golf. The PGA Tour tends to have bigger prize funds and the DP World Tour has a more global schedule, with events in a whole host of continents.

Does the PGA Tour own the DP Tour?

No, the PGA Tour doesn’t own the DP World Tour. Instead, the DP World Tour is administered by the European Tour group.

Is the DP Golf Tour the same as the European Tour?

Yes, the DP World Tour is the new name for the European Tour, since DP World took over as the title sponsor for the tour in 2022.

Why did the European Tour change its name to the DP Tour?

The European Tour received a huge investment from DP World when they took over as the Official Title partner. This saw a new era for the tour, with more money to grow and increase prize funds.

Is DP and PGA the same?

The DP World Tour and PGA Tour aren’t the same. The PGA Tour is the biggest golf tour in the world with a playing schedule across the US, whereas the DP World Tour is the leading tour in Europe, with events all over the world.

Why is it called the DP Tour?

The European Tour is now called the DP World Tour because the Dubai-based logistics company, DP World took over as the Official Title sponsor in 2022.

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