West Byfleet Golf Club Review [Worth A Play?]

If you’re after a great test of golf, set amongst a whole host of magnificent trees, for under £100 – West Byfleet Golf Club could be the one for you.

Here’s a quick review of West Byfleet Golf Club to give you a better idea of whether you should be booking a round in.

Let’s get into it a find out a little more about West Byfleet Golf Club.

West Byfleet Golf Club Review

West Byfleet Golf Club Review

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Course Information

West Byfleet, Surrey. Opened in 1922.

18 Holes Course | Par 70 | 6531 Yards | Parkland



Just 3 miles from Woking, West Byfleet Golf Club is based in the heart of Surrey and is surrounded by lots of amazing golf courses.

Just off the A3 and M25, the club is easily accessible from most directions and is literally 10 minutes up from the West Byfleet train station.

West Byfleet Golf Club Green Fees

Weekdays Monday – Thursday only 
Adult Visitor  £95
Member’s Adult Guest (Monday – Friday)£37.50
Weekend / Bank Holidays Per Round
Adult VisitorN/A
Member’s Adult Guest   £43

West Byfleet Golf Club Scorecard

Pre-round Thoughts

I love playing golf in Surrey. Having grown up playing for the neighbouring county of Hampshire, it meant that I got the chance to play plenty of great courses in the Surrey scene. However, I’d never got the chance to play the little gem that is West Byfleet Golf Club.

As you’re driving up, it feels like you’re in an area that’s just great for golf. The Wisley, Woking, West Hill and the New Zealand golf clubs are all just around the corner, you get that feeling that West Byfleet is going to be a proper golf course.

Just under £100 for a visitor in the week, you’re not getting out on the weekend unless you’re playing with a member. It’s a fairly hefty price, but one that you’re likely to have to pay for any good course in the area. Fortunately for me, I’m playing with a mate from the club, so I get a £43 rate on a Sunday afternoon.

As you arrive, you’re not blown away by the entrance and the car park feels a little cramped. A short driving range means the longer hitters can’t hit the driver, but the pitching area and sizeable putting green makeup for that.

Pro shop staff are friendly and offer a warm welcome. The shop is well stocked with everything you need for a round, plus plenty of the latest and best golf equipment on display.

A quick swing in the net to loosen up and we’re ready for action. With the first tee adjacent to a fairly packed clubhouse patio, getting that first one away is a little more challenging but the sun is shining and I just know it’s going to be a really great afternoon for golf.

The narrow 1st hole fairway.
The narrow 1st hole fairway.

The Course

From the offset, the West Byfleet golf course has that tree-lined feel to it. Fairways and greens are surrounded by large pine trees that will eat up your ball if you’re slightly offline.

The course isn’t long by any means, a par 70 6236 yards of the white tees (6531 off the purple). But what I loved was that almost every hole felt different. A wonderful mixture of 3s, 4s and 5s to be enjoyed.

Built on a large seam of ‘Bagshot sand’, this meant that despite a few days of heavy rain, the course was still in very good condition. Playing in early October, the greens had had maintenance but were still rolling at a good pace and the fairways were in a more than sufficient state for the time of year.

The parkland layout feels almost heathland-like even though there’s no heather or gorse on the course. The trees are tall, so any wind is difficult to determine and most of the holes are narrow with well-placed bunkers for protection.

Front Nine

Par 3s – 4th

The only par 3 on the front comes on the 4th. A short flick with a wedge for most players, however a green which throws in plenty of burrows and slopes to test your putting skills. At 127 yards, you’ll be disappointed to not hit the green, however, make sure you’ve got your yardage right to get over

Par 3 4th hole
Par 3 4th hole.

Par 4s – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th

A good mix of par 4s on the front, all of which require a little bit of thought off the tee. I noticed that driver wasn’t always the play and leaving yourself in a better position with an iron was much more beneficial.

A couple of the 4s stood out to mean on the first nine. The 3rd is a long dog-leg left which requires an accurate tee shot to put you in position for a second shot to a long, narrow green. If you’re confident with the driver, the play is a slight draw as tight to the left as possible leaving you a shorter shot in. I leaked a 3 wood out to the right and had a good 4 iron left in.

The 5th is another good dog-leg hole this time to the right. At only 312 yards, the green is gettable for some players but getting sight of the ball is tricky as the green is guarded by trees. I hit a mid iron down the left side, which opens up the pin for a short shot into the green. A lovely risk-reward hole.

The view from the 6th tee.
The view from the 6th tee.

Par 5s – 7th

The first of two par 5s on the course, the 7th isn’t overly long but is by no means a guaranteed birdie. The tee shot requires a drive through the gap of bunkers, following the slight curvature of the fairway to the right.

Once stood at the next shot, it’s not the easiest green to hit. Trouble long, right and left, means an accurate shot is required. A large dip just in front of the green stops any short shots from running up and onto the surface. The sloping green is deceiving and requires a well-read putt if you want to walk away with a good score.

Back Nine

Par 3s – 11th, 13th, 17th

The back nine is where the course really comes to life in my opinion, with some amazing par 3s. All 3 of the short holes on the back are a joy to play.

The 11th is nestled away in the trees and plays a little longer than the 163 yards that it says on the marker. Uphill to a green littered with bunkers, choosing a good club is important.

Then you’ve got the signature hole 13th which plays downhill over a pond to a small green. I really enjoyed this hole and would have to put it as my favourite hole on the course. It’s a stunning golf hole, that isn’t overly challenging but super fun to play.

Rounding off the par 3s is the 17th, which plays the longest and is probably the most challenging. The green is again narrow and full of protection from an array of bunkers.

For me the par 3s on the back nine are what makes this course. They’re all great golf holes

Back of the 11th tee box.
Back of the 11th tee box.

Par 4s – 10th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 16th

Five par 4s on the back nine, ranging from 365 to 456 yards. The toughest of the lot is the long 10th. A straight tee shot will still leave you a fairly long iron up to a fairly large green. The green sloping front back to front can leave you a very quick put from the top.

15 and 16 are both tough holes as you’re coming to a finish, with narrow tee shots that need to be threaded through gaps in the trees. Then second shots that you’ll want to miss in good positions because again the green has some fun slopes.

Par 5s – 18th

The round culminates on par 5 which feels like a nice finish especially if you’ve got a decent score going. Get your tee shot away and birdie is definitely on the cards if you’re long enough to get to the green in two. The green features a big dip in the middle, so balls can easily get away from you if you’re not careful.

A great golf hole to finish with a clubhouse full of people onlooking.

final tee shot at west byfleet
18th hole tee shot.


Holing out on 18 for a not so great 5, it was obvious to me that this is a proper Surrey track that deserves the respect it gets. The course is very interesting and offers plenty of unique holes which require different types of shots.

It’s challenging and has some really amazing golf holes to be enjoyed (my favourite being the par 3 13th). Accuracy is definitely rewarded and doesn’t require length to get it round in a good score, which makes it more accessible to all golfers.

The condition was excellent for the time of year and made it even more enjoyable. Despite it being a Sunday afternoon, we managed to get around in under 4 hours which is always nice.

If I’m paying £95 for the privilege midweek, it does feel a little bit expensive. There’s no doubt this a great course and I know that courses in this area can charge these sorts of prices, but for what you get it does seem a lot. Of course, compare it to the Worplesdon’s or the West Hill’s of the world (which are just around the corner), then it feels relatively cheap at £95.

The clubhouse is warm and friendly and offers a great range of snacks and drinks, with some tasty ales on tap. The large patio out the front allows you to sit out and enjoy the sun for the 19th hole and see others come in down the last – it’s a great way to end your round!

Final Thoughts

There we have it, a detailed review of the brilliant West Byfleet Golf Club. I really enjoyed this course and would happily play it regularly. None of the holes are boring and there’s plenty that all levels of players can enjoy. It’s pretty and being nestled in the large trees you feel like you’re truly out in nature and away from any stress or troubles (which I always look for when playing a round).

If you’re just starting out, it might be a bit too challenging with tight tree-lined fairways and protected greens, but for most players, it will be a welcomed test of golf.

Overall it’s a 4.1 out of 5 rating across the board, with the main positives being the course conditions and course design/layout.

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Ed Welton

Founder, Editor

Ed is the founder and editor at EEE Golf. He’s been playing golf for over 20 years, competing in many top amateur events. He’s played courses all over the world and played with some of the best players in the game. His aim is to help educate people about the game of golf and give insights into the sport he loves most.

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