Viktor Hovland Putter Grip [You Should Try]

In his relatively young PGA Tour career, Viktor Hovland has already won some of the biggest events in the season including the 2022-23 FedEx Cup and is a key Ryder Cup player alongside the likes of Tommy Fleetwood.

He’s known for his long drives and immense iron play, but you can’t win on the PGA Tour without being a very solid putter of the golf ball.

So we decided to look at the putter grip he uses to help him win the biggest events in golf.

Viktor Hovland's Putter Grip

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Viktor Hovland Putter Grip

Viktor Hovland uses a very traditional putting grip along with a Winn Excel 15 Inch Pistol Putter Grip.

The Winn grip is longer in length than standard putter grips and works well with counterbalance putters.

Combined with the longer shaft, the grip allows Viktor to grip down 1.5 inches which gives a more stable feel during the stroke.

This is a very similar length to the longer grip Rickie Fowler uses.

Ed’s Top Tip

A longer putting grip is great for slowing down your putting stroke. The extra length and weight will allow you to create greater rhythm in the stroke and should hopefully help you hole more putts.

As for Hovland’s putting technique, he uses a rather traditional right below left grip, with the left index finger running down the right-hand middle fingers.

This type of grip means Hovland can keep control of the putter head through the stroke and rotate the face consistently.

Hovland is known for his ball speed and towering iron shots, but sometimes his short game and putting can get overlooked.

His PGA Tour stats don’t have him as one of the best putters on tour, despite winning the 2022/23 FedEx Cup.

Having said that, last season his Birdie or Better Conversion Percentage was 34.98%, meaning that every time he finds a green, he’s got a one in three chance of making the putt.

This results in Hovland taking just 1.716 putts per green on average.

Hovland Birdie or Better Conversion Percentage

There’s a lot that we amateurs can learn from the putting setup of Viktor Hovland.

His longer shaft, 15-inch grip and counterbalance putter allow him to create a stroke which is repeatable under intense pressure.

Final Thoughts

Putting is such an important part of becoming a good golfer.

Viktor Hovland has become one of the best players in the game, with impressive performances and a lot of it has been down to his very solid putting game.

If you’re struggling with a consistent putting stroke, try a longer counterbalance putter grip to help you gain some greater control over the flat stick. Check out our look at the best jumbo putter grips which can also add a level of counterbalance to your putter.


What putter grip does Hovland use?

Viktor Hovland uses the Winn Excel 15 Inch Pistol Putter Grip on his putter, which helps with counterbalance throughout the stroke.

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