Tommy Fleetwood Putter Grip [2023 Updated]

Tommy Fleetwood is one of the best golfers on the PGA Tour and has a putting stroke to match.

So which putter grip does Tommy Fleetwood use to help him hole so many putts and shoot low scores? Let’s take a look.

Tommy Fleetwood Putter Grip

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Tommy Fleetwood’s Putter Grip

Tommy Fleetwood Putter Grip

Tommy Fleetwood uses a claw putting grip which has a SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip on it.

The SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip is one of the most popular grips on tour and works really well at keeping the hands out of the stroke and keeping the arms more connected.

The claw grip is a great technique for holding the putter as it removes grip pressure and takes a lot of the trail hand out of play.

This means that the lead hand can control the stroke and the trail hand is there just for stability.

Prior to using the claw grip, Tommy always found that his putting stroke and path were solid, but had trouble squaring up the putter face at impact.

Ed’s Top Tip

The great thing about the claw grip Tommy Fleetwood uses is it takes his lower hand out of the stroke.

By removing the influence of the lower hand, the putter face can remain square for much longer.

Without a square face at impact, it’s impossible to start putts on the correct line and holing putts consistently becomes very difficult.

Fleetwood is renowned for his putting ability, finishing in the top 10 on the PGA Tour for Putting Average, Putts Per Round and One-putt percentage.

This means that when he gets onto the green, he’s better than about 95% of players on the PGA Tour.

Not a bad stat to have to your name, especially when you understand just how important putting is for improving your scores.

Here’s a great video of Tommy Fleetwood explaining his reasoning behind choosing this type of putting grip and how he does it:

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to hole more putts (we all are, right?!), then copying the best players in the world isn’t exactly a bad option.

Tommy Fleetwood is one of the world’s best on the greens and his grip choice is something we could all learn something from.

Check out the putter grip his Ryder Cup teammate is using, Viktor Hovland.


What SuperStroke grip does Tommy Fleetwood use?

Tommy Fleetwood uses a SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip on his putter which allows him to comfortably place his hands in the claw grip position.

How does Tommy Fleetwood putt?

Tommy Fleetwood’s putting grip is a claw grip, which, for a right handed golfer, means that his left hand sits at the top of the club like a conventional hold and the right hand sits at the bottom of the grip with the index finger extended down the side.

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