Srixon Distance Golf Balls Review [2023 Edition]

Srixon is a leader in ball manufacturing. Their range of golf balls is some of the most popular on the market today.

One of those is the Srixon Distance golf ball. It’s one of the best-selling budget balls you will find on the internet and in pro shops up and down the country.

But are Srixon Distance balls actually any good and will they be a nice fit for your game?

In this article, we’ll give the Srixon Distance golf ball a review and see if you should be including them in your equipment lineup for this year.

The Srixon Distance has a thin Ionomer cover which is aerodynamically tuned dimples slice through wind.

Srixon Distance Golf Balls Review

Srixon Distance Golf Balls

The first thing to mention about these golf balls is the emphasis on distance. They’re distance golf balls aimed towards the golfer looking to hit the ball further off the tee.

The two-piece ball construction is designed to add more yards to all your shots and the 324 dimple pattern aims to cut through the air more easily, resulting in longer more penetrating ball flights.

The soft centre and thin Ionomer cover is there to be durable and not get too damaged during a round of golf.

The price of the Srixon Distance golf balls comes in at around the £10 to £15 range, which is a very good price for a dozen premium brand golf balls.

Our Verdict

So how did the Srixon Distance golf ball perform out on the golf course?

To start with, it certainly feels like a distance golf ball. Despite it claiming to be a “Premium Soft Distance” golf ball, it certainly doesn’t feel anything like a premium soft ball.

From the tee box, hitting woods, the ball does fly a long way. I wouldn’t say that the distance was noticeably different from what I’m used to, but it was still going a great length nonetheless.

Off the club face, it doesn’t actually feel too firm. The sound is different from a Pro V1 for example, however, it’s certainly not like some other distance balls on the market.

The trajectory of the golf ball also seems a little higher than I’m used to. This of course helps with the extra distance element and will mean the ball flies for longer.

In the air, the ball also moves slightly less than other softer models. This is great if you’re struggling with a slice or hook as it won’t curve as much offline. This also works the other way though, as if you’re somebody who likes to play a shape, the Srixon Distance might not move as much as you would like to pay with.

On the shorter shots is where you’ll really notice a real difference between the premium balls and the Srixon Distance. The feel on pitch and chip shots is nowhere near as controllable as you’d get from more expensive balls.

The Ionomer cover does feel soft but getting the ball to stop quickly is just not going to happen unless it’s hit high in the air. The grippy feel that a Pro V1 can offer just isn’t the same as with the Srixon Distance.

In terms of durability, the Srixon Distance ball is pretty good in this department. The durable Ionomer cover delivers ample usability if you can manage to keep it for the whole round. Having hit a few bunker shots and firm pitch shots, the ball only had a few visible signs of wear.

Overall, there really is a lot to like about the Srixon Distance golf ball. For starters, the price is very good. For under £15, you’re getting 12 premium-brand golf balls. This alone makes them a great choice for a lot of golfers.

Then you’ve got the performance. If you’re a golfer looking for both speed and maximum distance off the tee, these golf balls can certainly provide that. The aerodynamically tuned dimples slice through the air and give a penetrating ball flight for maximising distance.

I didn’t necessarily notice the change in length, however, it was still going as far as a ball that costs four times the price. For higher-handicap players, they’re sure to find more distance and see shots carry farther with the Srixon distance golf balls.

Are these the right choice for anyone other than mid to high handicaps? I would say no. The better you get in golf, the more reliance and focus need to be put on your short game.

The Srixon Distance golf ball just doesn’t offer enough control around the greens for it to ever compete with premium soft balls. I need a ball with ample greenside spin for chip shots especially and this just wasn’t it.

I’m sure after a few rounds using it, I could get used to the firmer feel, however, I prefer a ball that stops more quickly and can hold the green faster.

Srixon Distance Golf Balls Pros

  • Very budget-friendly golf ball
  • Less spin and straighter flights
  • Great in tough wind conditions
  • Good distance ball
  • Great choice for beginner and high handicap golfers

Srixon Distance Golf Balls Cons

  • Not much grip on short game shots
  • Not as hard wearing as more premium models
  • Not as responsive feel

Final Thoughts

That’s it for our look at the Srixon Distance golf ball. It’s certainly one of the most popular balls on the golf market currently and it’s obvious to see why.

The increased distance it can offer to a golfers game is certainly an attractive feature. This coupled with the great price point, makes for a really affordable and ideal pick for many a golfer.

Because of this, the lack of feel it offers on short game shots can often get overlooked, so you’ve got to work out what you’re really after from a golf ball and if you’re really willing to pay the price for the top-end models.

If you’re looking for a slightly softer model of golf ball from Srixon, the Soft Feel could be the right choice for your game.

Another super affordable distance ball is the Callaway CXR Power, which we reviewed to find out if it’s good value or not.

Alternatively, check out our Druids golf ball review for a softer ball at an even more budget price point.

Ed Welton

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