Srixon AD333 vs Soft Feel [Which Is Best?]

The golf ball market is a very crowded one, with many different golf ball brands available to all levels of golfers.

However, when it comes to golf balls, Srixon consistently delivers great value and high levels of performance. Of the Srixon range, the AD333 and the Soft Feel are two of the best options for the average golfer.

Both are great balls, but how do they compare and which is the better Srixon golf ball for your game? Let’s have a look.

Srixon Soft Feel vs AD333

Srixon AD333 vs Soft Feel

Srixon Soft Feel vs AD333 Comparison

If you’re struggling to decide which of the two Srixon golf balls is the right golf ball for you, here we’ll compare some of the key aspects of each and how they differ.


Price is obviously an important factor when choosing a golf ball to use, however, the Soft Feel and AD333 come in at a very similar price point.

Both are priced at the mid-range point, so you won’t be spending any more than £25 for a dozen of each.

This means they’re a great option for golfers who are prone to losing a few balls a round and want to save a little bit of money. Golf’s an expensive sport, after all.


Out of the box, both the new models of the Srixon Soft Feel and Srixon AD333, look and feel similar.

Apart from the obvious colour differences on the markings and the side stamp, they both are visually quite similar.

Both balls come with a 338 dimple pattern, designed for less drag and a more penetrating ball flight.

They also both have a new blocked outline on the side stamp, which is very useful for putting alignment.

Both models come in a standard white or yellow colour option. However, the new Soft Feel golf balls also come in a Brite range, with a choice of matte green, red and orange.


The compression of a ball is important in determining whether it’s the right golf ball for a certain swing speed.

The Srixon Soft Feel has a compression of 60, which is lower than the AD333, which means it’s a better choice for slightly slower swing speeds.

The greater compression in the AD333 has been reduced slightly in the new model, to try and increase distance for golfers with a lower ball speed.


Both balls are two-piece, featuring a FastLayer core with a thin ionomer cover for a slightly softer feel off the face.

The AD333 comes with Spin Skin with SeRM technology, with the intention of achieving the maximum spin possible.

The Soft Feel on the other hand has a slightly softer core, which gets firmer as it moves towards the outer cover.


Distance is obviously an important factor for any golfer.

Neither the AD333 nor Soft Feel are distance golf balls, however, they can still offer some good length off the tee.

For me, the longer of the two was the AD333. With a swing speed of around 110 mph, this was always going to be the case because it’s got a slightly higher compression rating.

Having said that, I still believe the AD333 is better in the distance department.


The softer of the two golf balls is the Soft Feel golf ball, with a softer feel off the face.

The Srixon Soft Feel golf ball offers good greenside spin control, and I found it to not jump off the face quite as much as the AD333. However, the Srixon AD333 felt like it had greater spin control around the greens and for approach shots.

The Soft Feel is aimed at producing a good amount of spin, for the slower swing speed golfers.


Both balls seem to last well when used for a prolonged period of time on the golf course.

The ionomer cover material is much better at coping with any thinned bunker shots or cart paths.

For me, the AD333 was slightly better in this department as the Soft Feel was left a little more worn after two full rounds of using it.

However, both are capable of lasting for multiple rounds of golf.

Srixon Soft Feel vs AD333 Comparison Table

Srixon Soft FeelSrixon AD333
Swing Speeds<80 mph80+ mph

Srixon Soft Feel vs AD333: Which Is Better?

Both balls are some of the best Srixon golf balls for the average-level golfer.

However, choosing between the two balls will ultimately come down to personal choice and swing speed. It’s certainly not a question of price, because they’re almost identical.

The AD333 is the more complete golf ball. It’s good in just about all areas of the game and comes at a price which is much less than other more premium golf balls.

Yes, there’s balls which offer more spin control or greater distance off the tee. But for overall performance and value, the AD333 has a lot to like.

It also tends to favour the golfer with a slightly faster swing speed than the Soft Feel. Although the compression has been dropped in the latest model, it still sits higher than the 60 compression rating of the Soft Feel golf balls.

Soft Feel balls on the other hand are aimed at the golfer that isn’t too bothered about the big drives and is more focused on the control and feel.

Again if you’re looking for more distance, the Soft Feel isn’t the right choice, although the low compression will certainly assist in ball speed for average swing speeds.

The Soft Feel offers a wonderfully soft ball, with good spin performance.

There’s softer balls on the market, but not many at the price of the Soft Feel and even fewer with this level of compression.

If you’re after a softer ball, the Soft Feel is a better option than the AD333. If you’re wanting a Srixon ball that is a good all-rounder, Srixon AD333 golf balls will be the better choice.

For a fast swing speed, Srixon Z-Star balls are a high-quality golf ball that can give more ball speed, greater spin and maximum distance. But you’ll also be paying much more.

Final Thoughts

The golf ball industry has plenty of expensive golf balls, which, for most average golfers, won’t be a good fit.

More premium balls usually require higher swing speeds, which a lot of amateur players just can’t achieve.

Fortunately, the Srixon AD333 and Srixon Soft Feel golf balls provide something for the mid-level to beginner golfer and at a price that is a great value.

If you’re after a cheaper distance ball from Srixon, the Srixon Distance is a budget-friendly ball designed for excellent distance.

If you’re looking for low-compression balls, the Srixon Ultisoft golf balls are the better fit for slow swing speeds.


What is the difference between Srixon Soft Feel and AD333?

The Srixon Soft Feel is aimed at the golfer who’s looking for a softer feel off the clubface and who swings it at low to mid speeds. The Srixon AD333 has greater spin control and is the more complete golf ball for the slightly better golfer.

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