Slazenger V300 Soft Golf Balls Review [Good Value?]

Slazenger was once the leader in golf equipment. Having started all the way back in 1881, Slazenger used to be a key figure in the golfing market with many top names using their golf balls and clothing. The legendary Seve Ballesteros was probably the biggest and most successful player to use their equipment, most memorably winning the 1979 Open Championship in his navy Slazenger jumper.

Nowadays, their equipment is predominantly targeted towards the beginner more budget-friendly market. A selection of balls and Slazenger golf clubs can help to get people into the game of golf.

However, recently it has seen the introduction of the Slazenger V300 Soft golf balls. These balls are geared to slightly more than the beginner market, with the goal of getting back into the hands of more experienced golfers.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Slazenger V300 Soft golf balls and see whether they’d be a good fit for your golf game.

Let’s get into it and give the Slazenger V300 Soft golf balls a review.

slazenger v300 soft golf balls review

Slazenger V300 Soft Golf Balls Review

Slazenger V300 Soft Golf Ball

First things first, let’s take a look at the price of these golf balls. For a couple dozen (24 balls) you’re going to be paying around £15 which is a very good price for golf balls that claim to be soft.

It might be a little unfair to compare them with the more premium soft balls such as Titleist Pro V1 or Taylormade TP5, but for comparison, a dozen of those balls will cost you just under £50. And that’s why I was so interested to give these golf balls a test. If they can perform to a decent level, paying 60p for a golf ball instead of £4 is an almighty saving, even if they are only used for Winter or practice rounds.


The V300 is the softer in the Slazenger golf ball lineup. The 2-piece ball comprises a soft, responsive core and an outer layer of Surlyn cover. The 352 dimple structure is designed to produce a higher ball flight and longer distance off the tee.

The V300 is also designed to offer slightly more forgiveness off the tee on wayward shots, plus the higher spin rate will help golfers to get the ball in the air quicker and increase distance.

The golf balls also come in a choice of three colours; white, yellow, and orange, giving you a great choice of the style you fancy.

v300 golf balls

Our Verdict

So having the V300 Soft balls out on the course, how did they get on?

For the price, the Slazenger V300 Soft golf ball did perform very well. The 2 piece ball certainly isn’t soft as you would expect from premium soft golf balls. However, it offered a good level of spin on shorter shots and chips around the greens.

Off the tee, the flight was a little too high for me personally. But saying that, the higher launch would be a great feature for a lot of beginner golfers. This higher launch resulted in shorter drives than normal so I certainly wasn’t seeing any increases in yards off the tee. The increased spin with the driver didn’t really seem to affect the flight of the ball from the tee box which was a good sign.

As for the feel of the ball, I found it difficult to really get used to it. It’s neither soft nor hard, and almost feels a little dead off the face. With the flat stick, it also had a dull feeling to it which I’m never a huge fan of whilst putting.

For the durability of the golf ball, the V300 Soft did struggle a little. A couple of full wedge shots with sharp grooves were enough to cut up part of the cover. A few test shots in the bunker also had the same effect on the ball.

V300 Soft golf ball

Overall, there is a lot to like about these golf balls. For what you get, the price is a really good one, and would be a perfect choice for a lot of beginner or part-time golfers. At 60p a golf ball, it doesn’t really matter if you’re not playing your best golf, as losing a few doesn’t hurt the bank balance too much. They’re certainly an upgrade from the V100 Distance golf balls from Slazenger, so it pays to spend a little more on the V300 if you can.

Of course, new golfers aren’t overly worried about the performance of a golf ball, however, the higher launch of these balls is sure to help with better distance and flights on their golf shots.

Would I recommend these balls to anyone, not in the part-time or beginner golfer category? Probably not. Perhaps for the Winter or the odd practice round, when performance isn’t overly important and it’s more about keeping your swing going. However, if you’re serious about your golf and getting better, these are not the golf balls for you. You’d be far better off paying more for a good quality brand.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for our review of the Slazenger V300 Soft golf balls. A great budget choice for a lot of new golfers looking for a bit more distance and not paying the big prices of other golf ball brands.

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Ed Welton

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