Slazenger Golf Clubs Review [V300 Golf Set]

For new golfers, golf clubs can feel like quite an investment when you’re just starting out.

Fortunately, Slazenger are the experts in making budget-friendly golf clubs that won’t cost very much but will give golfers a set of golf clubs that they can use to get into the game.

In this article, we’ll have a look at Slazenger golf clubs and see if they’re actually worth purchasing or whether there’s better options instead.

They won't be used by a professional golfer, but could Slazenger golf clubs be a good choice fro your game?

Slazenger Golf Club Reviews

Slazenger Golf

Slazenger has been a leader in sports equipment since 1881.

Their golf equipment has been used by some of the best players of all time, including Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and Seve Ballesteros.

Their golf clothing was also the clothing of choice for 007 in the iconic Goldfinger movie with Sean Connery.

These days, Slazenger clubs are made to target the beginner golf market.

Their golf equipment includes the Slazenger V300 Golf Balls, as well as the Slazenger V300 Golf Set and is a go-to choice for many new golfers looking to get a set of new clubs at a very affordable price.

Slazenger V300 Review

This Slazenger Golf Set comes with a 460cc driver, 3 wood, hybrid, 5 to sand wedge and a blade putter.

The woods and hybrid all come with graphite shafts and the irons and putter with steel shafts.

The set comes complete with a red and black stand bag with the Slazenger branding on it and has multiple dividers for clubs to fit separately into.

The Slazenger golf bag also has plenty of pockets for keeping golf balls and other accessories, plus a big pocket for storing clothing or larger items.

The set comes in a choice of right-handed or left-handed dexterity giving all golfers the opportunity to use them.

Our Verdict

I love a bargain as much as the next person, so when I saw this set of Slazenger clubs for under £300, I knew I needed to give them a test.

Now, as a half-decent golfer, I know that these aren’t going to be my new clubs going into the upcoming golf season. They’re a proper set of beginner golf clubs after all.

However, golf is a very expensive sport with big-name brands charging huge amounts of money for the latest and best clubs.

So what are these Slazenger clubs like?

Well, first impressions they look as cheap as they cost. The build quality is as you would expect for a complete set that costs less than £300.

The small details such as the paint, lack the precision you would get from bigger brands.

Having said that, I really like the look of the bag and I think that’s a really good addition to the set.

But anyway, we’re not buying these clubs for how they look, what are they like to use out on the golf course?

Well, out of the 11 golf clubs in the set, my top picks would have to be the Slazenger irons and the putter.

The woods and the hybrid are not the nicest to hit a golf ball with.

The driver is a 460cc head, but it feels light compared to other drivers and a little bit tinny.

The 3 wood and the hybrid are very similar but on a smaller scale.

Don’t expect huge amounts of distance, even if you do find the middle of the clubface as the technology is lacking and the strike just feels dead off the face.

The irons certainly aren’t the best irons you’ll find, but they do at least feel solid on good shots, with the cavity backs offering some assistance on mis-hits.

If you’re playing well, I think these irons won’t feel too different to many other more premium clubs.

The putter is sleek and not bad to look at when it’s down by the ball. The face is quite firm, which if you’re used to using softer putters, can take a bit of time to get used to.

Overall, I do believe this is a good set of clubs for somebody just testing the waters with golf and who doesn’t want to spend the big prices on big brands.

For the price, you do get a lot for your money and you’ll have just about everything you’d need for a full 18 holes of golf.

I would never recommend going straight for the big brands if you’re just starting out, so finding something like this set from Slazenger does make a lot of sense, and the quality is sufficient for the standard of golfer they’re built for.

The only thing I would be concerned about with these clubs for beginner players would be how long they would last.

The build quality does feel cheap and like they could fall apart fairly easily.

However, this would only happen if you play golf quite frequently and if you get to that stage with your golf game, it’s probably worthwhile getting something a little more premium.

For the average golfer, these are not the clubs for you. Used clubs offer a much better option if you’re playing regularly and don’t fancy paying top prices for new clubs.

Final Thoughts

Slazenger golf clubs aren’t the choice for every golfer out there, but they can be a good choice for golfers just starting out. If you’re wondering is Slazenger a good golf brand, the answer is yes, but only really for beginners.

The Slazenger V300 Golf Set won’t cost you the earth and for less than a round of golf at Wentworth, you get 11 golf clubs that allow you to get out on the golf course, have fun with friends and enjoy the game of golf.


Are Slazenger golf clubs good?

Slazenger golf clubs are a good choice for golfers just getting started with the game.

The clubs do feel quite cheap, but they provide a good start for anyone looking for a new set of clubs at a very affordable price.

Is Slazenger a good brand?

Slazenger has been one of the biggest golf brands in the game since 1881.

They produce golf clubs which are aimed at new golfers who don’t want to pay the huge prices of the more expensive club manufacturers such as Taylormade or Cobra.

Why is Slazenger so cheap?

Slazenger was once a premium sports brand, used by some of the best golfers in the world, however, in recent years it was bought by Sports Direct where the focus became on cheaper equipment at more affordable prices.

Ed Welton

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