Rickie Fowler Putter Grip [2023]

Rickie Fowler has been one of the best American players on the PGA Tour for many years and his putting game has a lot to be admired.

Fowler’s unique putter setup is one of the best on tour, so we decided to take a look at the putter grip he’s using to help him achieve great results.

Rickie Fowler Putter Grip

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Rickie Fowler Putter Grip

Rickie Fowler Putter Grip

Rickie Fowler uses a traditional putting grip technique with a SuperStroke Zenergy Tour 3.0 17-inch grip on his putter.

SuperStroke’s extended length grips are 6.4 inches longer than a standard jumbo grip which is designed to give counterbalance during the stroke, moving the weight above the hands and stabilising the balance point.

His hands sit in a very traditional position on the grip, with both palms running down either side of the grip. But just like Viktor Hovland, Fowler grips a few inches below the top of the grip.

This allows him to keep a consistent stroke, with soft grip pressure and can produce a very square club face at impact.

For many years, Rickie Fowler had a bladed Scotty Cameron putter with a standard grip like the one Max Homa uses. But in recent years he had been struggling with holing enough putts.

Since changing to a longer putting grip and extending the shaft length of his putter, Fowler has significantly improved his performance on the greens.

Ed’s Top Tip

If you’re struggling with your longer putts and distance control, try a long putter grip just like the one Rickie Fowler uses.

The extra length will add some weight to the putter and help promote a smoother putting stroke.

Just like Viktor Hovland on the greens, Fowler is very clinical when he gets on the green and into birdie positions.

Last season on the PGA Tour, Fowler had a Birdie or Better Conversion Percentage of 33.84%, which also meant that he was 10th in overall Putting Average on the PGA Tour.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to gain a more consistent stroke on the greens, following Rickie Fowler’s putter grip is a very good choice as it can offer more stability and create a better stroke.

Try it out and see if it can improve your putting.


What putter grip does Rickie Fowler use?

Rickie Fowler has a SuperStroke Zenergy Tour 3.0 17-inch grip on his putter. SuperStroke putter grips have long been a popular choice on tour and the 17-inch grip offers golfers a unique counterbalance option.

Why is Rickie Fowler’s putter grip so long?

Fowler is a long putter grip user as it helps shift the weight of the club upwards and counterbalances the putter. He believes this can give him the most consistent stroke on the greens.

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