Organising The LET With Klára Kuchařová

Organising The LET With Klára Kuchařová

For many young golfers growing up, the dream is to make it onto a professional golf tour, travelling the world doing what you love for nice sums of money.

But what often gets missed is the hours of dedication, hard work and struggle that goes with the journey of a professional golfer.

I recently got the chance to have a chat with Klára Kuchařová who works for the Ladies European Tour and the LET Access Series.

Klára is a key part of the tour, helping to run the various pro events and working with some of the best lady golfers in Europe.

Let’s get into it and find out a little more about her time working for the LET.

This conversation is part of the “EEE Golf Interviews” – exclusive chats with great people and businesses from within the golfing industry.

eeegolf Interviews – Organising The LET With Klára Kuchařová

Hi Klára! Tell us a bit about your golfing career so far.

I started my golf journey at the age of 9 in my hometown, Prague.

My older sister picked up golf back then and naturally, I wanted to do everything she did. I quickly fell in love with the game which has stuck with me until now.

I was on the golf team at the University of Surrey and eventually received a golf scholarship at Northern Arizona University while pursuing my second Bachelor’s degree in the US.

I shot my lowest round of 68 (-4) in Arizona at one of the collegiate tournaments.

How did you start working on the LET and LET Access Series?

My journey with the Ladies European Tour began in the summer of 2021, which was my last “student summer”.

I thought finding a proper internship within the golf industry would set me up for a successful search for my first job after I graduated in the US. I was on the Communications Team touring both LET and LETAS events that summer.

After that internship, I received an offer to rejoin the Tour after my graduation in May 2022, which was ultimately my goal.

I accepted the role of Tournament Administrator on the LET Access Series, helping to plan and organize all events on the LETAS schedule as well as support from the admin and membership side.

What made you want to work on the LET?

Somehow I always knew that I would stick to golf either as a player myself or as someone who can contribute to the growth of women’s golf at a professional level.

For three years during my studies, I worked part-time for the Czech Golf Federation writing articles, reports and interviews with the top Czech players and wanted to aim even higher after college. That’s why I chose the LET.

Favourite LET tournament you’ve worked at?

The Tipsport Czech Ladies Open in my home country is very close to my heart. It is difficult to pick a favourite on LETAS as each of them is special in different ways.

However, the one that stands out for most is the Rose Ladies Open hosted by Kate and Justin Rose. To have them present at the event and see how much effort they put into developing women’s golf is just amazing.

Klára with former world number one golfer Justin Rose at the Rose Ladies Open

My all-time favourite tournament I’ve ever worked at is definitely the Solheim Cup which I attended in both 2021 and 2023.

Best part about working for the LET Access Series?

The LET Access Series is the development tour for the LET and an integral part of the “big tour”.

The best part about working there is undoubtedly the chance to witness the incredible talent and determination of our golfers. On LETAS, we see top amateurs, young professionals fresh out of college, players coming back after an injury or maternity leave.

LETAS is the stepping stone and some of the stories made on the way to secure the LET Card are truly inspiring.

Worst part?

I love to see how the tour grows with the rising talent of our players. For me, the tough part about the job is also seeing the struggle.

We try our best to be there for all players, but especially towards the end of the season, there is so much at stake for them that I can feel the weight of all emotions being present at every tournament.

Best golf course you’ve visited with the LET Access Series?

I might be a little biased here again, but in 2023 the beautiful Panorama Golf Resort hosted LETAS and the AMUNDI Czech Ladies Challenge.

I’ve played that course many times before and to come back with LETAS was really nice. The course is always in great shape and everyone involved does an amazing job.

Favourite LET player?

It’s hard to choose a single player, so I will go with all the Czech professionals on the LET.

Not so long ago we only had one player, Klara Davidson Spilkova competing on the highest level, but she has been joined by many more in the last couple of years.

One of the names is Sara Kouskova who won the 2022 LETAS Order of Merit and the Rookie of the Year and secured her 2023 LET Card.

We’ve had three different Czech winners on the LET in the last two seasons and the camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed by the players make them a true inspiration.

Klára with LET player Sara Kouskova.

Any funny stories from working on the LET Access Series?

Working on LETAS has its fair share of memorable moments, I dare to say we have a good relationship with many of our players and have many great conversations and laughs in the tournament office.

The LETAS Tour Director Ana Larraneta is a great boss, role model, and friend. We have so many fun memories, one that stands out is from a buggy ride during one of the final rounds last summer.

We were so excited to finally get out on the course and watch some golf that paying attention to driving wasn’t really the priority!

All I will say is that everyone was safe, no golfers were disturbed and we still watch the video I took during that ride until this day!

Any future plans in the golf industry?

I’d like to keep working for the LET & LETAS for as long as possible, I don’t really have a timeline.

I enjoy working with the promoters, venues, players and all of my colleagues and I definitely see myself staying within the industry as I keep building a strong base of connections.

The dynamic nature of the industry offers countless opportunities, and I’m eager to continue contributing to its growth.

We’ll see what the future holds!

And finally, what’s your dream fourball?

My dream fourball would include Viktor Hovland, Annika Sorenstam and Tiger Woods and we would play at Augusta National.

The thought of sharing the course with these legends would be an unforgettable experience.

A big thanks to Klara for sitting down with us to talk about her time with the Ladies European Tour.

A fascinating look inside the world of professional golf from somebody who gets to watch the best professional golfers in Europe do their thing on a weekly basis.

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