Max Homa Putter Grip [2023]

Max Homa is a multiple-tour winner, with many victories on the PGA Tour. He’s also one of the best putters in the game.

Here we look at the putter grip Max Homa uses, including the grip he has on his Scotty Cameron Phantom putter.

Max Homa Putter Grip

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Max Homa’s Putter Grip

Max Homa Putter Grip

Max Homa uses a classic overlapping putting grip, sometimes known as the Vardon grip, with a Scotty Cameron Dancing Cameron Cord Black grip.

The Scotty Cameron Dancing Cameron Cord grip is truly an iconic accessory from one of the best putter brands in the game of golf.

This pistol-style putter grip is standard size and offers a supreme level of feel but is also great in wet weather with the cord backing.

As for Homa’s grip technique, the Vardon grip is a very classic type of grip that many players on tour use.

For this type of grip, the little finger on the trail hand sits on top of the index finger of the lead hand.

Both hands tend to sit in a neutral position, each placed in a square position to the club face.

Ed’s Top Tip

I’ve always been a fan of a classic Vardon putting grip because it helps promote feel throughout the stroke.

Modern putting methods are designed to take the hands out of action, but often the best putters in the game use a lot of hand and wrist movement.

A very simple setup, but one that focuses on feel and control, but isn’t designed to take the hands out of the stroke, like a claw which Tommy Fleetwood uses.

The well-connected grip ensures that his hands work as one, but can also give some wrist hinge and rotation in the stoke.

It’s a putting grip setup which clearly works for Max Homa. Last season he finished 6th in Strokes Gained Putting and 3rd in Putting Average.

When he hits the green, more times than not he is giving putts a chance of going into the hole.

Here’s an interesting video of Homa explaining why he uses his putter model:

Final Thoughts

Max Homa is a big name from the PGA Tour. With victories including The Genesis Invitational and the Wells Fargo Championship, he knows how to hole putts and get it done on the golf course.

His putting setup is simple but effective. Where many players choose to add oversized putter grips or unique techniques, Homa likes to keep it simple and focus on a fundamentally solid putting stroke.


What grip does Max Homa have on his putter?

Max Homa has the Scotty Cameron Dancing Cameron Cord Black grip on his putter, which helps provide maximum feel during the shot.

Which Scotty Cameron grip does Max Homa use?

The Scotty Cameron grip Max Homa has on his putter is the Scotty Cameron Dancing Cameron Cord Black grip which is a very popular grip for golfers with a slight arc in their putting stroke.

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