Lowest Handicap In Golf [Better Than Tiger?]

Golf is a game that takes years to master. As a golfer gets better, their handicap index should begin to get lower and may even get to a negative handicap level.

But what’s the lowest handicap index a golfer can have and who’s had the lowest golf handicap ever? Let’s take a look.

What Is The Lowest Handicap In Golf?

What Is The Lowest Golf Handicap?

There is no limit on the lowest possible handicap in golf, however, many top amateurs will get to about a +5 or +6 level handicap usually just before they turn professional.

This means that for them to shoot level to their handicap, they need to score 5 or 6 under on each round of golf they play.

Without the limit of how low a golf handicap can be, in theory, golfers could have a handicap index of even better than +6.

Although possible, it’s very unlikely that someone would ever get to that sort of level as it’s just too difficult to achieve.

As someone that plays off a low single-figure handicap index, it really does blow my mind how somebody can get down to a +6 handicap.

My best-ever round of golf was a gross score of 7 under. I’ve never played so well in my life and probably never will again. But golfers with these sorts of handicaps are expected to shoot that score every few rounds which is just incredible.

Professional golfers don’t have a handicap index, but if they did, the top players, like those on the PGA Tour and DP World Tour would be around +8 or better.

The jump up in level from being a top amateur golfer to someone that competes on the PGA Tour is huge. Not only are the golf courses harder, but there’s also the pressure of playing for your job and against the best players on the planet.

To many golfers, the dream is to become scratch golfers. However, the difference in golf game between a scratch golfer and a PGA Tour pro is at least 10 shots or even more.

Lowest Handicap In Golf History

Tiger Woods is widely regarded as having the lowest handicap ever when he turned pro at age 20 off a handicap of +8.

This means that after a round of golf, he’d add up his score and then have to add eight shots on top of that, which, for us mere mortals, is pretty hard to even comprehend.

Of course, Tiger would go on to become possibly the greatest golfer to ever play the game of golf with plenty of green jackets, but still, +8 is a crazy low handicap for someone to get to at the amateur level.

During his career, Tiger has continued to consistently compete at around a +6 to +8 level of handicap, despite professional players not playing with a handicap index.

According to Lou Stagner, Tiger’s handicap index would have only ever dropped below +6 in a season on three occasions throughout his whole playing career up until 2020. Even more astonishingly, in the 2008 season on tour, his handicap index would’ve been +8.8.

Throughout the years, many other top professionals have turned pro at very low handicaps. Jim Furyk turned pro with a handicap index of +7, as well as Open Championship winner, Ben Curtis.

Final Thoughts

Breaking 90 in golf is far from easy for many golfers, let alone reaching a handicap index of below zero.

Low golf handicaps are common among the best amateurs in the game and some of the best players to ever play golf have reached playing handicaps we can only dream of.

Tiger Woods achieving the lowest ever golf handicap of +8 was only a sign of things to come when he entered the golfing world aged 20, before achieving what is regarded by many as the best career in golf.


What’s the lowest handicap in golf?

There is no limit on the lowest handicap you can have in golf, although it’s usually around +7 or +8 for amateurs. Pro golfers on the PGA Tour don’t have a handicap index, but if they did it would be around +8 or +9.

What is the lowest handicap possible?

A golf handicap has no restriction on how low it can be and is all down to how good the golfer can get.

What is the lowest men’s handicap in golf?

In men’s golf, there is no lowest handicap because there isn’t a limit on how long a handicap index can be.

What is the lowest handicap on the PGA Tour?

Golfers on the PGA Tour don’t have a handicap, although if they did, the best would’ve been Tiger Woods in 2008 with a handicap index of +8.8.

What’s the lowest handicap in golf ever?

The lowest ever handicap in golf was Tiger Woods who had a handicap of +8 before he turned professional in 1996.

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