Is John Daly A Good Golfer? [Major Champion]

He’s one of the most famous characters in the game of golf. From his loud outfits to his long golf swing, John Daly was a player that different to your usual golf professional.

So when it comes to his golf game, was John Daly a good golfer? Let’s take a look.

Is John Daly A Good Golfer?

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Is John Daly A Good Golfer?

Is John Daly A Good Golfer?

Yes, John Daly was a very good golfer in his day and is widely recognised as one of the best players to never make the USA Ryder Cup team.

John Daly has had a career full of ups and downs, with plenty of great golf, but also a whole host of off-course controversies.

His golfing career includes wins from all over the world, including the European Tour, Asian Tour, Sunshine Tour and five PGA Tour events, two of which were major championships.

John Daly Victories

Having earned his PGA Tour card for the 1991 season, Daly was the 9th alternate at the PGA Championship at Crooked Stick Golf Club.

After a dropout from Nick Price, Daly managed to claim the spot in the field, and he went on the win by three shots.

This win in only his third major championship start took him from a player that was relatively unknown, to one that was hugely popular with the fans.

After his successful first season on the PGA Tour, Daly was chosen as Rookie of The Year, mostly because of his amazing success at the 1991 PGA Championship.

The next major win came at the 1995 Open Championship when he defeated Costantino Rocca on The Old Course at St Andrews.

Daly’s golf game has always been known for the length he can drive the golf ball. In 1997, Daly became the first PGA Tour player to average over 300 yards off the tee, which helped him gain the name “Long John”.

Ed’s Top Tip

John Daly is proof that you don’t have to have the best golf swing in the world to play great golf.

Find a swing that works for you and stick with it!

Growing up, I always loved to watch John Daly play golf. His style of play was different to just about any other professional golfer you’d see at a PGA Tour event, like a Tiger Woods or a Greg Norman.

I would spend hours on the driving range trying to get my golf swing as long as his in the hope I’d also be able to hit it 300 yards with a driver.

His unique golf swing and colourful outfits made him stand out, and although he’ll often be remembered for his off-course activities, John Daly was actually a better golfer than most people think.

You can’t become a two-time major champion, with multiple PGA Tour wins, without having a serious golf game and an incredible talent.

How Does John Daly Rank In Golf?

John Daly currently ranks 3984th in the Official World Golf Rankings, however in 2005 he reached his highest-ever ranking of 23, after a 2nd place finish at the WGC – American Express Championship.

These days, Daly has slipped in the world golf rankings, playing most of his golf on the PGA Tour Champions.

As a PGA Championship and Open Championship winner, he still gets an invite back to play in the tournaments each year, although he hasn’t made the cut in either event since 2012.

Alongside playing in events on the PGA Tour Champions, Daly also spends his time making music, designing golf courses and doing charity work.

Final Thoughts

During the peak of his career in the mid-90s, John Daly was a huge fan favourite in the golf world.

His personal life and on-course demeanour made him more personable to golf fans, even if his 300-yard driving distance was something most golfers could only dream of.

He is a very talented golfer who won two of the biggest golf tournaments in the sport.


Was John Daly good?

Yes, John Daly was a very good golfer in his prime, winning two majors and multiple other professional golf tournaments.

Was John Daly actually good at golf?

Yes, John Daly was a good player when he was out on the PGA Tour and European Tour. The two-time major winner also claimed a third place at The Masters and finished runner-up in a World Golf Championship event.

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