Is Golf A Rich Person Sport? [In 2023?]

Golf has often been seen to be a rather expensive sport, only played by those with a lot of money.

There’s plenty of different reasons why rich people play golf, but is golf really just a sport for the rich? Let’s take a look.

Is Golf A Rich Person Sport?

Is Golf A Rich Person Sport?

Is Golf A Rich Person Sport?

Golf is often regarded as a rich person’s sport, because of the cost of equipment, lessons, green fees and golf club membership. It’s also regarded as a sport for only wealthy people, played at exclusive country clubs where they can discuss business deals with other wealthy people.

However, as the game has grown, it has become far more accessible to all levels of wealth, making it a far more inclusive sport to play.

Of course, to play golf, you need a golf course and some golf clubs, which, unlike other sports such as football, is not as easy as just buying a cheap football and heading down to the park.

However, in 2023, that’s just not the case anymore. With so many public golf courses available at very affordable prices, as well as lots of new golf brands designing and building equipment at prices which are far more inclusive.

So, yes, golf is still and will unfortunately always be seen as a sport for the rich. However, that doesn’t mean that people without wealth and status aren’t able to play the best sport in the world. You don’t need the best clubs on the market and you certainly don’t need the fanciest country club in the world to be a golfer.

Playing golf doesn’t need to be expensive. Second-hand clubs and golf balls from eBay or other marketplaces can work just as well, if not better, as clubs brand new from retailers.

You also don’t have to join a golf club to be able to play good quality a good quality golf course at a reasonable price.

Why golf is for rich?

Final Thoughts

Golf is still seen as a rich man’s sport for a number of different reasons, but mainly because it is expensive to play.

It’s a great sport for meeting new people and growing a network, but it also still has a rather elitist feel to it despite the recent growth in more inclusive golf clubs and courses.


Is golf for the rich?

Although golf is seen to be only for the rich, it’s actually far more open to anyone, no matter what their status or wealth is.

Plenty of golf courses are open to the public at very cheap prices and golf equipment doesn’t need to be the latest releases.

Why is golf a rich person sport?

Golf is regarded as a rich person game because of the costs associated with playing, such as expensive golf clubs and membership fees.

Why is golf a rich sport?

Golf is known as a rich person’s game because of expensive equipment costs and private club memberships, among other expenses.

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