How To Get A Golf Handicap? [UK Version]

Whatever your age or golfing ability, golf gives you the opportunity to play and compete against other players of all ages and all levels of skill.

This is possible because of the handicap system, which can be worked out using a golf handicap calculator.

But if you’re not a member of a golf club, how can you get a golf handicap and is it actually possible to get an official handicap if it’s not managed by a club?

Let’s get into it and find out a little more about golf handicaps.

How To Get A Golf Handicap?

How To Get A Golf Handicap UK

How To Get A Golf Handicap?

If you’re a member of a golf club, gaining a golf handicap should be pretty simple. Almost all golf clubs will be associated with the relevant golf union such as England Golf, which will be used to achieve and monitor your handicap index.

To gain a handicap index, you need to submit a total of 54 holes played. This can be a mixture of 9 or 18 holes, but three rounds of 18 is always going to be the preferred option as it gives the best reflection of your golf game.

Once completed, each round will need to be signed off by another member or someone that has access to the golf app the club uses for handicaps.

Those three rounds of golf will then be used to determine the golfer’s handicap index which they can now use as their golf handicap.

Since the move to the new World Handicap System in 2020, it’s now much easier for all golfers to have an official handicap, even if they’re not a member of a club.

The best method of achieving a golf handicap for non-club members is via their golf unions app. For golfers in England, they’ll need to sign up to England Golf’s iGolf and download the My EG App.

This system is used to monitor all golfer’s handicaps in England and allows non-golf club members to gain, maintain and track their handicaps, even if they’re not club members.

Again, golfers looking to obtain a handicap index will need to complete 54 holes of golf, in a combination of 9 or 18 holes.

As part of this new digital community, golfers can post scores to the app for handicap purposes and keep their handicap as up-to-date as possible.

Do You Need A Handicap To Play Golf?

There’s no requirement to have a handicap if you want to play golf. If you’re not interested in having a course handicap and just want to have a laugh out on the golf course, that’s totally fine.

However, having a handicap is a great way to make your golf more interesting and allows you to track how well your game is improving.

Avid golfers love to monitor their handicap index and test themselves to get it as low as possible.

Having a handicap also gives golfers the chance to compete against their mates in a fair way, and not just scoring based on a gross score.

With official handicaps, you can compete in national events with other golfers and even reach the top of the amateur game if you get to a good enough level.

Final Thoughts

Getting a golf handicap might not be a requirement for playing and enjoying golf, however, it’s a great way of keeping track of where your golf game is at.

If you want to improve, monitor your scoring and compete against other players, having a handicap gives you the opportunity to do this.

If you’re looking to improve your handicap, the best thing you can do is get down the driving range with a top golf coach.

UK Golf Handicap FAQs

Can I get a handicap without joining a golf club UK?

Yes, non-members can still get a handicap even if they’re not part of a golf club.

Using the new official Handicap Index from England Golf or relevant Golf Union, golfers can submit scores on the app to gain a handicap index and keep it maintained.

How can I get an official golf handicap?

To get an official handicap, golfers must submit a minimum of 54 holes to the club or via the relevant Golf Union app.

This can usually be a mixture of 9 holes and 18 holes, but getting three rounds of 18 is always a better option.

The system WHS will then be able to work out a handicap index for the golfer.

How do I get my first handicap?

To gain a handicap, a golfer can join a club or sign up for the relevant golf union’s handicap system such as England Golf.

After submitting 54 holes of scoring, the World Handicap System will be able to determine a handicap index for that player.

How do you get a golf handicap without joining a club UK?

If you’re not a member of a club, you can get a golf handicap via your Golf Union.

Joining the golf Union for your country, such as England Golf and then downloading the handicap app, you’ll need to submit 54 holes worth of scores and the system will allocate you a handicap based on those scores.

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