How To Clean Golf Grips? [Easy Steps]

Without a good grip of the golf club, it’s very hard to play your best golf.

If your grips are starting to feel a little tired, you could give your clubs a re-gripping or get someone else to add some new grips for you.

However, this will cost a fair amount. If you’re looking to save a bit of money, the next best thing you can do for your grips is to give them a good clean.

In this article, we’ll walk you through why you need to clean your golf grips and how to clean golf grips.

How To Clean Golf Grips?

How To Clean Golf Grips?

Why Clean Golf Grips?

Golfers need to clean their golf club grips because it helps to give them the best feel whilst hitting golf shots.

Just like you’d clean your club heads and grooves, a golf grip needs to be cleaned to remove any sweat, dirt or oil buildup from potentially damaging the grip.

Dirty grips can lead to them becoming worn and broken more quickly, so making sure the grips are cleaned and well-maintained will give them a new-like performance and help them stay fresh for longer.

There’s also nothing worse than a grip that’s like holding a bar of soap. Slick and just not very grippy. So you end up increasing your grip pressure and hitting bad golf shots.

A good scrub will prevent them from getting that slick feel and help provide sufficient grip during the swing.

How Often Should You Clean Golf Grips?

If you’re playing golf regularly, it’s certainly a good idea to give your whole set of grips a clean and according to the grips professionals at Golf Pride, this should be every 5-10 rounds of golf.

Of course, it will also depend on the type of grips you have and the conditions you’re playing in.

The grip style can impact how dirty the grips get. A cord grip, for example, is likely to become dirtier faster because of the rougher surface and will require more frequent cleaning.

What You Need To Clean Golf Grips?

The golf grip cleaning process is super easy to do, but you will need a few things which you’ll almost certainly have already lying around the house.

Here’s what you’ll need to give your golf grips a clean:

  • Dry towel
  • Warm water
  • Dish soap
  • Soft brush
  • Kitchen sink or bucket

How To Clean Golf Grips?

Soapy water

The first thing to start with for the grip-cleaning process is warm soapy water.

Whether you’re using a bucket or sink, fill it up with some warm water and then add some mild dish soap.

The warm water will help to extract some of the surface dirt and grime, and the soap will remove it from the grip.

Scrub grip

Next up, dip the soft scrub brush into the soapy water and begin scrubbing the golf grip.

If you haven’t got a brush you can use, a sponge will also be able to do a decent job. However, the bristles from a brush will allow you to get deep into the various elements of the grip.

Scrub the grip from top to bottom and make sure you get into every area available.

When it comes to the putter grip, sometimes you need to be a little more careful whilst scrubbing. Although you should be using a soft brush, some putter grips are more delicate, so scrubbing too hard may actually damage the grip.

Rinse off grip

Having scrubbed the grip, it’s time to rinse off all the soap and dirt. For this, you’ll want soap-free water, so I just use the sink tap or have another bucket of warm water available.

Make sure that the grip is thoroughly rinsed off, to ensure all grime is removed completely, but also to make sure no soap is left on the grip.

A soapy golf grip is a slippy one, so remove it all before moving on to the next step.

Dry the grip

With a fresh towel, wipe off the water from the grip.

The grip doesn’t need to be totally dry, but make sure any water droplets have been removed before setting it aside to dry naturally.

I always find that leaving the grips slightly damp and then letting them air dry gives them the best feel and ultimate grip.

Finish off

Now you’ve got one nicely cleaned grip, it’s time to get the rest of the set completed.

I can usually get my whole set of 14 golf clubs done in about 15 minutes and the feeling once they’re clean is incredible.

And there you have it, a full set of clean grips which will give you the best chance of success on the golf course.

Final Thoughts

As golfers, we often clean golf clubs and wouldn’t dare use a golf ball that’s covered in mud, yet we’ll go a whole season using dirty grips.

Cleaning grips is super simple and works really well to add some extra feel to your golf clubs when you don’t want to pay for a grip replacement.

If you’d prefer something a little quicker and more on the go, you could just use some grip-cleaning wipes. These are great for after a round or if a grip gets dirty whilst you’re on the golf course as they can easily fit in your golf bag.

Alternatively, a quick wipe with a damp cloth after a round will help keep your grips clean.

It’s also a good idea to clean your clubs regularly, to avoid the build-up of rust.


What is the best way to clean your golf grips?

The best way to clean your golf grips is by using a soft brush and some warm soap water. Simply scrub the grip with the wet brush and remove any dirt or grime from the grip. Then wash off the soapy water and dry the grip with a clean towel.

How do I make my golf grips tacky again?

The best way to make grips tacky again is by giving them a clean. By cleaning your golf club grips, it will remove any oil or grime and give them a new feeling.

Can you use dish soap to put on golf grips?

A simple dish soap is ideal for cleaning grips on golf clubs, combined with some warm water and a scrubbing brush.

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