How Much Do Solheim Cup Players Get Paid? [2023 Prize Money]

As Team Europe heads to Spain and prepares to take on a USA Team that hasn’t won in the previous two attempts, we decided to take a look and see how much, if any the Solheim Cup players get paid for the event.

Are Solheim Cup Players Paid?

How Much Do Solheim Cup Players Get Paid?

Are Solheim Cup Players Paid?

No, Solheim Cup players don’t receive any money or payment for competing in the tournament even if they win or get the most points.

Despite the prestigious match-play tournament, which receives a huge amount of sponsorship and drives a lot of revenue, none of the players get paid to play just like the Ryder Cup.

Unlike normal weeks on the LPGA Tour and LET Tour (Ladies European Tour), where players get paid prize money based on how they finish and if they make the cut, the Solheim Cup won’t payout any prize money.

Playing in the Solheim Cup is a massive honour, that all European and American women golfers dream of playing one day.

To represent Europe or the United States team in the event is one of the biggest achievements a golfer can have, so it’s more about personal pride and trying to win for your country and continent, rather than how much money can they make.

Just like the men’s equivalent, the Ryder Cup, the Solheim Cup captain’s have been known to offer little personal gifts to the players in their teams.

In 2015, the Solheim Cup captain for the American team, Julie Inkster, decided to offer her players lunch boxes as she felt they were the most appropriate gift to help promote a blue-collar workman-like approach to winning back the Solheim Cup, which worked when they won 14.5 to 13.5 at St Leon Rot Golf Club.

As well as gifts from team captains, players participating in the Solheim Cup teams also gain huge exposure on a global scale.

The sell-out matchplay spectacle is watched by millions around the world, so a successful Solheim Cup for a player can lead to better sponsorship and brand deals, alongside the sporting pride they get from playing.

Final Thoughts

The Solheim Cup is a great event in the game of golf. It attracts huge crowds, major sponsorship deals and massive TV deals.

But despite its growth since it began in 1990, players don’t receive any payment whether they’re a winning or losing team member.


Do Solheim Cup players get paid?

No, neither the USA team or the European Solheim Cup team get paid for playing in the Solheim Cup even if they’re in the winning team room.

What is the Solheim Cup prize money?

The Solheim Cup has no prize money for any of the players or teams. The event is more about the spirit of golf and focuses more on personal pride and competition, despite the fact it makes huge amounts of money from sponsorships and ticket sales.

What is the Solheim Cup payout?

The Solheim Cup has no payout for the winners of the event and players play for no money.

How much do you get for winning the Solheim Cup?

The winning Solheim Cup team receive no money for winning the event, despite the fact the match brings in huge amounts of money.

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