How Much Do Ryder Cup Players Get Paid? [2023 Prize Money]

It’s the best team event in golf and perhaps one of the biggest sporting events in the world. It attracts massive global attention and large sponsorship deals, meaning lucrative returns.

So what is the Ryder Cup 2023 purse and how much of that money is distributed to the guys actually competing? Let’s find out.

How Much Do Ryder Cup Players Get Paid?

What Is The Ryder Cup 2023 Prize Money?

How Much Do Ryder Cup Players Get Paid?

Golfers playing in the Ryder Cup don’t receive any pay or Ryder Cup prize money even if they’re on the winning team. Despite it being such a profitable event, the players providing the skill and drama aren’t paid for their work.

As a member of the Ryder Cup team, whether Team Europe or Team USA, it’s more about the honour of representing your country (and continent) and doing your best to get a victory, rather than making money.

All 24 players across the two teams have played well enough and made enough prize money in their PGA Tour or DP World Tour (European Tour) careers to not need to worry about being paid for Ryder Cup participation.

Despite neither the players nor captains being paid for the Ryder Cup, the teams are compensated in some form.

Since 1983 when Tony Jacklin began the tradition, European players usually receive a gift from their captain which is paid out of the Ryder Cup pool money. Sometimes the USA team captain will also offer up a gift to the European team.

For the USA team players, the PGA of America, which owns the Ryder Cup rights when held in America, reportedly offers $200,000 to each member.

All the money is donated to charitable organisations. 50% of this money will be for a charity of the player’s choice. The other half of the money goes towards the PGA Junior League Golf, Drive, Chip and Putt Championship and Boys & Girls Club of America, to help grow the game of golf.

In the early days of the Ryder Cup, British players did receive some money to help contribute to their expenses for travel and accommodation.

As someone that always dreamed of playing in a Ryder Cup team, I can understand why payers aren’t paid for their efforts. Teeing it up in front of hundreds of thousands of fans and millions of people watching worldwide, to try and win the ultimate team event in golf, is worth more than any amount of money.

Ryder Cup prize money

How Much Do Ryder Cup Caddies Get Paid?

Ryder Cup caddies get paid a small amount for their work during the Ryder Cup to help cover their expenses such as travel, lodging and food for the week.

It’s a great week for both the caddies and the players, which is more about the honour of playing in the respective teams hoping to win the trophy, rather than the financial returns.

These top caddies which carry the bag for some of the world’s best, will often make far more during the regular tournament season, but not many weeks will be as special as the Ryder Cup.

Final Thoughts

As the 2023 Ryder Cup approaches, the best European golfers in the world will be hoping to make amends for a tough previous showing at Whistling Straits.

If they can win back the Ryder Cup trophy in the final day singles, they won’t earn any prize money but they will earn a huge amount of pride and bragging rights over Team USA.


Are there Ryder Cup winnings?

No, there are no Ryder Cup winnings as the players aren’t playing for any money. The Ryder Cup is different to other events on tour, as even if they win, they still receive no financial payment.

What is the 2023 Ryder Cup prize money?

The players don’t receive any Ryder Cup prize money for playing in the event even if they win. Although the event makes huge profits and is very successful, neither the winning team nor any of the players will get paid prize money for the week.

How much do you get for winning the Ryder Cup?

Winners of the Ryder Cup will receive no prize money. This is because the Ryder Cup is more about the prestige and honour of playing and hopefully winning the Ryder Cup, the biggest and best team event in golf.

Do players and caddies get paid for the Ryder Cup?

Ryder Cup players and captains don’t get paid for playing in the Ryder Cup. Caddies will get a certain level of payment to cover expenses for the week.

What is the Ryder Cup payout?

There is no Ryder Cup payout for any of the players taking part, even if they’re on the winning team. The Ryder Cup is more about pride and trying to win the trophy for their team.

Do players get paid for Ryder Cup?

No, players don’t get paid for the Ryder Cup, although they may receive a gift from their captains or opposing captains. Team USA players in the past have received money for a charity of their choice.

How much do Ryder Cup players make?

Ryder Cup players make no money when competing in the Ryder Cup. There is no prize money for the event and the only thing the winning team wins is the trophy and the honour of being Ryder Cup champions.

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