How Many Singles Matches In Ryder Cup? [Which Players]

The Ryder Cup format is one which helps create brilliant drama and gives golf fans excellent viewing. On the final day of the three-day event, the Ryder Cup moves to a singles match play format.

So how do the Ryder Cup singles matches work and how many players play in the singles? Let’s have a look.

How Many Singles Matches In Ryder Cup?

How Many Ryder Cup Singles Matches?

How Many Singles Matches In Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup has 12 singles matches which are played on the final day of the three-day event. Every player in the 12-man team plays in the singles matches against a member of the opposition team.

Some players might have only played one or two matches in the previous four-ball and foursome sessions, so the singles matches allow every player in the team to compete.

Singles matches mean that one Team USA player plays against one player in Team Europe. Unlike the foursome matches, players will play their own ball all the way until the ball is in the hole or conceded.

The player who makes the lowest score on a hole wins that hole and if they make the same score on a hole, the hole will be tied. Players can choose to concede shots, usually a short putt, or a hole if it’s clear that they can’t halve or win the hole.

The player that wins the match will earn one point for their team and if they draw, they’ll get half a point.

The Ryder Cup singles provides great drama on the final day of the event.

How Are The Ryder Cup Singles Matches Decided?

Team captains will choose which players from their Ryder Cup team will go out in which order. The teams will be drawn without the knowledge of the other team’s lineup.

The final day singles are arguably the most important of the five sessions as it ends with one team as Ryder Cup champion.

Typically, team captains will look to get their best players out early because if they can start strong, it will help filter confidence down to the rest of the team.

Sometimes, they may decide to play their best players later in the singles order so that the team can make a good finish.

Final Thoughts

Ryder Cup singles on the final day is one of the most important sessions of the whole event. The winning team will be the first team to reach the magic 14.5 score, which will mean the other team are unable to match it and they’ll win the Ryder Cup.

The Ryder Cup sees the best players from the United States and Europe go head to head to earn one of the most prestigious trophies in golf.

Ryder Cup matches, especially the singles, are hotly contested and only the best players will come out on top. Even just a half point can mean the difference between a victory for the European team or a retained trophy for Team USA.


How does Ryder Cup singles work?

The Ryder Cup singles format is 12 matches on the final day, with each player on the team competing against a player from the opposition team. The lowest score wins the hole and means that the player goes one up, or two up and so on.

Who decides who plays who in Ryder Cup singles?

The team captain will pick the order for the final day of Ryder Cup singles match play. They decide which player goes out in position one to twelve.

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