How Many PGA Tournaments Per Year? [More Than Expected]

The PGA Tour is home to brilliant golf tournaments which feature some of the best professional golfers in the world.

Each season, the likes of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy compete week in and week out to try and win some huge prize money and some iconic trophies. Some will even earn more than 20 victories and others may earn the most wins on the PGA Tour.

So how many tournaments are there on the PGA Tour per year? Let’s find out.

How Many PGA Tour Events Per Year?

How Many PGA Tour Tournaments Per Year?

How Many PGA Tour Tournaments Per Year?

The PGA Tour has a total of 47 tournaments per year, which includes the four major championships.

A PGA Tour schedule has 44 events in the regular season. This includes all official PGA Tour events such as The Memorial Tournament and Arnold Palmer Invitational, World Golf Championships events, The Open Championship, US Open, Masters Tournament, PGA Championship and Players Championship.

The regular 44 events also include three tournaments co-sanctioned with the DP World Tour, where PGA Tour players and European Tour players can play.

The PGA Tour season ends with the final three events. These three events are part of the playoffs and are only for the top players at the end of the season. The final event of the three is the Tour Championship, with huge official prize money and the top PGA player crowned FedEx Cup champion.

After the season finishes, the Ryder Cup will be typically played after the FedEx Cup playoffs every two years.

How Many Tournaments Do Pros Play A Year?

Most PGA Tour players will play between 20 and 30 events in a season, but this can depend on the player and what other commitments they have.

PGA players ultimately can decide on how many events they play in a season, as long as it is more than the minimum requirement of 15 events a year.

Some events will have greater importance, either because they’re worth more money or points, or because they’re more prestigious such as one of the four majors.

Golf being such a global game, means that a lot of touring professionals have many options of where they want to play in a season. This could be a number of events on the PGA Tour and some on other tours such as the DP World Tour.

The most tournaments a PGA Tour player has played in a season is 38 events, which has happened on two occasions. Both Mike Donald and Buddy Gardner played a total of 38 official tour events in the 1980s.

Final Thoughts

The PGA Tour is where every pro golfer wants to be playing.

Whether they’ve spent years grinding on the Korn Ferry Tour or they’re fresh out of college, competing on the PGA Tour is the place every player wants to be winning each week.

It’s a full season, with plenty of great events to test their games and win the big prizes on offer.


How many PGA tournaments are there per season?

There are 44 tournaments in the regular PGA Tour season and 3 final events in the FedEx Cup playoffs.

How many games in a PGA season?

The PGA Tour season features a total of 47 tournaments, with each PGA Tour event worth FedEx Cup points for an overall ranking.

Do pro golfers play year round?

Professional golfers play basically year-round, with the PGA Tour season running from September to August, with a break at the end of December.

Is the PGA tour all year round?

The PGA Tour runs from September to August of the following season and features a full schedule of events in which players can pick and choose which they play.

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