How Many Miles Is The Masters Golf Course? [Not Short!]

The Masters tournament is one of the biggest events in the golf calendar.

But what viewers don’t realise when they’re sitting at home watching the golfers walk between the Georgia pines, is just how hilly and far the Augusta National golf course is.

In this article, we’ll have a look at the golf course at Augusta National and see what it’s really like inside the ropes as a player walking around one of the world’s most exclusive golf venues.

How Many Miles Is The Masters Course?

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How Many Miles Is Augusta National Golf Club?

How Far Is Augusta National Golf Club?

18 holes at Augusta National works out to about 4.29 miles or 6.9 kilometers tee to green length.

The course has been lengthed for the 2023 tournament to play 7,545 yards.

The players playing in this year’s Masters tournament will be walking about 5 miles for each round they’re playing.

Across the four tournament days, players could end up walking about 20 miles across heavily sloping holes with huge changes in elevation.

When golfers get to the final hole in the final round at Augusta National, they’ll have walked around 32,000 yards on their way to trying to win the iconic green jacket.

Then you’ve also got to look at the practice rounds that will be played earlier in the week.

This may be just a quick nine holes on Wednesday for players that know the course well.

Or it might be 18 holes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the tournament begins.

It can all vary depending on the golfer and how much they want to play the course beforehand.

The elevation changes at Augusta National are not always seen when watching on TV, but a round of golf at Augusta is full of steep climbs and large declines.

With plenty of uneven lies, Augusta National requires hitting shots of all types and means players need to be good at playing from undulating lies and working their golf balls from left to right and right to left.

The course at Augusta National plays at 7545 yards, which is longer than the average length of course for PGA Tour events which play at 7,200 yards.

Compared to the other major championships, Augusta National is one of the longest courses the pros will play in the year.

The PGA Championship will be played at Oak Hill Country Club in 2023, which plays 7,360 yards from the professional’s tees.

Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters playing a course that was 7,475 yards long.

The course in 2019 was lengthened on the fifth hole and would have been about 4.25 miles to walk from tee to green.

Final Thoughts

It’s one of the greatest golf tournaments in the calendar, but Augusta National is also one of the toughest walks for both golfers and spectators.

The course might not play overly long to the tour pros playing in the event, especially as the par is 72.

However, anyone that is lucky enough to make the trip to the hallowed turf of Augusta National, will certainly be feeling it by the end of the day or the week.

Golfers like Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas will be heading to Augusta National in April to try and win their share of golf’s most iconic majors at one of the sport’s most private clubs.

Augusta National Golf Club FAQs

How many miles is the Masters course?

The Masters is played at Augusta National Golf Club and the course, from the back tees is 4.29 miles long.

The 7,545 yards private club is also very hilly, with lots of changes in elevation.

How many miles will a golfer walk at the Masters?

The Augusta National course plays about 4.29 miles in length from the back tees.

The golfers playing in The Masters will tend to walk about 5 miles per day playing, as this includes walking to different areas on holes, many steps on the greens and any distances between holes.

How long is the Masters golf course?

The course at Augusta National is 7,545 yards from the back tee boxes.

The yardage has been increased for 2023, with the extension of the 13th hole, a par 5 which now plays 545 yards instead of 510 yards.

How many miles is 72 holes at Masters?

72 holes at Augusta National Golf Club works out to about 17.16 miles from the back tee boxes. This is an increase to the previous year of 17.08 miles.

Golfers will tend to walk about 20 miles across the four days during The Masters tournament days.

How far is it to walk 18 holes at Augusta National?

The course at Augusta National is not a short walk and it’s certainly not an easy walk.

18 holes around Augusta National works out to about 4.29 miles, but spectators will likely end up walking much more than that on a day at The Masters tournament.

Is Augusta tough to walk?

Augusta National is known to be one of the toughest walks for spectators and club members, due to the fact it is very hilly and has plenty of changes in elevation.

The slopes that can be seen when watching The Masters on TV don’t really do them justice, compared to when you see them in real life.

Is walking a golf course good for you?

Walking a golf course can have many health benefits.

The World Golf Foundation estimates a five-mile round of golf can burn up to 2000 calories for the average golfer.

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