How Many Green Jackets Does Tiger Woods Have? [Not Many]

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game, with a World Golf Hall of Fame career full of many PGA Tour wins and multiple grand slams.

His record at Augusta National Golf Club is also one of the best, second only to the iconic Jack Nicklaus.

So how many green jackets has Tiger Woods collected since his professional career began in 1996? Let’s take a look.

How Many Green Jackets Does Tiger Woods Have?

How Many Green Jackets Does Tiger Woods Have?

How Many Green Jackets Does Tiger Woods Have?

Tiger Woods has a total of five green jackets having won The Masters tournament in 1997, 2001, 2002, 2005 and most recently in 2019, although he will actually only own one jacket.

Despite having won The Masters five times in total, Tiger will have only one green jacket in his collection as once a player has won their first green jacket, they will keep this same jacket forever apart from if it needs to be re-sized.

When a golfer wins The Masters, along with the golf royalty status, they also get to keep the jacket for a year until the following year’s event. It is then returned to Augusta National Golf Club where it remains.

When Tiger won the 2019 Masters, he wouldn’t have been given a new green jacket and most likely would have received the same jacket from when he won his first Masters Tournament in 1997.

Winning one green jacket is hard enough, let alone picking up five Masters green jackets in what has been an incredible golfing career.

Perhaps what’s most impressive about Woods’s record at The Masters is the number of times he’s been close to winning.

Alongside his five wins, Woods also has nine top 10 finishes at the tournament including a couple of second places.

His record at Masters tournaments is second only to the great Jack Nicklaus for the most Masters, who managed to pick up six victories at Augusta.

The only other player to achieve four or more wins at the event is Arnold Palmer.

Tiger Woods Masters Wins

Will Tiger Woods Win Another Green Jacket?

I’d never be one to write off Tiger Woods, especially after what he achieved in 2019 when he won his 15th major championship and fifth Masters.

But with everything that his body has been through over the years and the level of professional golf these days, it’s hard to see Woods making another go at The Masters.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see it happen. He was my idol growing up and like most other golfers, was the player that got me so obsessed with the game.

When he’s in good shape, his game is a great fit for Augusta National and I’m sure he’ll surprise us all and rewrite the golf history books once more.

Final Thoughts

Tiger Woods already has several golf records alongside a coveted jacket from his first Masters win in 1997.

Despite having won a total of five Masters tournaments, Woods will only actually have one green jacket and it will sit at Augusta National each year until he manages to win the event again.


Does Tiger Woods have a green jacket?

Yes, Tiger Woods does have a green jacket which was first awarded to him when he won the 1997 Masters. He has since won a total of five Masters, but winners only receive one jacket even if they’ve won more than one title.

Has Tiger Woods won the Masters?

Yes, Tiger Woods has won a total of five Masters, most recently at the 2019 Masters.

Do winners of the Masters keep the green jacket?

Masters winners get to keep their green jacket for a year until the following year’s event takes place. They then have to give back the jacket where it is stored at Augusta National.

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