How Many Golf Courses In The US? [Declining]

The US is home to some of the best golf courses in the world.

From iconic courses such as Augusta National, home to The Masters, to championship layouts such as TPC Sawgrass in Florida.

The US is a hive for brilliant golf, with more courses than anywhere in the world.

But how many golf courses are in the US? Let’s take a look.

How Many Golf Courses In The US?

How Many Golf Courses In The US?

How Many Golf Courses In The US?

The US is home to approximately 16,100 golf courses, including 18-hole and 9-hole courses, although this number is ever-changing due to growing demand for the game of golf, but also financial pressures.

The number of golf courses includes both private courses and public courses, with a large number of golf courses open to the public.

The US accounts for around 43% of the world’s total golf courses, with it being the largest country for golf.

With the size of the US and the number of golfers that play golf, it’s not surprising that it has so many golf courses and the most golf courses in the world. Golf courses use up a lot of space, and the US certainly has plenty of space.

However, the number of golf courses in the US is actually declining.

This is mostly due to an increase in costs associated with running and maintaining a golf course, rather than a decline in the popularity of golf.

According to the National Golf Foundation, golf in the US has seen a steady increase in participation since 2015.

With such a large number of golf courses available, avid golfers won’t have any trouble finding a great place to play. But even if you’re new to the game, the US has the largest number of public golf courses on offer to visitors.

Florida is one of the most popular states for playing golf and the golf capital of the US. It has great weather conditions for lush green courses and includes the likes of TPC Sawgrass and Seminole Golf Club.

Other popular areas for golf in the US include Michigan, Texas, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, and New York.

California is home to Cypress Point, widely regarded as the best golf course in the US. While New York has the likes of Shinnecock Hills and National Golf Links of America.

The US also plays a key role in the world of professional golf.

Three of the four major championships are contested in the US, including The Masters at Augusta National, and the US Open and PGA Championship, which have been played at the likes of Pebble Beach Golf Links, Merion and Pinehurst golf clubs, to name just a few.

How Many Public Golf Courses In The US?

The number of public golf courses in the US is about 11,500. This is about 70% of the total number of golf courses in the US.

Alaska has the highest percentage of public golf courses, with 100% of courses in the state available to the public.

However, there is only a total of 22 golf courses in the state, compared to Florida which has 1250.

Quite often, when you think of public golf courses, poor conditions and not a great experience come to mind.

However, public golf courses in the US are among some of the greatest golf courses ever built.

Famously, Pebble Beach is open to the public and is widely regarded as the best public golf course in the US.

You’ll have to pay a hefty chunk of change to get a round there, but it is possible for the avid golfer to get a game. Just make sure you pack more than one golf ball.

How Many Private Golf Courses In The US?

The number of private country clubs in the US is approximately 4,600, or about 30% of the total number of golf clubs.

A private golf course is only open to members of the club, most of which will also allow members to bring guests for a round.

Perhaps the most famous private golf club in the US is Augusta National. Home to The Masters, it’s one of the most iconic golf courses in the world and only a lucky few are allowed to play there.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s difficult to give an accurate number, the US is home to the largest number of golf courses in the world and is a great place for golf enthusiasts to test their games.

With the great game of golf growing in popularity, it’s great to have so many golf courses available to the public in the US.

If you’re looking for another great country to play golf in, Scotland in the UK is where golf was invented all those years ago and has some iconic courses such as St Andrews which are also open to visitors.


How many golf courses are believed to be there in the US?

The US has over 16,000 golf courses, most of which are public courses open to visitors of just about any level.

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