How Many Golf Courses In England? [Most In Europe?]

England has many golf courses, some of which are up there with the best in the world.

Fortunately, having grown up in England, I’ve been lucky enough to play some of the absolute gems it has to offer.

But how many golf courses does England actually have? Let’s find out.

How Many Golf Courses In England?

How Many Golf Courses Are In England?

How Many Golf Courses In England?

According to a recent study from Statista, there are at least 1,872 golf courses in England.

It’s the country with the largest number of golf courses in the United Kingdom, above Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and it also has the highest amount in all of Europe.

The total number of golf courses includes all types of golf courses such as 18-hole golf courses and 9-hole courses.

With so many golf courses in England, it’s known for having a great mixture of styles and layouts.

Similar to Scotland with the likes of Royal Troon and St Andrews, many coastal towns in England have some incredibly famous links courses. These include Royal St George’s, Royal Lytham and St Annes and Royal Birkdale Golf Club.

These famous golf courses have played host to The Open Championship many times, with the best players in the world competing for the coveted title of Champion Golfer of the Year.

England also has plenty of amazing heathland and parkland golf courses.

One of the most famous golf courses in England is the incredible heathland track, Sunningdale. The prestigious golf club in Surrey has both the Old Course and the New Course and has hosted many professional golf tournaments including the Women’s Open Championship.

Playing golf in England is a treat for any golf enthusiast. From rolling hills to picturesque seaside links, each golf course has something to test all golfer’s skill levels.

How Many Royal Golf Courses In England?

England has a total of 23 golf courses with “Royal” status, the highest amount in the UK and the world.

This means that the course was given permission by the reigning monarch of the time, to use the “Royal” status in their name.

Royal Birkdale Golf Club was the most recent course in England to be given a “Royal” status by King George VI in 1951.

Final Thoughts

England provides an idyllic setting for one of the world’s most popular sports, with a whole host of great golf courses to match.

With the largest selection of golf courses in Europe, England makes for one of the best destinations to play golf.

Of course, a United Kingdom golf trip wouldn’t be complete without a quick stop off in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well. Just make sure you pack enough golf balls!


How many golf courses are there in London UK?

The capital of England has 131 golf courses within the Greater London area. This area covers an area of 11,000 acres and includes courses such as Wentworth, Walton Heath and Crews Hill golf clubs.

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