How Far Can Tiger Woods Drive? [Longest On Tour?]

Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers to ever play the game. His winning record and career stats speak for themself, but perhaps what often doesn’t get talked about enough is his ability to hit the ball a long way off the tee.

In this article, we’ll have a look at how far Tiger Woods hits the ball with his driver, as well as his longest drive ever.

How Far Can Tiger Woods Drive The Ball?

How Far Does Tiger Woods Drive?

How Far Can Tiger Woods Drive?

Over the past 10 seasons on the PGA Tour, Tiger Woods has averaged 298.73 yards off the tee, including many seasons where his average driving distance was over 300 yards.

During the 2021-22 season, Woods was able to average 309.5 yards with the driver (1 wood), almost 10 yards further than the tour average.

In his professional golf career, Woods best season for driving distance came in 2004-05 where he averaged a total of 316.1 yards across the season. That year he won a total of six times on tour and finished 2nd in the driving distance stats on the PGA Tour.

As one of the longer drivers of the golf ball on the PGA Tour, Tiger has hit some very long drives in his playing career.

Tiger Woods Longest Drive

Tiger Woods longest drive ever came at the 2002 Mercedes Championship at the Kapalua Plantation Course (home to the longest par 5 on the PGA Tour), where he managed to hit the ball 498 yards off the tee. This tee shot is one of the longest drives in PGA history and is still the longest-recorded drive in professional tournament golf since the turn of the millennium.

Despite that monster of a drive from Tiger in 2002, it’s still not the farthest golf ball ever hit in professional play. This record is held by Mike Austin at the National Seniors Open Championship in 1974 whilst playing at Winterwood Golf Club.

Although Tiger’s body has been through a whole host of injuries in his career, he still continues to be one of the longer hitters on tour through an immense level of power and incredible timing.

Driving Distance Stats – Tiger Woods Average Drive Over The Years

Here’s a look at Tiger Woods average drive throughout his playing career:

1996-97 – 294.8 yards

1997-98 – 296.3 yards

1998-99 – 293.1 yards

1999-00 – 298 yards

2000-01 – 297.6 yards

2001-02 – 293.3 yards

2002-03 – 299.5 yards

2003-04 – 301.9 yards

2004-05 – 316.1 yards

2005-06 – 306.4 yards

2006-07 – 302.4 yards

2007-08 – 294.3 yards

2008-09 – 298.4 yards

2009-10 – 295.8 yards

2010-11 – 293.7 yards

2011-12 – 297.4 yards

2012-13 – 293.2 yards

2013-14 – 294.9 yards

2014-15 – 300.2 yards

2015-16 – N/A

2016-17 – 299.3 yards

2017-18 – 303.4 yards

2018-19 – 296.8 yards

2019-20 – 299.4 yards

2020-21 – 290.3 yards

2021-22 – 309.5 yards

Final Thoughts

Tiger Woods will go down in PGA Tour history as one of the greatest golfers to play the game, but also one of the best drivers of the golf ball.

Despite almost never being able to walk again following a car accident in 2021, Woods still manages to generate huge amounts of speed through the ball and hit huge drives.


What is Tiger Woods driver distance?

Tiger Woods driver distance is about 300 yards, but he can hit the ball further depending on the course conditions. His average distance on tour has been around 300 yards for most years he’s been on tour.

How far can Tiger Woods drive on average?

Tiger Woods consistently hits the ball over 300 yards from the tee with his driver, which puts him above average in driving length on the PGA Tour despite the numerous injuries he has faced during his career.

What is Tiger Woods farthest drive?

Tiger Woods hit a drive of 498 yards at the 2002 Mercedes Championship. His shot is still the longest drive recorded in tournament play in the 21st century.

How fast is Tiger Woods drive?

Tiger Woods can achieve a ball speed of 180 mph with his driver, which means that he’s able to hit the ball over 300 yards on a regular basis.

Is Tiger Woods the longest driver on the PGA Tour?

No, other golfers hit the ball further on the PGA Tour, however, Tiger has consistently been above average in length off the tee and has even been in the top two in average driving distance on occasion.

What is Tiger Woods drive distance?

Tiger Woods averages around the 300-yard distance with his driver, although for many seasons he has driven the ball over 300 yards on average.

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