Has Anyone Won All 4 Majors In One Year? [Not Easy!]

Winning a major championship is one of the biggest (and toughest) accomplishments in golf. Not many do it and even if they do, winning more than one is another level altogether.

But when it comes to major championships, has any player ever won all four majors in the men’s game? Let’s take a look.

Has Anyone Won All 4 Golf Majors In One Year?

Has Anyone Won All 4 Majors In One Year Golf?

Has Anyone Won All 4 Majors In One Year?

No, there has never been a player in the modern golf era to win all four of the major championships in the same calendar year.

Tiger Woods and Ben Hogan have been the players closest to achieving the feat, winning three majors in a single season, however, neither were able to complete the season quartet.

Having said that, Tiger Woods is the only player to ever hold all four major championships in golf at the same time, having won the final three majors of 2000 and then the 2001 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club collecting his second green jacket.

This meant that at that point in time, he was the holder of all four trophies and is now regarded as the “Tiger Slam” as he’s the only player to ever manage it.

Tiger slam

Outside of the modern grand slam era, Bobby Jones is the only golfer to ever win all available major tournaments in a single season. In 1930, Bobby Jones won the US Amateur Championship, US Open, The Open and The British Amateur Championship, which were the four major golf tournaments at the time.

Since then, the four golf majors have evolved to become The Masters, US Open, British Open and PGA Championship and there has yet to be a player to win all four in the same year.

That doesn’t, however, mean that players haven’t won all four of the majors across their careers.

In total, only five golfers have won all the majors in golf, known as the career grand slam. Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and Gene Sarazen have all won each of the four majors at least once.

Both Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods have an astonishingly good, three career grand slams to their names, having won each major three or more times.

As the standard of professional golf continues to get better and better, it’s hard to see anyone in today’s game completing a calendar grand slam.

I’d love to see it, but beating the best players in the world on the toughest courses, under the most intense pressure is hard enough to do once, let alone four times in one season.

Final Thoughts

Any golfer who wins a major, whether it’s the Open Championship or the PGA Championship, will forever go down in golf history.

However, only a very few will be remembered as the players who managed to conquer all four of golf’s most coveted prizes.


How many people have won all 4 majors in one year?

No golfer has won all four major golf events in the same year during the modern majors. Bobby Jones won all four major titles in 1930, prior to the inclusion of The Masters and PGA Championship.

Did Tiger win all 4 majors in one year?

Tiger Woods has never won all four professional majors in golf in the same calendar year, however in 2001 and 2002 he won four consecutive majors and is still the only player in the modern era to hold all four at once.

How many golfers have won the 4 majors?

Five players have won all four of the major championships, however, none of them has ever won all of them in the same season.

Did Tiger Woods win 4 majors in a row?

Tiger Woods won the final three majors of 2000 and then won the first major of the 2001 season to hold all four titles at the same time.

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