GoKart Golf Trolley Review [Any Good?]

GoKart is a golf trolley brand that prides itself on designing and creating unique-looking trolleys in the UK. They’ve been doing that for over 30 years, so it’s safe to say they know a few things about what goes into a good trolley.

The GoKart electric golf trolley has always been one that turns heads. It’s a trolley that certainly doesn’t fit into your standard design. But aside from the style and look, are GoKart electric golf trolleys any good?

In this article, we’ll go into detail about what’s on offer from GoKart when it comes to their trolley. We’ll also give a review of whether or not you should be adding it to your golf armoury this golfing year.

Let’s get into it and see what GoKart has to offer and help you decide if it’s the right choice for your new trolley.

GoKart Golf Trolley

GoKart Electric Golf Trolley Review

GoKart Electric Golf Trolley Review

The GoKart has always been rather intriguing to me. It’s certainly not your normal electric trolley, with a classic metal design, curved shape and not always subtle wiring. It’s a design that stands out from the crowd.

The GoKart comes available in two different options; the GoKart automatic speed control and the GoKart standard speed control. Both of these models come with the choice of three colours; Black, Red and Green.

Depending on the type and hole length of the battery, the standard option will cost from £319 up to £479. If you fancy the automatic version it will cost you a little more, ranging from £349 up to £499 depending on what sort of battery you require.

GoKart Features

  • Standard and automatic speed control
  • 18-hole lead acid battery, 18-hole lithium battery or 36-hole lithium battery
  • Thermoplastic polymers with glass reinforcement frame
  • 12-month lead acid battery warranty, 5-year lithium battery warranty, 2-year trolley warranty
  • Trolley weight; 9.8 kg
  • 230W motor
  • Folded size; 66 x 60 x 29 cm.
  • Unfolded size; 99 x 60 cms

The GoKart features a super easy setup. Its synchronised folding frame with auto lock is very easy to use and means that the trolley can be setup in one movement.

Predominantly made from plastic, the frame is very light and makes it really easy to lift and move around. The battery is a perfect fit and slots in with ease. Once it’s in position, it connects itself which also means there’s no annoying wires to have to worry about.

The GoKart folds up easily and fits into your car nicely.

Image source: GoKart

Securing your bag to the trolley is simple with an elasticated bottom strap and a click upper strap. The straighter design means that it can fit all types of golf bags with ease from small stand bags to tour bags.

The handle is very comfortable to use and includes a scorecard, tee, ball and pencil holder for use during a round of golf. GoKart also offers additional accessories, which you’ll find a great range on their website. These include an umbrella holder, hedgehog wheels, a travel cover or even a matching bag.

Once setup and out on the course, the trolley is built well with a good level of stability. The new improvements have shifted weight around and now allow for a more sturdy feel going over slopes. The repositioning of where the golf bag sits has allowed for much easier removal and replacement of golf clubs during a round.

As for the speed controls, you’ve got the choice between the automatic or the standard model.

The standard option has just a simple roller which allows you to adjust the speed manually and gives a completely variable speed. The on/off button is also there in case you decide to turn the trolley off during the round.

The automatic model is even simpler than the standard. It will cost you a little bit more, but it features a patented control system that uses no buttons and simply requires you to hold the handle and walk with the trolley. Depending on the speed you’re walking, the trolley will match this. You can even let go of the handle and the trolley will continue to move at a walking pace.

The new motor on the GoKart is a much better improvement than the previous models. A new 12V permanent magnet DC motor that has 230W output, coupled with the fact it’s so light means that the trolley has plenty of speed if required. The new motor also has reduced the noise from the trolley, making it one of the quietest on the market today.

The great use of the power-to-weight ratio keeps the battery lasting for much longer and the new weight distribution has improved the stability issues of past models.

After the round, the GoKart folds neatly and will fit into your car with ease. The folded size of 66 x 60 x 29 cm is smaller than most other trolley, plus you can very simply pop the wheels off.

Our Verdict

GoKart trolleys are and have always been one to catch your eye. Its unique design totally stands out when compared to other electric golf trolleys on the market.

When it comes to style, that’s totally down to personal preference. I personally like the fact it’s a bit different to the rest of the pack and think the design is pretty sleek. However, there will be a lot of golfers out there that just can’t adjust to the plastic frame and more futuristic setup.

What’s not too hard to comprehend is that it’s an excellent value option for many golfers out there. With the top price coming in at £499 for a trolley that has a 36-hole lithium battery, it’s a really good price and puts it about mid-market.

I like the choice of colours on offer as well. The black frame with either green or red accents gives the trolley real personality and means you can find a colour which suits you.

As for the GoKart battery, there’s only really one choice for me, and that’s the lithium option. As with any electric trolley review, a lithium battery is always going to be the choice for me as it’s just that much better than what a lead acid can offer. Whether that’s in the 18-hole or 36-hole choice, it has to be lithium. It’s weightless, requires no wires and last for so much longer.

In terms of it’s usuabilty, the GoKart trolley works well on the golf course.

Whilst setting up the before the round, the trolley is put together with elegant simplicity. The single motion required to get it resurrected is so easy to do and there’s no stress of catching a finger in the process.

You’ll struggle to find lighter trolleys out there and that’s down to its simple but effective frame. Yes, perhaps the plastic material may feel a little cheaper than a metal alternative, but it really does help make the trolley so light and easy to work.

I found it to be pretty sturdy whilst going over slopes, which is good as the previous model had struggled a little with any hill that was slightly challenging. Playing a hilly course, showed that if put to the test, it can cope with more severe undulations which is great. Having played on an Autumn day, it tackled thick wet rough well and the powerful motor was more than capable.

Having tried both the standard and the automatic speed control, it’s hard to really find a fault in either. They’re both pretty good to use and keep it so simple compared to lots of other electric trolleys on the market.

If I had to choose between the two, it would be the standard model. Perhaps I’m a little old-school, but there’s something quite strange about walking along and not having a dial to change the speed. There’s no denying the GoKart automatic handle is an incredibly easy and amazing piece of engineering that a lot of golfers will love. I just think there’s potential for a controller problem with the auto version in the future. So for me personally, the standard (and cheaper) option with simple roller works just as well.

Overall, the GoKart golf trolley is a really great choice for many golfers out there. As I previously mentioned, a lot of it will come down to personal choice and whether or not you actually like the design. It certainly is a unique look and may be somewhat of an acquired taste to many.

For use on the course, I can’t really fault anything about it. The new model worked flawlessly and has dealt with any of the previous noise and stability issues.

If you’re not after all the other bells and whistles that a lot of golf trolley brands are throwing into their products, then the GoKart is a very worthy choice and for the price, it’s an affordable one. Of course, if you are looking for a trolley that has yardages, USB ports, etc, then you’re better off with a Motocaddy and paying a much higher price.

One other thing to mention about GoKart which I like is the fact that they’re only available direct and are made in the UK. It really is a true British brand that wants to make the best possible products for golfers.

By going direct to the customer, GoKart is cutting out the middle man which allows for great cost savings. As a result, these savings can be passed more onto the customer meaning they can focus their time on providing extremely helpful customer service and more budget-friendly golf trolleys.

For more details on the GoKart trolley, visit https://www.gokart.co.uk/ to see what they have on offer and to help you decide if it’s a good fit for your game.

Final Thoughts

That rounds off our review of the GoKart electric golf trolley. GoKart is a marvellous British brand that focuses on making well-designed and engineered golf trolleys.

The trolleys are brilliantly designed and created in the UK which makes them a perfect pick for a lot of golfers of all abilities.

If you’re getting out in the fresh air this year, taking on the golf course, the GoKart is a quality product that would be an excellent choice to replace an old trolley.

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