Funny Golf Gifts [10 Best And Which To Avoid]

Funny golf gifts are a great gift choice for many golf enthusiasts out there. From gifts that make you laugh but are actually really useful to have, to novelty gifts that are just downright stupid.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at a few of our top picks for golf gifts that will be a unique choice for the recipient and hopefully make them chuckle.

Let’s get into it and look at the best funny golf gifts for 2023.

Funny Golf Gifts

10 Best Funny Golf Gifts

In My Head I’m Playing Golf Mug

Image source: Amazon

We all know a golfer that needs this kind of golf mug. They might look like they’re listening, but deep down you know they’re just relaying all 87 shots of their last round of golf.

From the sweet drive down 14 to the birdie lip out on 6. They’re forever dreaming of being out of the golf course (and who could blame them).

You can never go wrong with a mug as a gift. It’s practical and will definitely get a chuckle when it gets opened up.

It Takes A Lot Of Balls Novelty Golf Towel

Image source Not On The Highstreet

This golf towel is the perfect play-on-words gift for the golfer in your life.

As novelty gifts go, this microfibre towel is a great gift choice that’s sure to cheer them up if they’re having a bad round out on the course.

Pick from a range of colours to find a style that they’ll love and help keep their golf clubs clean for their next round.

Funny Golf Quotes Print Gift

Image source Not On The Highstreet

Does your friend or family member spend every weekend down at the golf club? Do they use every spare minute watching Golf YouTube? Will they practice their swing every time they get in front of a mirror?

If the answers yes, it sounds like you’ve got a golf addict on your hands, and what better way to celebrate this addiction than an amusing framed print?

I Work So I Can Play Golf Pen Pot

Image source Not On The Highstreet

We all work hard, but some of us work harder so we can get out onto the golf course as much as possible. Because a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day in the office, right?

Help remind them of the game they love, with this funny desk accessory to keep all of their pens in order.

Choose from a couple of different finishes and see their face light up when they unwrap this beauty.

The Golf Father T-Shirt

Image source: Amazon

Sometimes the most simple gifts are the funniest. This Golf Father t-shirt is a funny take on one of the best films ever made and is sure to get a smile when the recipient sees it.

A choice of colours means you can find one that they’ll love and show off down the driving range.

Funny Golf Ball Markers

Image source: Amazon

The great thing about a golf ball marker is it’ll always be useful for a golfer when they’re out playing.

This set of 8 funny markers all feature a joke or novelty engraving that will make them laugh while out playing.

It might not help their game reading “Three Putt Specialist At Work” just as they’re lining up their putt. But it will get a few laughs on the 1st green.

Pint Beer Glass with Real Golf Ball Embedded

Image source: Amazon

Now, a gift for the 19th hole or on-course drinking game. This novelty beer glass is the ideal choice for any golf enthusiast.

As gifts go, this will certainly catch a few eyes when it’s in use with an actual golf ball built into the 20-ounce glass.

Crafted in the UK, each glass is hand-sculpted and comes complete with a hilarious phrase printed on the ball.

The Golfer’s Excuse Handbook

Image source: Amazon

If you’ve ever played golf before, you’ll understand just how difficult and frustrating it is to play.

Sometimes, the only thing you can do when you’re playing badly is to find something or your playing partners to blame it on.

This little book of golf excuses is the perfect gift for any golfer and will give them 250 reasons why that bad hole or round wasn’t actually their fault.

Warning May Talk About Golf BBQ Cooking Apron

Image source: Amazon

There’s nothing worse than getting into the clubhouse after a long round of golf and you get stuck next to the guy who tells you about every single shot he hit that round.

This cooking apron is the perfect gift for this type of golf buddy. Help keep people safe from their golf chat with a warning on their apron.

The machine-washable apron is of great quality and is sure to get a few laughs at your next dinner party.

Fore! Cards On-Course Golf Game

Image source: Amazon

There’s no question, golf is the greatest sport ever invented. But sometimes it’s fun to spice things up a little when you’re out on the course.

These cards are a fun way to keep things interesting and challenge their golf buddies when playing.

Lady Bikini Girl Golf Tees

Image source: Amazon

These golf novelty tees are funny for about one second, and then you realise they’re useless at doing what they’re built for: holding a golf ball on.

Get a gift that will actually be used and steer clear from the Lady Bikini Girl Golf tee holders.

Other Funny Options

If you’re still struggling, why not try some funny golf balls? Although pretty pointless, these Exploding Golf Balls will certainly get a laugh down the club on the first tee.

Or perhaps this Funny Pouch Golf Bag to help look after their golf balls before they get lost in the woods.

What To Think About When Buying A Funny Golf Gift?

If you’re like me, buying a gift is never the easiest thing in the world to do. Of course, you want the recipient to like it, but you also don’t want it to be the same thing that they get every single year.

Golfers can be difficult to buy for, especially if you’re not a golfer yourself.

There’s so many products out there, ranging from cheap to crazy expensive, that it becomes very challenging to actually find what they’ll genuinely like and get value from.

When buying funny golf gag gifts, there’s a few things you need to consider before hitting the ‘Buy Now’ button. Here’s our top tips for buying golf gifts.


It’s fairly obvious, but if you’re buying a funny golf gift, it has to be pretty funny. But the thing about funny is everyone finds different things funny.

What might make you laugh, might just seem a bit annoying to somebody else.

Therefore, if you’re buying a funny golf gift for a golfer, it’s important to understand the level of humour of that person. They might find the naked lady tees absolutely hilarious, or they might just find it tacky and poor taste.

Read the room and make a decision based on what that person finds funny.


If it’s a golf gift, it’s most likely the recipient will want to use it on the golf course or down the golf club.

Funny golf gifts are meant to be funny, of course. But there’s a fine line between funny and trashy.

The golfer won’t want the gift sat at home collecting dust, and would much prefer to make use of it when they’re playing golf.

Therefore, the more practical the gift is, the better such as funny golf accessories.


Anytime you can make a fun gift that little bit more personal, it’s going to be well received. Adding a name or initial to a gift makes it that little bit more special and can be much funnier.

Personalisation may cost a little bit extra, but if you can afford to, it’s certainly going to be loved by the golfer receiving the gift.


Budget is obviously an important factor to consider when choosing the best golf gifts. Often you’ll actually find the cheaper gifts are some of the best and most fun.

With many novelty golf gifts, you need to determine whether you want one really good item or a few different options.

Final Thoughts

There’s plenty of funny golf gag gifts out there that are the ideal gift for the family member or playing partner that loves golf.

From various types of funny golf apparel to unique gifts for the home, our list of funny golf gifts will certainly go down well.

If you’re still not sure, why not try a chocolate golf gift or a thoughtful personalised golf gift.

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