Druids Golf Clothing Review 2023 [Is It Good?]

Druids are the hot new brand in the golf industry that you’ve probably heard about or seen your mates wearing around the course.

Our Druids golf ball review showed that they can produce great quality golf balls, but what about Druids golf clothes?

Let’s dive into a review of Druids golf clothing and see what you get for your money, plus find a few of the best designs you can add to your wardrobe.

Druids Golf Clothing Review

Ed Welton

Founder, Editor

Ed is the founder and editor at EEE Golf. He’s been playing golf for over 20 years, competing in many top amateur events. He’s played courses all over the world and played with some of the best players in the game. His aim is to help educate people about the game of golf and give insights into the sport he loves most.

Druids Golf Clothing Review

Druids Golf Polo Shirts

With over 50 colours and styles to choose from, Druids have a huge selection of mens golf polo shirts that will get you looking in great shape on the course.

With every colour imaginable, the designs go from subtle and more subdued to vibrant and bright.

The new lineup has included plenty of bold patterns which are certainly standouts on the course.

As for price, you’re looking at around the £40 rrp mark however almost all items offer a heavily discounted price if you purchase two or more. The Diamond Polo for example comes in at £34.99 for one, but you can get it for just £19.99.

Sizing and fit are also ideal for the average golfer. Not everyone can be the size medium, a slim fit athlete that you see on tour and Druids understands that. Their shirts come in a classic athletic fit, that stretches to a golfer’s body and comes in sizes Small to 4XL for most options.

To help accommodate all types of golfers, their shirts are made with polyester, elastane and spandex. This allows them to be super soft, and quick-drying but also really comfortable and breathable. The spandex element offers the stretchiness required and lets a golfer move freely through the shot.

I really love the polo shirts from Druids. Not only are the colours really fun and vibrant, but they also feel super comfortable to wear. The soft but stretchy material has that more premium feel that you would expect from higher-end clothing brands.

If you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned player, adding a few of the stylish Druids polo shirts to your wardrobe is a very good choice.

Now let’s have a look at some of my top picks from the polo shirt collection.

Diamond Polo – White

Image source: Druids

Diamond Polo Features

  • Druids branded buttons
  • Druids branding on the back neck
  • Polyester Spandex fabric

A classic style that every golfer needs for their golf wardrobe. A super clean look, the white with grey diamond shirt will work well with just about any trousers or short option and will keep you cool during those hot days out on the links.

Get this shirt in sizes from small to 4XL, it’s light, stretchy and comes in four other colours.

Liquid Polo – Blue

Image source: Druids

Liquid Polo Features

  • Moisture Properties
  • Quick Dry Light Material
  • QuickDry Cooling Technology
  • Druids Logo left collar & back neck
  • 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane

Something a little more out there, the Liquid polo is a really great choice for those hot days. Super light and really breathable, it works well for those sweaty days on the course as it soaks up moisture with ease.

A choice of blue, red, white or black colours. The style is a liquid pattern all over which is subtle but adds a contrast to the main colour.

My choice would be the blue as it’s bold and helps you stand out on the course. Just make sure you’re playing well if you’re rocking up in this look.

Academy Polo – Pink

Image source: Druids

Academy Polo Features

  • Fabric: 100% Polyester.
  • Fit: Regular Fit.
  • Lightweight.
  • Ventilated.
  • Druids branded buttons.
  • Druids metallic logo on left sleeve.
  • Druids contrasting D logo on the collar and back neck.

You always need a solid colour shirt in your locker, especially for those long summer days. The Academy polo is a classic shirt that comes in 11 great colours, including my favourite Forest Green.

It’s understated and has that classic look but with a super modern feel which I really love. Paired with the Clima Golf trousers from Druids, you’ll be looking super fresh on the greens.

Grunge Polo 2.0 – Navy

Image source: Druids

Grunge Polo Features

  • Moisture Properties
  • Quick Dry Light Material
  • QuickDry Cooling Technology
  • Druids metallic logo on left sleeve
  • 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex

Possibly the most unique of all the Druids polo designs, the Grunge polo is structured with a whole load of patterns, grouped together to create a really cool style.

It comes in four colour options, with contrasting sleeves and collars. The pattern is almost mesmerising and camo-like. It’s a great style that will get plenty of comments when you’re next teeing it up.

Druids Golf Midlayers

Now let’s take a look at the midlayer range from Druids. Ideal for those colder days, where a polo shirt just won’t quite cut it.

The midlayer range from Druids is extensive. With plenty of choice in the colour department, like with their polo shirt range.

The colours range from bold, to more unassuming, and with so many different colours – you can get a full selection to match up your looks on the course.

The type of midlayer includes the long sleeve collection with full zip and 1/4 zip, as well as a range of 1/4 sleeveless vest styles.

These sleeveless options are great for when your body needs a little more warmth, without any restrictions on your arms.

With over 80 designs, you’re sure to find a couple that you love and with some great fabric patterns, you’ll get a look like the higher-end brands at a fraction of the price.

With price in mind, you’re looking at around the £55 mark for a Druids midlayer. However, as with many of their clothing items, they also offer large discounts off RRP and other deals when you buy 2 or more.

In terms of size, Druids keep it simple but effective for the average golfer. Small to 4XL gives just about everybody the opportunity to wear great feeling golf wear and look stylish at the same time.

I love many of these midlayers and a few have made their way into my wardrobe over the last few months. I’m a big fan of the Dual Diamond midlayers with its padded polyester diamond knit on the front.

The Ribbed Sport midlayer offers a cool sleeve design which I also really like. Personally, I’ve never really enjoyed a full zip midlayer, so I’ll be sticking with the 1/4 zip.

However, if you love a bit of full zip then there are plenty of amazing options for you.

With that said, let’s take a look at a few of my top midlayer picks from Druids.

Dual Diamond – Red/Grey

Image source: Druids

Dual Diamond Midlayer Features

  • Druids branding on the left collar and back neck
  • 100% Polyester Fabric
  • Diamond Knit Front

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a big fan of the diamond knit design on the front of this piece. It’s super soft, looks incredible and feels amazing.

It feels a little like an Under Armour equivalent, with a premium feel but not at the premium price tag.

The Dual Diamond midlayer has a space in my wardrobe and it’s definitely one of my top picks from Druids.

Ultra Blend 1/4 Zip – Teal

Image source: Druids

Ultra Blend 1/4 Zip Midlayer Features

  • Breathable fabric helps move moisture away from your body for added comfort.
  • 83% Polyester | 17% Spandex
  • This anti-microbial finish inhibits odor build-up when ambient moisture is present.

With over 12 colours to choose from and a whole host of sizes, the Ultra Blend 1/4 Zip is a fantastic midlayer for your collection.

The stretch technology is super comfortable when you’re swinging and allows you full movement as you hit your shot. There’s nothing worse than a piece of clothing that feels restrictive when you’re playing.

Its moisture-wicking and double-knit fabric will keep you warm on those chillier days. I’m a big fan of this midlayer and the teal option looks great with my blue Grunge polo from Druids.

Ribbed Sport Midlayer – Bottle

Image source: Druids

Ribbed Sport Midlayer Features

  • Druids branded zipper toggle
  • Druids branding on collar and back neck
  • Polyester ribbed fabric on the sleeve and back
  • Lightweight nylon fabric to the front

Next up on my list of top picks from Druids is the Ribbed Sport Midlayer which I love to wear on the course, but also off it as it works well in the office or in a pair of jeans.

The ribbed polyester fabric sleeves are a unique design that gives it a more premium feel, which is lightweight but also does a good job of keeping you warm.

I really like the small details on this piece, with subtle nods to the brand across the top and bottom. Some of the clothing from Druids can be a little in your face with the branding, but this style is subtle and fresh.

Add the Ribbed Sport Midlayer to your golf attire today!

Ultra Blend 1/4 Vest Zip – Black

Image source: Druids

Ultra Blend 1/4 Zip Vest Features

  • Breathable fabric helps move moisture away from your body for added comfort.
  • 83% Polyester | 17% Spandex
  • This anti-microbial finish inhibits odor build-up when ambient moisture is present.

Very similar to the Ultra Blend 1/4 Zip, however, this piece doesn’t feature any sleeves. The Druids golf gilet is great for those rounds where it’s getting a little colder but the sun is still shining and you can keep your arms out.

The black is sleek and will go with just about any polo shirt, but it also comes in a choice of blue, red, sky and teal.

The stretch technology is really comfortable to wear and I’ve always wanted a golf vest that’s not too puffy or loose fitting – so this option from Druids is a really ideal choice.

Druids Golf Trousers

Now, when you’re perfecting your golf outfit, it’s important that your bottom half is on point.

Finding a pair of trousers that complement your top half is a must if you want to be looking the best out on the course.

Druids are great at making a trouser that’s not only stylish but also matches up comfort and usability.

They claim to be ‘arguably the best fitting trousers on the market today and I have to admit I would agree with them.

The Druids Clima golf trouser is super comfortable. The lightweight polyester trouser has great stretch for those areas it needs and allows great movement during a golf swing.

Not too tight, not too loose, they’re the ideal fit for me (an average to slim-sized male). Traditional fit trousers that I find work really well for playing golf.

Featuring all you would expect from a pair of golf trousers. The Clima trouser has front and back pockets, with subtle branding above the back right.

It’s basic, but I really appreciate having a zip fly rather than the button-up that is common these days.

Price-wise, the Clima trouser is coming in at about £49.99 which is right about mid-range for the price on the market. You can go cheaper, but you will really feel the difference.

If anything is more expensive, you won’t really see a change in quality, just a more established name. Druids also offer two for £60 if you fancy getting yourself a few pairs.

More recently, the brand has added a range of Druids golf joggers which I’m a big fan of.

I love feeling comfortable on the golf course and a pair of good quality golf joggers is a great way to play golf.

The Luxe Golf Joggers are perfect for just about any look on the course and they also work well off it.

Druids Trousers Size Guide

There’s nothing more annoying than getting the wrong size of trousers, so here’s a look at the Druids size guide.

Image source: Druids

Clima Golf Trousers – Grey

Image source: Druids

Clima Golf Trousers Features

  • Front pockets; Back welt pockets
  • Belt loops on waist
  • Zip fly
  • Druids text above back right pocket
  • Regular classic performance fit

A classic colour to start with that every golfer needs to have lined up for days out on the course.

Grey goes with just about every colour on the planet, so finding a polo to match is simple when you’ve got the Grey Clima trousers. It’s simple, sleek and a must-have colour choice for all golfers.

Feel the comfort of the Druids Clima trouser and get your grey pair today!

Clima Golf Trousers – Blue

Image source: Druids

Clima Golf Trousers Features

  • Front pockets; Back welt pockets
  • Belt loops on waist
  • Zip fly
  • Druids text above back right pocket
  • Regular classic performance fit

Next up in my top picks is the Blue Clima trousers. A wonderful soft blue that is a nice variation to your standard colour of golf trousers.

The Clima blue trousers from Druids are stretchy and comfortable to wear, and I really like them paired up with the ’19th’ Polo in Grey.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, then the Blue Clima trousers could be an excellent choice.

Luxe Golf Joggers – Khaki

Image source: Druids

Luxe Golf Joggers Features

  • Material: 92% Polyester & 8% Spandex
  • Four-way stretch
  • Elastic waistband
  • Tapered ankles with elastic cuffs
  • Side pocket with zipper
  • Thicker fabric ideal for winters

Next up is the khaki pair of Luxe Joggers from Druids.

The joggers are a fairly innovation for the golfing industry and I’m here for it. They’re certainly not for everyone, however, if you want to make a statement and stand out at the club – these are the pair for you.

Make sure you’re playing well and you’ll get yourself a real name at the club. People will wish they looked at good as you and had a game to suit.

Try a pair of Druids joggers today.

Druids Golf Shorts

Now let’s have a look at the shorts offered from Druids.

To start with the options are a little limited. Just one type of shorts is available, but that does come in a choice of six colours.

Ideal for those long Summer nights, the stretch fabric gives plenty of room for movement but still has the traditional feel you’d expect from a pair of golf shorts.

With sizes ranging from 30 to 42 inches, Druids have got an option for everyone which means you’ll be able to find a pair just right for your fit.

Druids understand that not all golfer is the same size. It’s a sport played by all and they make sure to accommodate that which really makes sense.

A comfy pair of shorts in your golf wardrobe is essential, especially for all those fair-weather golfers out there and I can’t think of a better option than Druids. At just £21.99 (£44.99 rrp) you get a good quality short that will last you a long time and feel great out on the course.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best colour options.

Druids Shorts Size Guide

Image source: Druids

Clima Golf Shorts – Baby Blue

Image source: Druids

Clima Golf Shorts Features

  • Front pockets; Back welt pockets
  • Belt loops on waist
  • Zip fly
  • Druids text above back right pocket
  • Regular classic performance fit

A wonderful soft blue to start the list of Druids shorts. These shorts should be one of your go-to pairs for out on the golf course.

The baby blue colour goes with basically every other colour, so you can easily find something to go well with it. Or find a top with a small element of light blue and it will look great.

Add these shorts to your golf attire today.

Clima Golf Shorts – Olive

Image source: Druids

Clima Golf Shorts Features

  • Front pockets; Back welt pockets
  • Belt loops on waist
  • Zip fly
  • Druids text above back right pocket
  • Regular classic performance fit

Next up we’ve got the olive Clima shorts from Druids.

I really love the colour (they’re very on-brand for eeegolf…) as they also work well with a host of plain styles. With it being quite a dark green, you’ll want to keep your upper half quite light to add some contrast. A plain white would look great or even a soft grey.

Whatever you decide to wear on your top half, these shorts will look great and remain comfortable throughout a day of golfing.

Clima Golf Shorts – Strawberry

Image source: Druids

Clima Golf Shorts Features

  • Front pockets; Back welt pockets
  • Belt loops on waist
  • Zip fly
  • Druids text above back right pocket
  • Regular classic performance fit

Finally, we’ve got the strawberry red shorts as a top pick from the Druids shorts collection.

Tiger Woods wears red on tournament Sundays (albeit it’s his shirt and not his shorts/trousers) and that’s enough for me to absolutely love a bit of red in the golf wardrobe. It won’t make you play like Tiger (probably), but it will make sure you look like you know what you’re doing out on this course.

With the great standard features, as with all the Clima shorts collection, you’ll get a zip fly, four pockets and a super well-fitting design.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for our roundup of the Druids golf clothing collection. With so many great styles to choose from across the board, it’s clear to see why so many golfers are getting on board the Druids golf train.

They have everything you need to turn your golf wardrobe from tired and old, to sleek and modern, whilst also being so competitively priced and often on sale.

They also have a best-offer ambassador pack available on their site which allows you to get a full range of six items for under £100.

Premium quality fits, coupled with budget prices are a winner in my eyes. If you’re a golf customer looking for some great new styles, kit yourself out with Druids clothing today!

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