Druids Golf Ball Review 2023 [Good or Bad?]

Druids are the new hotshot in the golf industry. Leaders in stylish, good-quality clothing for golfers of all levels. We’ve also looked at the excellent golf trolleys they have in their range, which offer amazing value for money. Now, Druids are entering the golf ball market. The Druids golf ball offering is a very affordable option for golfers looking to play and enjoy golf.

Here we’ll take a look at the Druids S1 Pro Feel Tour Golf Balls. Let’s get into it and find out a little more about Druids Golf Balls.

Druids Golf Ball Review

Druids S1 Pro Feel Tour Golf Balls

The Titleist Pro V1 has always been my ball of choice. For a number of reasons, it’s been the ball of choice for a lot of golfers since it came out about 20 years ago. However, a dozen Pro V1s will set you back over £40 for 12 balls. Not ideal when you’re playing golf and your driving game is a little shaky. Losing £4 worth of ball on each drive is never fun.

So when I found the Druids S1 Pro Feel Tour Golf Balls, at just £10 for 10 balls, I knew I had to give them a try. The 10 balls come in a cardboard tube and also include a free marker pen. This is a rather unique setup, as opposed to the classic box with four sleeves. The 10 balls also feature a number from 1 to 10, which I’ve never seen before from a box of balls.

Druids S1 Pro Feel Tour Golf Balls

Now, what I look for in a golf ball is a nice soft feel, that won’t feel bouncy off the face but also gives a nice, straight flight. 

The S1 Pro Feel Tour ball is a 3-piece construction. This gives it a wonderfully soft feel. Off the face, it isn’t jumpy and doesn’t have the clicky sound that some of the cheaper alternatives have. The dimples are fairly standard for a ball, with a variation of sizes like you’d see with top ball brands.

On the golf course, the ball does seem to have good distance from the tee. The flight is a little lower than I’d like to see, but it still achieves a nice length off the tee. 

For such a soft-feeling ball, it doesn’t spin too much on long shots which means hitting straight shots is easier.

Druids golf ball

Around the greens, the balls offer a great level of feel on pitch and chip shots. With a proper strike, you can trust that you’ll have a nice amount of spin and control to get the ball near the pin.

On the greens, the ball rolls very smoothly. The strike is a little dull off the face, which is a little strange to get used to. However, after a few putts, you begin to get the feel of it and I didn’t notice any real effect on the performance.


  • 3 Piece Construction Cast Urethane Cover
  • 10 Piece Tube
  • Permanent Marker Pen included

Our Verdict

Having played a round with the Druids S1 Pro Feel Tour Golf Balls, it’s safe to say this is a really amazing value golf ball. For £1 a ball, the feel that they offer is incredible and works well for good or beginner golfers.

They feel nice off the face for all clubs, and they also offer a good level of spin for approach shots. If you want to move hit a draw or a fade, it’s very workable.

The only criticism, which, unfortunately, is a rather major issue, is the fact that they shred up far too quickly. On just my 9th shot of the round, a wedge shot from about 100 yards left the ball with bits of the cover flaking off. These are standard wedge grooves, which are of course designed to maximise spin, however, you don’t expect to see the ball cut up after just a well-struck wedge shot.

Of course, this is not an ideal feature of the ball as after a few of these shots, it will become almost unusable. Having said that, I think for a lot of golfers out there, these balls are still a very good choice. The price is definitely a pull factor and for most players that aren’t compressing the ball on their shots, it’s unlikely that they’ll see much damage to the balls. It’s for that reason that I believe these balls would be ideal for beginner to mid-handicap golfers.

Anyone that is regularly striking it with downward compression on the back of the golf ball would be better off paying the extra for a more premium brand of golf ball. The Pro V1, although about four times the price of the Druids option, will last much longer and won’t need replacing every few holes.

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Ed Welton

Founder, Editor

Ed is the founder and editor at EEE Golf. He’s been playing golf for over 20 years, competing in many top amateur events. He’s played courses all over the world and played with some of the best players in the game. His aim is to help educate people about the game of golf and give insights into the sport he loves most.

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