Do Golf Scores Reset After The Cut? [Explained]

A golf cut is one of the most important elements in a golf tournament. It separates the top players from the ones struggling to make a living. So do golf scores reset after the first two rounds played?

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the key factors that go into the cut rule in golf.

How Does The Cut Rule Work On The PGA Tour?

Do Golf Scores Reset After The Cut?

Do Golf Scores Reset After The Cut?

No, after the cut the scores are not reset and remain what they were previously.

The cut mark will reduce the field size usually close to half and it will have the final round pairings determined based on those scores after the first two rounds.

What Is A Cut In Golf?

The cut rule in golf splits golfers in half after the first couple of rounds played. Usually, the top 70 players and ties based on their score over the first two rounds will make it through to the weekend rounds.

The lowest scores in the field will advance in the tournament and have a chance to win on Sunday in the final round. The cut line usually eliminates close to half of the field of players, but the actual number can vary depending on where the cutline falls.

Golfers that sit level with the 70th player (or player number based on the tournament type) on the leaderboard make the cut for the weekend. This means that one bad shot or one missed birdie putt can lead to a player missing the cut and not qualify for the final two days.

The cut mark will vary each week, depending on the course being played and the level of players in the field. For harder golf courses, the cut line is likely to sit somewhere over par, whereas an easier course could have a cut of around 5 or 6 under par.

Therefore the score needed to make the cut is unknown until the first 36 holes have been played.

The cut rule helps promote both consistency and ability. A golfer might play really well in the first round but have an awful second round. This will likely result in a missed cut, so developing consistent scoring is essential for pro golf.

Do All Golf Tournaments Have A Cut?

Most regular events on the PGA Tour or other pro golf tours will have a cut line after the first couple of rounds.

Other tours such as LIV Golf don’t have any cuts in their events and as of 2024, the PGA Tour will begin to introduce more events without a cut line.

Match-play tournaments such as the Ryder Cup also don’t have any cuts.

Final Thoughts

Playing on professional golf tours such as The PGA Tour or DP World Tour is a very challenging career. It’s a grind each week going from event to event trying to make the cut and ultimately make a living.

For top players such as Tiger Woods or Dustin Johnson, they know most weeks they’re going to play well enough to make the cut, and even if they miss a cut, they’ve made enough money already for it not to be an issue.

However, for the golfers just starting out on the tour, missing a cut each week can be very costly and demoralising. Turning up each week, paying all the costs involved, and then missing the cut by a shot to pick up $0, can certainly make a golfer think about whether pro golf is right for them.

Cut Rule FAQs

How does a cut work in golf?

The cut rule in golf is used to reduce the size of the field by half after the first two rounds are played. Usually, it’s the top 70 players based on their score over the first two rounds that make the cut and play the third and fourth rounds. Any player that’s level or better than the 70th player will play the remaining rounds after the halfway point.

What is the cut rule in the PGA?

After the first two rounds of golf, the top 70 players and ties will make the cut and go on to play the remaining rounds. Most events will have just one cut after the first two rounds and those who miss the cut mark will not play any more rounds in that tournament.

Are golf tournament scores cumulative?

A golfer’s score is added together over the total number of rounds played in a tournament. The total over the four rounds will give an overall reflection of their final score and the score to par.

What is the cut rule at the Masters?

The top 50 players and ties make the cut for the weekend rounds at The Masters. The Masters introduced a cut rule in 1966 which stated that anyone within 10 shots of the lead player will make it through to the final two rounds, however, this rule is no longer in use.

What happens if you don’t make the cut in golf?

If a player misses the cut in golf tournaments, the tournament will continue without them playing and they will usually go home or to next week’s event.

Who has made the most cuts in the Masters?

The current record for most cuts made in The Masters is held by one of the greatest golfers of all time, Jack Nicklaus. His record stands at 37 cuts made and is unlikely to ever be beaten by another golfer.

How many cuts did Jack Nicklaus miss?

Throughout his career, Jack Nicklaus missed 32 cuts in all major championships, most of which came late on in his career. During the 10-year period, 1970-1980, he missed just one cut out of 44 events played and included 35 top 10s and 8 wins.

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