Collin Morikawa Putter Grip: Understanding The Saw

Collin Morikawa is one of the best young American golfers on the PGA Tour. Still very early in his professional career, Morikawa has already claimed victory at The Open Championship and the PGA Championship.

He’s known for his stellar iron play, but you can’t win major championships without a very solid putting stroke.

So, here’s a look at what he uses to hole plenty of putts and compete at the top level.

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Collin Morikawa Putter Grip

Collin Morikawa uses a SuperStroke Tour 1.0 putter grip, which is the smallest in the SuperStroke collection of grips.

Get Collin’s Putter Grip

The grip works well for Morikawa because it allows for his “Saw” style putting technique, which is similar to the Claw grip.

The Saw grip features the top hand in a conventional grip style, with the lower hand resting across the front of the grip.

SuperStroke grips are very popular for this type of putting technique because of their shape which allows the lower hand to sit more comfortably in the “Saw” position.

The Claw grip has many different variations, but this method is far more pronounced on the lower hand and is not as commonly seen.

The Saw grip was made popular by Mark O’Meara as he felt like it limited wrist movement and allowed him to swing the putter straight back and through.

Morikawa uses this type of putting grip because he feels like it keeps his right hand in a straight line which promotes a square putter face throughout the stroke.

Ed’s Top Tip

I won’t say the word that begins with ‘Y’ and rhymes with sips, but if you’ve got them and are struggling with your short putts, the Saw grip is a great fix for this.

This style of putting grip can eliminate the sudden wrist movements and help keep the stroke smooth throughout.

When it comes to Collin Morikawa’s putting stats on the PGA Tour, they’re far from the best in the game.

He doesn’t make the top 100 players on tour in some of the key putting areas such as Strokes Gained and Total Putting.

However, he’s solid on the very short putts like those within 3 feet, where he’s the best on tour.

During the 2022-23 season, he made every single putt from 3 feet and in, out of the 695 attempts.

Over the years, Morikawa has interchanged between putting styles, which could be because of his struggles in the putting department.

For a few years, he’d swap between the saw putting grip on short putts and a more classic grip on the longer putts to help with distance control.

However, he has stuck with the SuperStroke Tour 1.0 for many years on the PGA Tour.

Final Thoughts

Collin Morikawa is far from the best putter on the PGA Tour, but his combination of a SuperStroke Tour 1.0 grip and the Saw technique helps give him a very solid stroke from short distances.

If you’re having issues with the shorter putts, give Morikawa’s setup a try and see if it can help your putting game.

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