Chocolate Golf Gifts [7 Top Picks For Golfers]

For the golf lover in your life, there’s plenty of great chocolate gifts out there to win over their sweet tooth.

Getting a golfer a gift is never that easy. So here’s our guide to a chocolate golf gift and which ones you should be thinking about for your next special day.

Chocolate Golf Gifts

Best Chocolate Golf Gift

Whether it’s a special birthday, a Christmas gift, or a big celebration, a chocolate golf gift is the perfect gift for the golf fan. Because who doesn’t love chocolate right?!

From chocolate golf balls to chocolate pieces, let’s have a look at the best picks for a golfer.

Lindt 3 Chocolate Golf Balls

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There’s no better-tasting chocolate then Lindt, and these chocolate golf balls are great for any golf lover.

The three individual chocolate golf balls come in a sleeve, just as you’d get from an actual pack of golf balls.

Unwrap the balls from the golf ball designed foil and you’ve got perfect milk chocolate balls that melt in the mouth.

These chocolate golf balls are a simple, budget-friendly gift that any golf fan will absolutely love.

Personalised Emergency Chocolate Gift Tin Set

Personalised Emergency Chocolate Gift Tin Set, 1 of 7

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When you’re out playing golf, you never know when you’re going to need that little bit of energy boost.

This personalised chocolate tin is a great addition to the choc lover’s golf bag as it can fit their favourite small chocolates and fits perfectly in their golf bag.

Add a name on the front of the tin to give it a personal touch and make it a truly special gift for any golfer.

Chocolate Golf Club And Ball

Chocolate Golf Club And Ball, 4 of 4

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So you chose not to get them a golf ball and golf clubs. The next best alternative? A set made from chocolate.

Handmade in the UK, this dark chocolate golf club and white chocolate golf ball are well below par (in a good, golf sense) and a great present for any golfer who appreciates good quality chocolate.

Packaged in a neat box, the chocolate golf equipment is totally realistic and incredibly made to match that of real golf clubs and golf ball.

If you need a great gift for a golfer, this chocolate set is a brilliant choice.

Personalised Gift Bucket Of Chocolate Golf Balls

Personalised Gift Bucket Of Chocolate Golf Balls, 4 of 5

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Sometimes, instead of a bucket of balls hit down the driving range, all a golfer needs is a whole tin of chocolate golf balls.

This bucket of chocolate golf balls can be personalised with a name on the front and holds about 50 delicious milk chocolate balls, all individually wrapped in golf ball foil.

With a minimum of 25% cocoa solids, these golf balls are ideal for taking to the golf course or fitting in your bag for a session on the driving range (with a real bucket of balls).

Practical and taste amazing, these chocolate golf balls will be a much-appreciated gift for golfers.

Chocolate Golf Gift Box

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Four pieces of solid Belgian chocolate, each decorated with tasty dark and white chocolate and including a golfer, golf bag, some golf tees and a golf ball.

This gift box is an amazingly tasty chocolate gift that is sure to be a winner for any golf fan.

Chocolate Golfers Gift Set + Optional Personalised Box

Chocolate Gift Set + Optional Personalised Box, 1 of 11

Image source: Not On The Highstreet

Another great golf set for the choco golfing fan. This stunning set features a life-like milk chocolate golf club, three chocolate golf tees and a white chocolate golf ball.

Made with the finest quality cocoa butter, this gift set can also be personalised with words of your choice to make it a truly thoughtful and excellent present.

White Chocolate Novelty Golf Balls

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We love a pack of chocolate golf balls and this set of luxury white Belgian chocolate golf balls is a brilliant choice.

Made using the finest white Belgian chocolate, these balls are hand-crafted in the UK and can be sent with a personalised gift message for a golfer’s special day. What’s not to like?

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s golf balls made with the finest white Belgian chocolate or a personalised tin for mid-round rescue chocolate, there’s plenty of great ideas for the golfer in your life.

If you’re not sure chocolate is the best choice for a gift, why not check out our top picks for a personalised golf gift or a novelty gift?

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