Callaway Warbird Golf Balls Review [Still A Good Ball?]

Callaway is great at making some of the best golf balls on the market. From their tour-level Chrome softs to the mid-range Supersoft to the budget CXR control.

The Callaway Warbird is a classic ball from the Callaway range and has been a popular choice for many golfers for years. But what makes it such as good choice and is it the right golf ball for you when you’re next playing golf?

In this article, we’ll give the Callaway Warbird Golf Balls a quick review.

Callaway Warbird Ball Review

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls Reviews

Callaway Warbird Golf Ball

The Callaway Warbird Golf Ball has a two-piece construction which is designed for speed with a high-energy core.

The classic HEX Aerodynamics dimple pattern creates a high launch angle and a greater carry distance. With less drag, the ball cuts through the air more easily and can fly further.

The large core is highly compressible, to offer maximum distance for slower swing speeds.

The 2-piece construction features an optimised ionomer cover, which gives a softer feel and greater control from around the greens.

Our Verdict

The first thing to notice about these golf balls is the very favourable price tag. At around £15 for a dozen, you’re getting a Callaway golf ball for just over £1 per ball.

The Warbird name is also an icon of the Callaway golf ball collection. I remember using it as a junior golfer back in the day, so it’s certainly been around a while.

The 2-piece ball with ionomer cover is certainly built for greater distance. As distance balls go, this one feels like it should go far and I believe it does.

It’s made with the slower swing speed golfer in mind and with the high compression it provides, it works really well at creating ball speed where perhaps ball speed isn’t there.

Off the tee, it feels long, but the real noticeable increase was from the fairway and approach shots. It absolutely flies off the clubface, which certainly takes a bit of time to get used to, especially when you’re used to using a premium ball like the Taylormade TP5.

If your goal is more distance and extra yards with your irons, this ball will provide that.

Around the greens, it’s certainly not the supreme feel and greenside control which the manufacturer claims. It is a hard ball, after all, designed for long distance.

However, for the average player looking for some spin control on wedge shots, I do believe the Warbird can give some level of control.

You’re not going to be spinning it back 10 yards, but for the beginner player or even mid-handicap, you can get some check to help get the ball close to the hole.

What I did like about the Warbird is the arrows on either side of the ‘Warbird’ marking on the side of the ball. This was a helpful feature for lining the ball up to the hole when you’re on the putting surface.

It also seems to be a durable ball, having used it for a full round of golf and seen very little damage to the ionomer cover. A level of scuff-resistant durability is always a plus for any golf ball, as it means you can get a good few rounds out of it.

Overall, I’d have to say the Callaway Warbird Golf Ball is a good choice for those golfers looking to add more distance to their long games. The most noticeable improvement was on long iron shots, where golfers usually need a little extra help with trajectory and getting the ball in the air quickly.

If you’re a new golfer or not looking to pay the premium golf ball prices, the Warbird is a good golf ball that will cost you just over £1 per ball.


  • Increased distance
  • Good for slower swing speeds
  • Very durable


  • Not much spin
  • Jumps off the face

Final Thoughts

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls have been a classic from the Callaway ball range for many years.

It’s a power-packed golf ball which is a favourite for many high handicappers looking to increase their club yardages.

If you’re looking for a budget Callaway golf ball which offers distance, the Callaway CXR Power is another good choice. The Callaway HEX Soft Tour is a slighter softer ball than the Warbird and won’t cost you much more.

Ed Welton

Founder, Editor

Ed is the founder and editor at EEE Golf. He’s been playing golf for over 20 years, competing in many top amateur events. He’s played courses all over the world and played with some of the best players in the game. His aim is to help educate people about the game of golf and give insights into the sport he loves most.

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