Best Jumbo Putter Grips: 8 Picks To Hole More Putts

One of the best new innovations this millennium in the golf industry is the jumbo putter grip, also known as an oversized putter grip.

For many golfers, a jumbo putter grip can really help their game, reducing wrist movement in the stroke and helping them be more consistent on short putts.

We decided to find the best jumbo grips on the market and give them a thorough test to see which is best for golfers of any level.

In this article, we look at eight different putter grips that all fit the jumbo criteria and test to see which is best. Let’s get into it.

Best Jumbo Putter Grips

Ed Welton

Founder, Editor

Ed is the founder and editor at EEE Golf. He’s been playing golf for over 20 years, competing in many top amateur events. He’s played courses all over the world and played with some of the best players in the game. His aim is to help educate people about the game of golf and give insights into the sport he loves most.

Best Jumbo Putter Grips 2023

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Garsen Golf G-Pro Max Jumbo Putter Grip

Garsen Golf G-Pro Max Jumbo Putter Grip


  • Colours: White/Black, Red/Black, Blue/Black
  • Length: 10.2″
  • Diameter: 1.2″
  • Weight: 60g

Key Features

The Garsen Golf G-Pro Max Jumbo Putter Grip is certainly one of the most unique shapes in our list of jumbo options.

The front of the grip features a flat edge which has been rotated 45% to create an angle, designed to allow your hands to sit more naturally.

The idea of this grip is to encourage your palms to face each other and keep the wrists in a neutral position throughout the stroke.

At 60g, this jumbo putter from Garsen is still a light option, which won’t affect the putter’s balance, unlike some more weighty grips on the market.

This model comes in plenty of colour options if you want to add some colour.

Ed’s Thoughts ⛳

I really like the shape of this grip, mainly for how unique it is compared to other jumbo putter grips you see.

If you’ve tried jumbo grips before and not had much success, the Garsen could be an answer because of its shape and focus on keeping your palms neutral.

Personally, I struggled to find a comfortable hand position on the putter grip which meant that I couldn’t feel good over putts, but for many, it could be a good choice.

JumboMax ST/1.2 Straight Taper Midsize Putter Grip

JumboMax ST/1.2 Straight Taper Midsize Putter Grip


  • Colours: Black/Silver, White/Green/Black, White/Blue/Red
  • Length: 10.4″
  • Diameter: 1.2″
  • Core Size: Round 0.580
  • Weight: 62g

Key Features

The JumboMax ST/1.2 Straight Taper Midsize Putter Grip features a straight taper design and a high energy transfer core which helps resist the putter face from twisting.

The ultra-tacky polymer grip surface is designed for great playability in all types of weather conditions.

The more traditional jumbo grip design features a flat front edge and a rounded back, which works well with just about all putting styles.

With three colours to choose from, it gives a good selection of styles.

Ed’s Thoughts ⛳

I really like the firm feel of this grip. It feels really solid, in a good way, when you’re hitting putts and I found it worked well for controlling the longer putts.

It struggled a little in the rain, with less grip available. However, the light design and rigid feel have a lot to be liked.

Welton Golf Sky Vibe Putter Grip

Welton Golf Sky Vibe Putter Grip


  • Colours: Blue
  • Length: 10.4″
  • Diameter: 1.2″
  • Weight: 55g

Key Features

The Welton Golf Sky Vibe Putter Grip is only recently on the market and is a take on the classic jumbo-sized grip but with some modern style approaches.

The grip is lightweight at just 55g and is made from EVA Foam and PU Leather for a soft feel.

The first model comes in just the Sky Vibe colour style, but is right and helps you stand out on the course.

Ed’s Thoughts ⛳

Ok, so I’m a little biased on this choice, but having spent plenty of time researching and comparing some of the best grips on the market, I decided to create a product which I believe is the best of the lot.

The Welton Golf Sky Vibe Putter Grip is by far one of the best-feeling grips on the market.

It’s super soft and feels more connected to the putter face, which is great for increased feel on putts.

What we tried to create was a design that is unique and different to just about anything else on the market, so that it stands out on the putting green.

As for the shape, it’s a classic jumbo-size putter grip, which gets progressively thicker towards the bottom. It’s the perfect jumbo grip for any level of golfer.

Winn Dri-Tac Jumbo Pistol Lite Putter Grip

Winn Dri-Tac Jumbo Pistol Lite Putter Grip


  • Colours: Dark Grey/Silver
  • Length: 11″
  • Diameter: 1.1″
  • Weight: 55g

Key Features

The Winn Dri-Tac Jumbo Pistol Lite Putter Grip is the second-longest grip in our lineup but is also one of the lightest.

The pistol grip design is a popular choice for many golfers and the larger than standard size can be a more comfortable option.

The Dri-Tac performance material gives a very tacky feel which can offer lots of grip and makes it effective in wet weather.

Ed’s Thoughts ⛳

The Winn Dri-Tac Jumbo Pistol Lite Putter Grip is definitely the best-feeling grip out of the jumbo models.

It’s soft, tacky and has an amazing grip if that’s what you’re looking for in a putter.

I’m not mad about the style (I like to see a bit of colour on my grips), but if you’re looking for functionality and a comfortable feel, the Dri-Tac certainly has that.

I especially like the weight, despite the increased jumbo size, it still weighs the same as a standard pistol grip.

SuperStroke TRAXION Tour 3.0 Tech-Port Putter Grip

SuperStroke TRAXION Tour 3.0 Tech-Port Putter Grip


  • Colours: White/Blue/Black, White/Red/Grey, Black/White, Grey/White, Red/White
  • Length: 10.5″
  • Diameter: 1.2″
  • Core Size: Round 0.580
  • Weight: 65g

Key Features

The SuperStroke TRAXION Tour 3.0 Tech-Port Putter Grip is one of the most popular grips in the golf industry and comes with plenty of fancy technology.

The TRAXION™ Control is there to offer maximum feel and enhanced feedback. SPYNE™ Technology is designed to offer repeatable hand positioning when stood over putts.

A CounterCore Weight which is threaded into the end cap of the grip gives the option to customise weights and adjust the counterbalance of their putter.

The model comes in a choice of colours as well as sizes up to 5.0.

Ed’s Thoughts ⛳

There’s no question that the SuperStroke TRAXION Tour 3.0 Tech-Port Putter Grip is one of the best in the market.

It’s a comfortable grip that offers a nice feel up the shaft when putting.

I like the fact that we can experiment with weights in the grip, although for most golfers I don’t think this is overly important.

I’ve never been a fan of the grip styles, but they’re certainly nice feeling grips that can work well if you’re looking for a jumbo putter grip.

G-Rip ST-1 Straight Taper Midsize Putter Grip

G-Rip ST-1 Straight Taper Midsize Putter Grip


  • Colours: Green/Black, Blue/Black, Orange/Black, Red/Black
  • Length: 10.4″
  • Diameter: 1.2″
  • Core Size: Round 0.600
  • Weight: 52g

Key Features

TheG-Rip ST-1 Straight Taper Midsize Putter Grip has a much straighter taper than other putter grips, which is built to help it sit comfortably in the hands.

Featuring a polyurethane textured surface for a tacky feel, the grip is built for all conditions including very wet weather.

The ST-1 also has a larger profile at the bottom, which is designed to help prevent the bottom hand from moving too quickly at impact, promoting a smoother release.

The model comes in a few different vibrant colours which can help you stand out on the greens.

Ed’s Thoughts ⛳

The G-Rip ST-1 Straight Taper Midsize Putter Grip does offer a good amount of grip and I like the straight taper feel in my hands.

I struggled to find my feel for the shorter putts with these grips, unable to square up the putter face consistently.

However, for the longer putts it performed well and I was able to find some good distance control.

The colours are bold and loud which I love and I think the pattern on the grips is also fun.

Winn Pro X 1.32″ Jumbo Paddle Lite Putter Grip

Winn Pro X 1.32" Jumbo Paddle Lite Putter Grip


  • Colours: Black/Blue, Dark Grey
  • Length: 11.5″
  • Diameter: 1.32″
  • Core Size: 0.590 Round
  • Weight: 70g

Key Features

Similar to the G-Rip, the Winn Pro X 1.32″ Jumbo Paddle Lite Putter Grip has a reduced taper design which is intended to limit wrist movement during the putting stroke.

It’s also the longest of the grips in our selection of jumbo grips at 11.5 inches in length and despite the Winn Lite Technology, it’s also the heaviest at 70g.

The grip uses Winn’s tacky Excel polymer material to provide a comfortable and stable feel that is characteristic of most Winn grips.

Ed’s Thoughts ⛳

I like the extra length that the Winn Pro X 1.32″ Jumbo Paddle Lite Putter Grip provides as it has a more counterbalanced feel to the putter.

The grip is tacky which is great in dry conditions, but struggles a little when it becomes wet.

To me, it feels slightly bigger than the Welton Golf and the SuperStroke, but it is actually the same size.

I felt like my putting stroke was pretty solid using the Winn and there was little rotation of the face which is what you’re looking for with a jumbo putter grip.

P2 Classic TOUR Jumbo Putter Grip

P2 Classic TOUR Jumbo Putter Grip


  • Colours: White/Black, Black/Yellow, Black/White, Blue/Grey, Black/Lime Green, Red/Grey, Grey/Black, Black/Pink
  • Length: 10.6″
  • Diameter: 1″
  • Core Size: 0.580 Round
  • Weight: 65g

Key Features

The P2 Classic TOUR Jumbo Putter Grip is a lightweight grip that incorporates patented technology to improve the putting stroke.

The shaft of the putter is positioned at the back of the grip, which elevates the golfer’s hands at address, locks the wrists, and creates shaft-forearm symmetry.

The grip’s design aligns the wrists and forearms with the putter shaft and face, promoting a smooth pendulum stroke.

The P2 Classic grip is a hybrid paddle pistol design with flat sides to fill the palms.

The colour options are great with eight different choices.

Ed’s Thoughts ⛳

The P2 Classic TOUR Jumbo Putter Grip is a really great putter grip that sits super well in my hands.

I love how it feels in my palms which helps promote a square back and through stroke. For my classic Vardon putting grip, it’s not the choice for me.

However, having tried this out on a left hand low technique, this felt one of the best.

The feel is soft and the shape is really different to anything else on the market which I really love to see.

How We Tested The Grips?

Like with all our product reviews and buying guides, at eeegolf we know the importance of actually having the product to test out on the golf course or the practice range.

As a result, all of the grips included in our assessment of the best jumbo putter grips were bought, fitted and used on the putting green to fully understand which is best and why.

Having played for many years and tried just about every putter under the sun, I have a very good understanding of the putting game and how it varies from golfer to golfer. Therefore, in this assessment, I tried to include aspects that all level of golfers think about when choosing a putter grip.

Jumbo Putter Grips: Are They Right For Your Game?

Your putter grip is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your bag.

Not only is putting roughly 50% of the game of golf, but your grip is the only point of contact with the putter.

If you’re struggling with your putting, a jumbo putter grip could be the perfect fix for your game. I’ve been a keen enthusiast of the jumbo putter grip over recent years as it’s massively improved my putting game.

Here are some key benefits that a jumbo putter grip can offer and why it might be a good option for you:

Softer Grip Pressure

The increased diameter of a jumbo grip helps promote a softer grip pressure during the stroke.

The larger size is easier to hold onto and control compared to smaller grips on the market, which means less pressure is required to keep control of the putter face.

With softer grip pressure, the putting stroke is much more fluid.

“Soft hands” are always talked about in good putting, so less grip pressure can help achieve this and create a smoother putting stroke.

Reduced Wrist Movement

Many golfers struggle with too much wrist action during a putting stroke, but a jumbo putter grip is great for limiting this movement.

The larger size encourages a focus on arms and shoulders leading the stroke rather than the hands and wrists.

Removing wrist breakdown from the stroke can help achieve a solid pendulum motion which is far more reliable under pressure.

Comfortable Feel

All golfers are different, but many find that a jumbo or larger putter grip is the most comfortable to hold onto during a putt.

The shape coupled with the fact that less grip pressure is required means golfers can feel more comfortable over the putt.

The key to successful putting is feeling comfortable and confident when you’re standing over the ball. A jumbo putter grip can help promote this feeling and increase putting confidence.

Final Thoughts

Finding a jumbo putter grip that suits your game may seem a little tricky, especially with so many different options on the market.

When it comes to finding the right one, it all really comes down to personal preference and which one looks the best and feels the most comfortable in your hands.

For me, that’s the Welton Golf Sky Vibe Putter Grip. It looks cool and is so comfortable in the palms. It’s also very reasonably priced which is why it gets the best overall pick.

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