Best Golf Courses In Hampshire [Must Plays]

If you’ve ever made the trip to the Hampshire region in the south coast of the UK, you’ll understand how beautiful the area is. From coastal towns to rolling hills, Hampshire has it all. It also has a phenomenal range of top-quality golf courses, from stunning heathland to epic links. Golf courses that can be enjoyed by golfers of all levels.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the best golf courses to play in the county of Hampshire, where you can test your game but also experience amazing scenery and beautiful conditions. if you’re planning your next golf break, Hampshire could be an ideal destination.

Let’s get into it and find out where you should be playing in Hampshire and see which the best golf courses in Hampshire are.

Best Golf Courses In Hampshire

Best Golf Courses In Hampshire

5 Best Golf Courses In Hampshire

First up, here are our favourite five courses and best golf courses in Hampshire, which are all a must-play for any serious golfers out there.

Liphook Golf Club


Liphook golf course is a classic heathland. My favourite type of golf course to play, a heathland offers beautiful heather, gorse, and more rugged fairways and rough. Liphook, unlike most heathland golf courses however features a whole host of wonderful mature trees which line almost every single hole. These Scots pine trees are incredibly imposing and are littered all around the course.

The mixture of holes presents a real challenge to all levels of golfers. Fairways are quite generous, but careless shots will be eaten up by well-positioned bunkers and poor shots will nestle deep into the heather or even gorse.

The well-protected greens are absolutely incredible to putt on and unlike most, you will ever experience. The club claims they’re some of the best in southern England and it’s hard to disagree. They’re also large and heavily borrowed, so prove a real issue for the flat stick.

The 18 holes certainly aren’t long, however, there is an emphasis on hitting the ball into the right positions. Choosing the right place to miss is also essential to avoid racking up some big numbers. If you can keep the ball below the hole for 18 holes you’ll walk off with a good score.

The front nine takes you out in 35 with a good mix of pars and then back in 36 for a combined par of 71.

Our Verdict

Trying to write a review on Liphook Golf Club is far from easy. For a course of this level, it’s difficult to put into words just how amazing this place is.

It’s pretty simple if you can get the chance to play Liphook Golf Club, even if it’s just once, you have to give it a play. Yes, £130 isn’t a small sum but this golf course is a treat and something special. It’s almost hard to believe it allows visitors.

Everything about this golf course is incredible. The tees, the fairways, the gorse, the heather, the slopes, I could go on! It’s got it all and you won’t putt on better greens, I think, ever.

I’ve always put Liphook and Blackmoor as my top two golf courses in the Hampshire region. Both are world-class in my opinion, but with the new re-design, Liphook now takes the top spot as the best course. 

The work done on the five new holes and the re-shaped layout takes this course to another level. The new 10th hole is a truly majestic golf hole.

Liphook is challenging, immaculate, and entertaining all in one and once you get past the elitist appearance, it’s an amazing place to enjoy a round of golf and one of the finest courses you’ll play.

Save up, make the effort, and have a round at Liphook Golf Club. It’s the best golf course in Hampshire and you absolutely won’t regret it!

Course Information

Liphook, Hampshire. Opened in 1923.

18 Holes Course | Par 71 | 6523 Yards | Heathland

Blackmoor Golf Club


Tree-lined, full of heather, and plenty of undulations to test your game, Blackmoor has a lot on offer than can be really enjoyed. I really love a heathland layout for many reasons. The heather in full bloom adds wonderful colour, but is also an immense challenge, especially for any wayward shots.

Fairways are in immaculate condition and the rough has a brilliant uncared-for feel to it as you would expect from any good heathland layout.

Raised greens, tight run-offs, and sharp aprons means your short game from around the green needs to be working. Greens are smooth and quick, although I sense they could be much quicker if required, and are kept at a slower level to keep golfers from struggling too much. The severe undulations of many of the greens prove a great challenge and it very much felt that getting to the green was only half the battle.

The card has a great mix of holes, all of which present a unique test of golf. The trees give the course plenty of protection and trying to work out the wind directions and strengths proved problematic.

As a low single-figure handicap, I looked at the card and thought it would be scoreable due to its shorter length. As the round went on I would realise this wasn’t the case. Playing your way around is the key to a good score. Positioning yourself in good spots, avoiding well-placed bunkers, and leaving yourself below the holes on the greens. Fairways are narrow and are lined with thick heather on either side. Once you’re in the heather, getting out is far from an easy task.

Our Verdict

Coming down the 18th at Blackmoor (my favourite of the 18 holes), you’ve got the magnificent clubhouse high up on the left which overlooks and gives a brilliant panoramic view across the course.

All I can think about is how good this golf course is. There isn’t a hole in this layout that feels the same. Each hole has its own style and not one is forgettable.

Straight holes over ponds, big dog-leg rights, short fiddly par 3s surrounded by bunkers – it’s got it all.

The conditions were fantastic, with wonderfully manicured fairways and greens rolling fast and smooth. A delicious sausage roll at the halfway house. A well-earned pint at the 19th hole afterward.

Reflecting the £95 green fee – it is a lot of money for a lot of people. However, I still think it’s value for money. For that £95, you’re getting an ex-Open qualifying golf club, that’s easily in the top 3 finest courses in Hampshire (Hampshire has a LOT of good golf). I would’ve really thought that they could be charging more than they are, so it does feel like excellent value.

It’s challenging, memorable, and most importantly, thoroughly enjoyable. I honestly could play this course every single week for the rest of my life. It was a privilege and I really hope to be back soon! Give it a try on your next golf break.

Course Information

Bordon, Hampshire. Opened in 1913.

18 Holes Course | Par 69 | 6164 Yards | Heathland

Stoneham Golf Club


With plenty of slopes, completely tree-lined, and a great mixture of holes, Stoneham’s golf course is a real treat for golfers. As mentioned, the heathland style means there’s plenty of heather, which is well positioned to catch out any shots that wander offline. 

Fairways are firm and fast, greens are slick, and have a good amount of borrow in most of them. The undulating terrain makes for a good test of fitness and golf.

The card is also interesting, with five par 3s and five par 5s. Not many golf courses have this many par 5s, so it’s always a fun test but also a good chance to make some birdies.

At just under 6400 yards, this par 72 is not long at all. A course rating of 71.1 shows that it plays a little easier than the par, however, the course does still have its defenses. The slopey greens can be used for some treacherous pin positions, and when the wind picks up, the tall trees mean you’re always doubting club choices.

Out in 35 and back in 37, the final nine is where you can make your scores.

Our Verdict

Stoneham is a marvelous place to enjoy a round of golf. You’ll also certainly be feeling it by the end of the 18 holes as the huge undulations begin to wear you down.

It’s hard to find anything to really fault about this place. The course is stunning in many areas and the ups and downs are fun to experience. 

The setup is interesting, with a good mixture of holes to test your game. I also really like the five par 5s and five par 5s, as no two holes feel the same

The heather is vibrant and the fairways are immaculate. The greens are in great shape, with a more subtle approach to the slope.

The investment looks to have been spent well. The new practice areas are a brilliant improvement, plus there are certainly visible enhancements to areas around the course.

Is it the best in Hampshire? No. It’s not the same level as Liphook or Blackmoor for me. I can’t really fault the conditions, the design, or the hospitality, but something about it just lacks the difficulty of Blackmoor or the whole aura of Liphook. 

However, it still easily stands at tied third in the best golf courses in Hampshire and if you get the chance to play, you absolutely must get yourself up to Stoneham Golf Club to experience the amazing golf course they have to offer.

Course Information

Southampton, Hampshire. Opened in 1908.

18 Holes Course | Par 72 | 6375 Yards | Heathland

Hayling Golf Club


Hayling is a proper seaside links golf course and it has everything you would expect from that. The borrows are often hidden from sight and the large greens really challenge your flat stick. Deep bunkers sit cleverly positioned on just about every hole, most of which are best avoided unless you plan on dropping a few shots.

At 6529 yards off the backs, it’s not a long course but it gets its protection from the unpredictable wind and punishing hazards. A real challenge to any level of golfer, when it’s not windy it’s definitely got a good score in it. However, a day without wind is rather a rarity at Hayling, so expect strong winds and get practicing that low stinger.

The course design and layout cannot be faulted. It’s got plenty of wonderful holes to test your game. Conditions-wise, the greens, and fairways weren’t the best I’ve played them on. However, they were still rolling true and had obviously suffered from the long dry Summer.

Our Verdict

After a really fun round, it’s clear to see why Hayling can charge the sorts of prices they do for an 18-hole green fee. It offers a proper test of golf and is unique in the fact that there isn’t really a links course nearby for a fair few miles.

Sure, £120 for a round of golf is a lot of money for most people. But if you enjoy links golf then it’s definitely worth your time to make the trip to Hayling Golf Club. Epic views, challenging conditions, and fun shots that you just don’t get to experience on a normal parkland or heathland course.

After the round, we sat out on the balcony of the magnificent clubhouse and soaked in the stunning vistas of The Solent and out to sea, rounding off what was a truly wonderful day of golfing on one of the South Coast’s best.

It’s a golf course that makes you find different shots, you didn’t realise you had in the locker. It brings you back to the roots of the game we all love so much and that’s what’s so beautiful about it. Punishing wind and well-guarded holes, on a layout that I can’t really fault.

Course Information

Hayling Island, Hampshire. Opened in 1883.

18 Holes Course | Par 71 | 6529 Yards | Links

North Hants Golf Club


North Hants golf club is certainly not the longest or most challenging golf course in the area. However, what it does have is plenty of really great golf holes that are both unique and elegant to play. 

Plenty of trees, hole elevations, and some incredibly undulating greens will test any level of golfer. That’s proven when you look at the scores each year for the Hampshire Hog.

Fairways are tight and the large trees will constantly be an issue for most golfers to contend with. Water also comes into play on a few of the holes, which adds another interesting element. 

There’s definitely a way to play this course, and it’s not always hitting it the longest distance possible. Playing your way around is key to succeeding at North Hants. 

When we played, the conditions were quite immaculate. Fast greens, well-manicured fairways, and aprons. 

The card is quite unique, in the fact that its two sides of 35, for a par 70. Two par 3s, six par 4s and one par 5 on both sides of the course. 

A nice mix of par 4s, some long and some reachable. A couple of testing par 3s, plus a couple of scoreable par 5s to get stuck into.

Our Verdict

There’s no denying, North Hants is a proper golf course that deserves the credit it gets

There’s proof of that when you look at the level of golfer that turns up each Spring to take on the Hampshire Hog. They’ve also just been given the honour of hosting Open Qualifying as of Summer 2023. 

Very well presented and offers a great variety of stunning golf holes to delight all golfers

Some of the holes are more memorable than others, but all of them provide a good mix of shot-making and expertise. It’s definitely a course you need to play a few times to really get the hang of. A few blind shots mean you’re left a little lost if you don’t know where you’re going. 

I’m a little biased, as I love a heathland course but there’s certainly something very memorable about North Hants

For me, it’s one of the top golf courses in Hampshire that you must try and play if you can. There are better courses in my opinion such as Liphook and Blackmoor, but North Hants is not to be missed if you’re serious about your golf.

Course Information

Fleet, Hampshire. Opened in 1904.

18 Holes Course | Par 70 | 6475 Yards | Heathland

3 Great Outsider Options

If you’re looking for a golf break in the Hampshire area, here’s three more options that are a little cheaper but offer a great test of golf.

Hockley Golf Club


Hockley has plenty of elevation changes to contend with. 

It’s also set on top of a hill which gives you great views of Hampshire, but also means you’re heavily open to the elements. Once you get past the first few holes you’re up on the top without any real protection. This means the wind is heavily going to affect how your round goes. I’ve never played this course without wind, so it’s just something you have to get used to playing with.

Drainage is great at Hockley, with it being on a hill, so conditions are good and dry. The fairways are a little overly dry, but the greens are rolling really fast.

Although it may appear fairly open, there are certainly dangers that need to be avoided for a good score. Long wispy grass will swallow your ball on offline shots for most of the holes, so keeping it in the fairway is important.

The greens are also very challenging, with some incredible slopes and undulations to putt on.

The par 71 setup goes out in 34 and back in 37, with the back nine featuring all three of the par 5s.

Our Verdict

Hockley Golf Club is a really enjoyable golf course to play. It’s well set out and has so many things to make you think about whilst playing. 

If you’re not a fan of slopes and undulations then this isn’t the course for you. However, if you enjoy the challenge of never having a flat lie in the fairway or never having a straight put on the greens, then Hockley offers a really fun 18 holes.

Of course, on days when the wind is up, this can be a truly brutal place to play. But it’s also a true test of your game in conditions that you won’t find in most golf courses.

Once you’re up on the top of the hill, by about the 6th hole – the views of the surrounding countryside are fantastic.

For me, as someone that enjoys a good test, Hockley is a must-play.

Course Information

Winchester, Hampshire. Opened in 1914.

18 Holes Course | Par 72 | 6407 Yards | Downland

Royal Winchester Golf Club


The course at Royal Winchester Golf Club is set on a slopey download that provides plenty of changes in elevation on a lot of the holes. This means you’re rarely going to get a flat lie whilst playing.

It also provides a huge variety of holes to enjoy which feature blind tee shots, big drops to greens, and winding fairways.

In general, the course is quite open, which leaves you a little open to the elements. Sitting in a bit of a bowl, a lot of the holes will be affected by wind.

Set on the Hampshire Downland means that drainage is great. The course is in brilliant condition with fast greens and well-cared-for fairways, albeit they’re a little firm but that’s what you would expect from this type of layout.

A lot of the holes also feature very punishingly, thick, wispy grass just off the fairways. This grass seems to suck your ball in and it will sit right down into the long straws.

The par 72 layout includes a symmetrical set of 9s with two par 3s, two par 5s, and five par 4s. For the better player, the four par 5s are a delight and where you can pick up some scores.

Our Verdict

I was pleasantly surprised with just how good Royal Winchester Golf Club is. I think what I like most about the course is the mixture of undulating holes and various elevations that come into play. 

Almost every hole has a raised tee box, a punishing slope, or a tiered green. This, therefore, makes all the holes feel somewhat different and makes you play a full bag of shots.

My favourite type of golf has always been a links or heathland course, but having played Royal Winchester Golf Club, there’s also something very special about a Downland track.

It’s not on the same level as the Blackmoor or the Hayling or the Liphook, as a “great” golf course. However, Royal Winchester Golf Club is definitely a place you should be playing if you enjoy good quality golf.

The conditions are lovely, the club is welcoming and the layout is very entertaining.

Course Information

Winchester, Hampshire. Opened in 1888.

18 Holes Course | Par 72 | 6407 Yards | Downland

Southwick Park Golf Club


The course is built around a large lake that connects to the River Wallington. This lake features in a few of the holes where water is very much in play.

The course is short but incredibly tight in many areas with a lot of greens the size of postage stamps. Small greens and punishing rough around the greens are what give Southwick Park its real challenge.

The course is tree-lined and has a good mix of 3s, 4s, and 5s to test any golfer. Longer hitters will be able to get close to a lot of the 4s, but it’s still very much a question of hitting what are very small greens and missing them in the right places. There’s the question of out-of-bounds on almost all of the holes which would be alright if the tee shots weren’t so narrow.

Sitting at the bottom of a valley, the views of the sweeping fields are spectacular and something to enjoy on a clear day.

When we played it was in magnificent condition for the time of year. Smooth, fast greens that are a joy to putt on. Fairways that are well-manicured and lovely to hit off.

Our Verdict

There’s no denying Southwick Park is a proper golf course that’s a really interesting test of golf. When you see a scorecard of under 6000 yards, it feels like you should be tearing the place apart, but that’s not the case.

This is a course where you walk off feeling like anywhere near handicap is a good score. It’s narrow with thick rough, greens that are one of the smallest I’ve ever played and are protected by plenty of threats. If you’re slightly off on your approach shots, scrambling for par is not easy at all.

For me, the 16th was by far the hardest hole and one of my favourites. The setting, with the old priory and unique slopes from the old gardens, is special.

It’s pretty and the nature around the lake and woods is marvelous. Trout jumping in the water and the birds chirping in the trees.

All of this for no more than £40, Southwick Park is a must-play if you’re in the area.

Course Information

Fareham, Hampshire. Opened in 1988.

18 Holes Course | Par 69 | 5884 Yards | Parkland

Final Thoughts

That rounds off our look at the top golf courses in Hampshire. As it’s clear to see, there’s no shortage of really great places to play golf and test your skills. From seaside links delights to the stunning heathland gems, planning a Hampshire golf break is an ideal place for serious golfers.

Liphook is certainly the best course out of the lot, but you can’t deny Blackmoor, Hayling, Stoneham, and North Hants are also amazing options.

Ed Welton

Founder, Editor

Ed is the founder and editor at EEE Golf. He’s been playing golf for over 20 years, competing in many top amateur events. He’s played courses all over the world and played with some of the best players in the game. His aim is to help educate people about the game of golf and give insights into the sport he loves most.

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